Blackhawk SERPA Holster recall

Gear Scout reports that Blackhakwk is recalling the light bearing version of their SERPA Level 3 holsters made before October 11, 2011.

Blackhawk is recalling the light bearing version of their SERPA Level 3 holsters made before October 11, 2011. They tell us that users are over tightening the mounting screws which weakens the material surrounding the threaded insert and can cause the holster to break off from the platform. It seems holsters were manufactured back in 2009 with an incorrect part that contributes to the problem, but Blackhawk isn’t taking any chances and is offering to replace all SERPA Level 3 light bearing holsters manufactured prior to October 2011 (part number CJD1300 or 2100xxx on the back).

The full recall notice is here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Seems Blackhawk has been having some quality control issues.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Man, you have a holster that, to release the gun, has you press your trigger finger against the holster as you withdraw the gun thereby having your finger, naturally, follow right into the trigger as your gun clears the holster…..and the recall is for a screw overtightening problem?

    • Josh B

      Actually as an owner of a Serpa CQC holster, your trigger finger lays right on the side of the gun where it should be until your ready to pull the trigger. Even when drawing from a leather or traditional kydex holster your index finger should lay on the same spot on the holster as where the button is on a serpa holster. The misconception that your finger will fall into the trigger guard on a serpa holster can actually happen on any holster and only occurs with the combination of the untrained or retarded and firearms. As for Blackhawk I feel that their doing the right thing in recalling and replacing their holsters as it is very easy to over tighten the screws.

  • Couldn’t BlackHawk prevent even more unintentional injuries by recalling all SERPA’s?

  • Mr. Metal

    My level 2 had a similar issue about 2 years ago. I was running about in the Arizona desert when my holster, and the XD 45 in it, fell off. Looked for hours and followed my gps tracks, couldn’t find it. $600 down the drain.

    • John

      what were your GPS coordinates? I could use a new pistol.

  • Grant

    I find it amusing that the holsters were assembled with the wrong parts, but Blackhawk is still trying to shift blame to the consumer for “over tightening” the screws.