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  • Tyson Chandler

    Well, without seeing any reviews of how well it works, it does look like the price is right. I could go for this.

  • hojo

    looks better than most of the other options I’ve seen.

  • I understand supporting companies you like, looks interesting. I’m going to link this at my place and cover the others like it if you don’t mind.

    Scoutscopes, Samson and Polytech all make (or maybe made in Polytech’s case) similar rails. This one sits lower and has a rear sight for when the optic is removed This one sits higher (looks to be as high as the Strikeforce) and has a full time rear under the rail.

    There are also the non-railed “Iron Dots” that LaRue started and now Midwest Industries and Attero Arms makes (although I have a beef with Attero’s initial Guerrilla marketing scheme). These have less versatile optic specific bases but have co-witnessed rears.

  • Kurt

    The website says “backup rear sight for reference aiming”, which looks like it might be on the top of the mount, under the optic. Maybe hard to see, but better than nothing, if so.

  • Fyrewerx

    Actually, it looks like there is a notch running the axial length of the rail. I wonder if this could be used as the rear iron sight… looking under the scope device.

  • Forgot to mention it looks like there is at least some rear sight on the Strikeforce since there is the grove in the center of the rail and looks like you can even color in the two indents as rear sight dots. However I’m not sure how much the optic’s bolt will block it, so it may not be a quick backup option.

  • Linked back here with the other links to similar mounts:

    • The design you mentioned will be our next model. I have couple on hand and am testing them now. About 2 more models coming out in months.

  • Matt G.

    Way too high over bore. They should have dropped it as close to the dust cover as possible. Best solution would be to make with the mount base for an aimpoint T-1 or trijicon/doctor/deltapoint mini red dot. Only way to make it useable.

    • Tierlieb

      Yes, that is way high over the bore, but this is also as low as you can get: If you look closely, the free space under the rail where the sight used to be attached (the bump) is the minimum necessary to clamp a rail on. And the angle at the back is roughly as little as you can get away with while still being able to take off the dust cover in an emergency.
      That’s why all those things look similar – there is no other way to do it without milling away the leaf sight attachment and simply bolting a picatinny rail on there.

  • jdun1911

    Losing the iron sight on the AK isn’t a great lost. Default AK iron sight are pretty crappy IMO.

    Mainly there are two type of optic mounts that doesn’t use Soviet style rail system. 1913 rail that replace the iron sight or 1913 rail that replace the gas tube cover.

  • Lance

    Forget the scope mount I like the wood on that AK in your pics nice red tint.

    • Do you believe we make that wood piece too?

  • ThomasD

    Um, it’s a red dot, on an AK…

    Just how much of an ‘improvement’ in precision is there going to be versus a dustcover mount?

    Never mind that you are going to need an aftermarket cheek piece to get your eye in line with that higher mount.

    • Tierlieb

      Does “dustcover mount” mean the TWS Dogleg rail or one of those “look, I screwed a rail onto a wobbly dust cover” things? The latter are horrible. The former is supposedly good but hard to get abroad (I was trying to buy one, sadly the order was cancelled, so no personal experience).

    • jdun1911

      Dusk cover mounts on AK are junk. They don’t hold zero.

      • Winston Smith

        Not true of the Texas Weapons Systems (TWS) products. The TWS dog leg rail will hold zero exceptionally well, is CNC precision manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum (so also super light), and is about as solid a platform as you can get. Add in TWS’s new front end rail system and you get same height plane for front and rear sights. That is the king of the hill in terms of AK accessory mounts today. Period.

      • W

        winston (love the name btw), you beat me to it! those are excellent products. I like the Krebs solution as well, with the rail that is set above the dust cover, though the one from TWS is less bulky. I think any dust cover rail that isn’t supported is pretty much useless in keeping a zero. besides, the AK side mount with a NATO rail has never been a huge issue with me

  • Boner Stallone

    I like seeing to things for the old AK, but i dont like neckweld.
    Good idea but it sits far too high for my liking.

    • Fyrewerx

      I’ve heard that could be a problem. On the other hand, I must have an odd head (probably a confirmed fact) because I can never get my right eye low enough with my iron sight with a standard cheek weld. I think I’ll give this SI sight a try. As stated, it is a very reasonable price, and it may help my issue with a “high eye” (gee, that sounds fatal).

  • I’m not really seeing the benefit compared to an Ultimak handguard rail which lets you cowitness your small red dot with the iron sights and use a normal cheek weld.

    • Tierlieb

      Ultimak’s tube is a great solution, sadly they do not produce them for the Vepr any more. That’s one good reason. Well, now that Gabe Suarez has told the world that the Vepr is the best AK there is and ever will be, maybe they’ll build them again 😉
      Otherwise: Ultimak, yes. Maybe TWS Dogleg.

  • I like the Vortex Red Dot, accurate, easy to aim and fine for my high cheek bones. See it on our AR-15 under February at the Guns and Lace Website.

  • Guys,
    We will release a lot more models based on this design.
    This design is the basic model and we want to keep price low.

  • KC

    I’m not especially educated on AK’s and their site mounts… But is it a stupid idea to suggest putting an after market flip up site on the rail in front of the red dot (or behind depending on your site position)? Then you still have a red dot, AND a flip up.

  • Would this mount work with a Mosin Nagant Rifle?

  • AR

    This model will work for those who shoot the AK soviet-style…no cheek weld.
    Try the RS AKML or AKM mount if you want a good cheek weld.