SIG 556R

I had hoped to fire the SIG 556R at Media Day but the queue to shoot it was too long and after waiting about 15 minutes I left the SIG range. It looks like a fun gun to shoot. SIG will be selling it this year with a camo finish.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tim

    Crap! That was one I wanted to check out first hand at SHOT and totally forgot with everything else going on.

  • Other Steve

    SIG’s marketing department has been infiltrated by people who insist all the company needs is new and horrible colors. I’d be so embarrassed to work for the company making rainbow colored handguns.

    You have issues SIG, and it has nothing to do with color options.

    • JM

      What’s wrong with adding color to a quality gun with an incredible pedigree?

  • gunslut

    These have been out for a year and already there are people online offering services to reinforce the lower receiver. Please SigSauer Inc (not to be confused with SigSauer of Germany or SIG / Swiss Arms of Switzerland) please make a SG rifle with the correct lower made from the correct components.


  • Mike

    They started making them again? Last I heard they got pulled from the market because they wouldn’t feed. Did they get that sorted out?

    I had a chance to look at one, and it’s obvious why there were feed issues. The magazine looks like it’s at least half an inch behind the chamber. WTF, Sig?

    I’m an AK guy, and I’d love to have an a rifle that uses mags I already have a ton of, in a caliber I already stock but with better ergonomics than the AK. But, c’mon Sig. If it won’t work reliably, what use is it?

    • Other Steve

      SIG: Working Hard To Make The AK Less Reliable ™

  • Leonard

    I’m sorry but it looks ugly, both in color and shape…

  • Justin

    It looks like a semi reliable rifle.

  • Karl

    Just bought a 556r, put 500 rounds through it with no ftfs or feed problems it put 30 rds in a 1/2 hole at 75yds after firing 400 rds show me a stock ak that can do that with a barrel that hot and I’ll kiss your a– Karl

  • Dave

    I got one of the first 556R rifles out last year and had bad feeding problems.
    Sig fixed it and I haven’t had one problem since. I highly recommend this rifle. Its crazy accurate with a scope out to 300 yards and would be a great brush gun.

  • dave

    Well, I am a proud owner of a 556R, I’ve put hundreds of yugo thru it and haven’t had a single problem in feeding, firing or extraction. The furthest out I’ve been able to take it out to is 200m and it hits reliably and consistently at that range with the stock optic. It embodies the perfect compromise between value, power, reliability and performance and I love it way more than the M-16A2 I’ve been issued.

  • boots44

    I love my 556R. It’s reliable and accurate.