Pistol Door Handle

From Boing Boing

The “Bang Bang Handle” is a door-handle made from a 9 mm Makarov semi-automatic pistol (“the personal weapon of the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement”). It was designed by Nikita Kovalev, who included a lot of detail about the Marakov in his documentation. Available in many colorful metallic platings.

It reminds me of Ron Swanson’s shotgun (it points at visitors to his office). This handle violates just about every gun safety rule and I would be very annoyed if I was shown into an office with door handles like that.

Ron Swanson’s double barrel shotgun

[ Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for emailing me the the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • JonMac

    I hope you’re trolling there. It only violates gun safety rules if it’s an actual functioning firearm.

  • Aisper

    Yes JonMac, i was thinking the same thing, how could that violate gun safety?? it is make believe sir.
    -Oh god, i’ve just accidentally pulled the trigger and shot my door open!
    I’ve been on and around firearms for years and a nut about safety… I LOVE THAT Door Handle, just with i could find it for sale.

  • West

    I dont have a safety issue although I do kind of cringe at anything that trivializes firearms.
    Honestly, I just think they look really dumb. Like what I would expect to see at Yosemite Sams house.

  • Dave H

    Please tell me Kovalev isn’t cutting up Makarovs in pairs to make door handles!

    Artistes, I swear…

  • NukemJim

    Logically I know it is perfectly safe, but it gives me a bad case of the “wrongs” just to see it on my monitor. Cannot logically defend that view point.

    It’s Art, anything goes.


  • Laserbait

    Do you also get annoyed when a person points a banana at you? How about a drill? These door handles have less chance of hurting anyone than the drill does & probably the banana too…

    That said, the Pistol Door Handle looks retarded.

  • Nanban Jim

    It’s a bad practice… but jolly good fun. Think about it, if you have a problem with this, you have a problem with Airsoft, paintball, and squirt guns.

    • JonMac

      And films, TV, theatre, children playing, museum displays, re-enactments…

      Not to mention that it’s clearly made from a solid cast and not an actual weapon. If you follow the link to the source you can easily see this in the other photos;


    • Merc

      Mate, Australia has a problem with all of those unfortunately.

  • Matthew

    So does the door lock with the safety on or off.

  • charles222

    Seems like something a James Bond villain would have.

  • Dutch

    Violates gun safety rules and anoyes you? Are you kidding, this is an awesome peace of art. Lighten up a bit for christ sake. It’s fuckkin badass.

  • Jeremiah

    Sorry, but I fail to see the harm, I want one.

  • So far this is the coolest way in or out of a room.

  • Jeff

    Does it actually open the door on the trigger pull?-Or do you just turn the gun side ways to open the door? From the looks of its set up its just the latter.

    I don’t think you even have to put your finger on the trigger to open it.

  • JMo

    Gotta agree with everyone else here, it doesn’t really violate any FIREARM rules if it’s NOT A FIREARM! Just as Ron Swanson’s desk shotgun doesn’t violate any of the rules, as it is not a firearm. Perhaps it once was, but the barrels have been soldered or cemented or something, making it a firearm no longer.

    It’s always good practice to continue operating with the four rules (hell, I use proper discipline with the trigger on my drill), but on something so clearly *not* functional, and so clearly decorative that it is not capable of being played with, it doesn’t really apply.

    Not to mention you could operate this within the four rules, just make sure your hand is off of it when you swing the door open.

  • Kylie

    Can I buy this anywhere?? I want it!