Sneaky! The Russian Glock is not Russian

I thought Mr. Kozhaev of Skat was manufacturing Glock in Russia. Two alert commenters noted that he is not manufacturing them so much as he is assembling them. The slides are imported from US manufacturers Lone Wolf Distributors and Advantage Arms. The frame look like they could be Glock factory frames with the Glock name dremeled off.

Some not so subtle dremeling where it used to say “Made in Austria”

Skat may be doing this to get around Russian import restrictions by importing parts and then assembling them inside the country, just like how many companies in the United States import Eastern European rifle parts’ kits.

[ Many thanks Vitaly Kuzmin to for the photos and the information. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • well hell, now Gaston cant complain, he’s getting russkies to buy his products then.
    Lone Wolf stuff is decent from what I hear, and I LIKE the way that CCF RACEFRAMES makes an stainless steel glock frame. stainless slide and a steel frame?
    hellz yeah.

    • AKMSF

      Getting a steel frame Glock is like getting a Direct Impingement AK.

      • Frank

        Not really, look at the title, “raceframe” IE meant for a race gun tricked out with an optic and all of that.

  • hojo

    “dremeling” = milling

    now they need to make a nice little nameplate to fit there that doesn’t say “skat”.

    • Mike Knox

      Actually, it means ground off with a small hand held grinder like the ones Dremel makes, Dremel’s a brand. Milling is cutting using a powered bit with the peice viced down.

      But they really do need a stamped brand plate, but as part of a steel frame..

      • hojo

        As someone who owns both a Dremel and a CNC mill, I am confident from looking at that picture, that a mill was used. It’s far too smooth and regular to have been done with a Dremel type tool.

      • hojo

        and they probably used the mill to engrave that number as well.

      • Mike Knox

        It’s just by definition.

        CNC Mill? what do you use that for?

      • hojo

        Everything from circuit boards to a picatinny rail for my single six. (I know this sounds funny coming from someone who was bitching about tacticool lever guns, but I wanted a red dot on it)

        I also tried my hand at manufacturing a light for pistols. Still have about 15 of them in a box around here somewhere.

        A future project is a replacement barrel for an old FN Vest Pocket I have. I know I can’t make the barrel on a mill, but I plan on cutting down a commercial barrel on my lathe and milling the locking lugs on the 4th axis.

        I’m also working on a small 90 twin engine, and some design projects for other people.

  • El Duderino

    Oooooh you’re soooo busted!

  • Alex-mac

    Lone wolf makes a polymer frame too, called the Timber Wolf. But I agree the Glock frames are better, apparently they have ‘flex’ in them which lowers the recoil a little. A lone wolf slide and frame might be slightly more accurate though.

  • Cesium.

    Those modifications are done because of Russian gun laws. “Sporting” Glock must have different rifling than “police” model.

    • David

      The rifling has to be diff.? How is the rifling different between two guns but one is LE and the other sporter?

      As for the CCF RACEFRAMES, I’ve held one at the range, man that thing is heavy, but I like it

      • Cesium.

        Different barrel, different rifling…

      • David

        Like Polygonal for FMJ (<Police) or standard for lead (<Sporting)

        I don't understand whats so big about the rifling…..

  • Lance

    Like I said before Russian law Enforcement has been buying 9mm Glock 17s and Beretta 92s since the MP-433 went down hill a decade ago. Makarovs are a nice detective sidearm but for uniform cops too small so this in a way is to go around failures in Russian pistol design since the fall of the old Soviet union.

  • Mike Knox

    So far, the best thing to come out of Russia, is Vodka.
    Hey that rhymes..