AKBS TTK 10х28 Less Lethal Pistol

The TTK is a new pistol from AKBS (АКБС) of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. The TTK is a modernized version of the Russian TT pistol and it uses TT magazines. It is chambered in the less-lethal 10х28mm rubber ball round but the company plans on producing a lethal 9x19mm version in the future.

The original TT next to the TTK

The 10x28mm less lethal round was developed to be as close as possible in shape to a conventional 9x19mm round. This allows 9mm pistols to be converted to a less lethal configuration.

[ Many thanks to Russian Surt for emailing us the info. ]

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  • Nadnerbus

    What could go wrong?

  • Komrad

    They’re bringing back he TT… in 9mm? The TT is appealing because of the 7.62x25mm cartridge it fires.
    Maybe, just maybe, this will lead to a reintroduced 7.52x25mm version too.

    • Marc

      Newsflash: 9×19 is THE standard pistol cartridge, worldwide. If a gun can be chambered in 9×19 it will be chambered in 9×19.

      • David/Sharpie

        What appeals to shooters about the 7.62 Tok is the price of ammo. Yes the 9mm is popular and cheap, but the Tok is cheaper which makes it close in popularity

      • Komrad

        Actually, I was referring to the ballistics of it. It’s light, fast, flat shooting, and capable of getting through even some modern body armor.

    • Doesitmatter?

      Hi Komrad
      I do not believe redoing Tokarev to 9mm is good idea; neither is necessary. Actually, if you insisted it should be possible to change barrel and even keep the mag. This was done with Vz.52 with degree of succes. However, the 9mil barrels are hard to get by; yet, conversion is extremely easy.

      On 7.62 Tok ammo: I think it is not very practical one and wonder about its availbility, let alone price. It is known to have great penetration and range while flying out of muzzle at 1600ft/sec, but has lesser stopping power and the gun shooting it has little more recoil you wish to manage.

  • Dave

    If this comes to the US, I can see wildcatters having a lot of fun with that nice long magwell.

    • JMD

      Tokarev pistols have been available, and experimented with, for many years.

  • Erik

    Bring it to the US with 7.62×25 barrels!

    I want that dovetailed slide!

  • Andy from West Haven

    I dunno guys. Perhaps it’s just the camera angle but the fore and aft of the Tok looks longer than the newer pistol. Might not be able to fit the longer round. But I’m hoping I’m wrong.

    I think what needs to happen is that the round needs to be renamed (they should start with “.30”) and marketed as new with somewhere in the verbiage that it fires 7.62 Tok as well. Then maybe we might get some other manufacturers of pistols. A Gold Dot offering would be great for defense.

    I’d love to see a widebody polymer in the same vein of the FN 5.7 with a 15 round mag.

  • lex

    easy conversion to 9×19 doesn’t sound like a very useful property for a less lethal gun. actually it sounds slightly dangerous

    • John Doe

      Let’s not think of it as a less-lethal gun. Let’s think of it as a 9mm handgun with a less-lethal option.

  • David/Sharpie

    I would buy a Tok, but the grip angle is crap, I would love to handle one of these and see if the grip angle is better, then I would actually buy 7.62 Tok and have very cheap practice ammo.

    Although I think you can get 7.63 Tok barrels for a 1911? May have to do that, seeing as how I now own one

    • David/Sharpie

      That’s 7.62, not 3

  • Noir

    It looks like nice flat single stack pistol, could be good for carry.

    • james

      They are super thin and carry easily but they’re a single action auto with no safety… so to carry one would be quite foolish. You’d have to carry with no round chambered or risk an AD. Some TT clones have a safety like the norinco that was imported here in the US but it is hard to manipulate and I would never trust a saftey that was designed just to please import regulations.

      As far a a less leathal pistol that looks exactly like a real firearm… probably should be duracoated some bright color. I can see this being a bad idea.

  • Doesitmatter?

    With 10×28 it means that casing is 9mm longer. I’d assume for greater powder charge to move lighter bullet…. my assumption. Now, real question is how pistol with this chamber can be interchangeable with conventional Luger.

    • David/Sharpie

      Barrel change

      • Doesitmatter?

        Yeah, I forgot. And also, it was probably meant as a swap between 7.62 Tok and this new ‘dull’ round; that would make ‘just’ 3mil difference. Otherwise, the idea is great. Hmmm.

    • Sian

      the rubber ball is set near fully inside the case, making the overall length still under 1.35″, the maximum overall length for 9mm, so the same frame and action size will work.

      • David/Sharpie

        I’d love to get a 7.62 tok barrel for my Glock, but to use it I would have to load the bullets farther into the case.

        Yeah the casing is longer but OAL is similar to the 9mm

  • C3PO

    bad news for Les . . . (typo in post title, “Les Lethal”) . . . What happens if the squad is outfitted with these and the captain says “Fire at Will!”?

    • David/Sharpie

      As long as it isn’t Les Stroud, I like him, much better than the fraud Bear Grylls (Spelling?)

      But I agree, poor Les

  • Lance

    Cool new design looks like Russia got the idea from China for a TT 213 style commercial TT pistol which they make a new one in 7.62×25 though.

  • Tinkerer

    Russia has a growing market for “less lethal” -or “traumatic”- firearms, since they are permitted for carry -while your typical lethal firearm isn’t-.

    I wish Max would provide an english version of his page on less lethal firearms:


  • Rusty Ray

    Nice looking pistol though. Cheers- Rusty

  • I am only interested in the “more lethal” variety. “Less lethal”? Hmmmm. Why not just carry a stick? Cheaper, and it doesn’t run out of ammo.

  • Kyle

    If they made it in 10×25 (AKA 10mm Auto), I’m pretty sure I’d crap my pants. A 10mm TT, Yessss

  • abprosper

    Assuming everything works as planned and thats a sizable assumption having a pistol with a less lethal option is kind of nice. I am not sure its that useful but hey options and a pistol that say handled 9mm, 9mm +p and 9mm less lethal is pretty handy.

    I also like the Tok like look of the gun maybe but thats just me.

  • Michael

    Bring it here in 7.62×25. Great caliber, wish someone would make a modern gun to fire it

    • Komrad

      Ji-Power in 7.62x25mm. Drool.

    • JMD

      I’ve been hoping for a 7,62x25mm Glock for a few years. Never gonna happen, but….a guy can dream.

      • David/Sharpie

        I have no idea who, but someone does make a barrel that you can use 7.62 Tok in, but in order for it to work you need to have ammo with bullets loaded deeper into the casing, so it is kinda a hassle

      • JMD

        Right, but I want a new frame design that allows a double stack of standard length ammo. mmmm….drool…

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Anyone notice that those are two different guns in the pictures? The rear sight is different on the two two 10×28 guns, and the backstrap of the frip is more curved on one than the other.

    • David/Sharpie

      Not until you pointed it out, good eye

  • hojo

    This thread was vandalized by the downvote tard(z).

    • David/Sharpie

      Fecking trolls eh?

  • Bob Z Moose

    Wait… Wasn’t there an article about a potential for Russian guns to come to America? I see what you did there, Russia. Modern TTs and Makarovs… 😀

  • mosinman

    i wonder what the leathal version of this round is like? if i had this pistol id be tempted to find out.

    • David/Sharpie

      The “lethal version” is 9mm, they wouldn’t make a LL version of a lethal calibre, it would cause problems and confusion

    • mosinman

      well yeah i read the article lol but 10×28 sounds like a cool round. your right about making a leathal version could cause alot of trouble though

  • NickB

    Good thing it’s less leathal like that gas the used to save hosta-wait never mind….