CEO Demonstrates Body Armor

PPSS Body Armour has published a video of their CEO being shot by a Glock 19 (9x19mm FMJ 124gr) while wearing body armor. Judging by the pain he is in, it looks he did not stuff newspaper, magazines or a phone book under his shirt before being shot.

Steve Johnson

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  • Now that is what I call commitment to the product.

    • Nater

      No, it’s standing behind your product.

      • D

        Well technically he’s kinda inside the product?

        Gotta say it is a striking demonstration.

  • ryan

    What an idiot! He deserves to have at least broken rib for being so stupid.

    Also, can’t the bullet ricochet? What if he’d blown a hole in his foot?

    I wonder how nervous the shooter was…

    • Vitor

      A bullet ricochet in kevlar fabric? Ricocheting requires hard surfaces like metal or rock.

      Actually it would hurt less if it ricocheted, since it wouldn’t have dump all of it’s energy on the target.

    • Bandito762

      I think he is just not willing to let other people trust their lives to a product he is selling without having trusted his own life to it

  • Sam

    Ouch. Better than dying, but not sure I’d be up for that kind of live demo.

    Makes me think of Kip running over the plastic kitchenware with Uncle Rico’s van in Napoleon Dynamite – except the plastic ware didn’t fare quite so well.

  • Vitor

    BTW, this a good video to show those people who think that the 9mm is a weak cartridge.

    • Martin (M)

      Better yet, shoot him with a 9mm, and then with a .45 and let him give us his opinion of which he’d prefer.

    • W

      exactly. the 9mm has killed plenty of people in its long history.

    • mosinman

      no cartrige is weak lol even .25acp can kill. but its true im sure millions of people have been killed by 9mm and .45 as well

      • Nanban Jim

        I’d be quite surprised if it were millions, really.

  • SpudGun

    I really tried hard not to laugh, but he was is such obvious pain, I couldn’t help it. Poor guy.

    Not sure how many other company owners have to go to such extremes to demostrate their products. We never see the CEO of an adult diaper company wetting himself.

    Still, I bet his ‘vife and kidz’ were happy it all went well.

  • Kris

    @SpudGun, great Comment, i as german army afghan vet who got shot several times in a trap i know what pain is, but luckily i had an full armor from dragon skin or i would be now dead, pain was actually not there just some bruises, guess the adrenalien. But if you see this vest displayed on the video i dont want to imagine to get hit by 40 or 45 caliber or 9 mm out of a MP5 ! F… this will take you down even if it will not kill you perhaps.

    • SpudGun

      Glad there was no damage and thanks for serving. I didn’t know Dragon Skin was in active service with any military. Thank you Kris, I learn something new every day.

    • Alen

      I would like to see some proof of this claim, sounds like BS to me.

      As far as I know no army permits the use of Dragon Skin, especially after it was proven to be junk.

      • fw226

        People have bought their own body armor, you know. Or their families. And the dragon skin armor has stopped bullets. Shoot, Chris Kyle (SEAL team 3) just wrote a book and talks about the dragon skin armor his wife’s parents bought him and that he wore.

      • Alan

        All I’m asking for is some proof, is that too much to ask for? I’m not asking for a DD214, but even pictures would be a nice start.

        That post sounded completely like bullshit from the beginning to end. And no army commander with an IQ over 40 would let their soldier anywhere near the junk armor called Dragon Skin, if nothing else than not to be responsible for the death of the soldier when it fails to stop a round.

      • Alan

        Hello Sally,

        It would do you well to be more respectful to other veterans as well; I also served in the army.

        And it is because of that I call BS on his post, which I’m allowed to do on an internet forum, until he provides some proof to back up his claim. Otherwise it sounds like a cheap advertisement from Dragon Skin.

        And just because he claims he was soldier suddenly makes him (or me as I was one too) above reproach? Look at how many impostors there are in real life, forget about online:

      • fw226

        Didn’t I just refer you to a source? I’m not saying Dragon Armor is great – I’ve never so much as seen it in real life – but Chris Kyle was an actual SEAL who wrote an actual book and talked about wearing actual Dragon Skin body armor. I don’t know what else I can tell you.

  • david

    This vest is very thin compared to others, which may be their big marketing point and the reason for such an “extreme” demonstration. Note the vest had no trauma plate. Also the vest covered more of his torso and sides than other “undercover” vests you can buy, while still maintaining a reasonable amount of concealability. The obvious fact of body armor is that it’s gonna hurt, but your’e not going to die. If you really dont want to get shot, stay out of the battlefield.

  • John 5

    This is nothing new; back in the 70’s Richard Davis the founder of “Second Chance” Body Armor would shoot himself numerous times a year to prove to Police Officer’s that his body armor worked. Many times with a 44 Magnum, or 357 Magnum. The first vest I bought in 1974 was a second Chance and it worked!! Back then there were no “shock plates” to absorb shock or keep from pushing the sternum in and possibly into the heart. We always thought Richard was crazy but he was a great guy who was truly concerned about Police Officer’s welfare, not so much the money he made. He never stuffed anything in between the vest his chest and the vest.

    • James

      Whatever happened to “Second Chance”?

      • John 5

        The last contact I had with Richard was about 1991-92 when he submitted a bid for Tactical Body Armor for the SRT Team I was on at what is now Miami-Dade County Police Dept.

      • David

        We owe you guys a debt, thank you. I’m happy armor has progressed to the place that it has and I’m looking forward to where it will go in the next 20 years.

    • D

      Here’s ole Richard

      • Quintin

        Oh yes, that was great to watch.

        Every CEO should have to get shot at least once a week.

        I’d pass on a raise for that bonus plan.

      • John 5

        Boy that brings back some old memories, way back he did not use phone books or anything, the hole front of his chest was black and blue. As I remember his first vest were Ballistic Nylon and Kevlar. That was what my first one was. Then later all Kevlar. Had a guy I use to ride with sometimes take three rounds to the chest wearing one of his vest. He also took rounds to mouth, arm, and hand. The last three were or would not have been fatal, but the ones in the chest would have. Richards vest worked for multiple shots way before they were actually making vest to take multiple shots.

      • John 5

        I meant “whole” not hole, old age ia a bitch sometimes

  • W

    it makes perfect sense. if you cannot confidently get shot wearing body armor your company produces, then you don’t deserve to produce it in the first place.

    • Jeff Smith

      It reminds me of a story about parachute packing. I’ve heard that once the packers we forced to test their products on real jumps, the quality of their work went WAY up!

      No clue if it’s true or not, but that story always makes me laugh.

      • Matt

        Our riggers were frequently handed one of their own chutes to jump. Their senior NCOs were also handed a random chute that one of their soldiers had packed to jump.

  • Nadnerbus

    I just wouldn’t want to be the shooter. That would make my palms sweat like crazy.

    “Don’t f-ck this up, don’t f-ck this up…”

    • Michael

      Oh man, no doubt. Especially if the product proved to be faulty. The guilt would be too much for me.

  • Mainsail

    Yes it’s good that he demonstrates his product, but I don’t know if it’s a great idea.

    They don’t test (or demonstrate) seatbelts or airbags with real people anymore (since the 60’s?).

  • SGB

    With his philosophy good thing he doesn’t make condoms.

  • I’m pretty pumped we don’t have to go through that to show how well our products work. I’m sure that’s a great selling point but if you play with fire enough eventually you get burned.

  • MrSatyre

    Not surprising Dragon Skin armor has come up in this thread, and I should share with you something an acquaintance of mine told me a couple years ago. He’s a semi-retired SOCOM guy, who still does the occasional contract work “over there”, and during a dinner party, the subject of body armor came up. He was EXTREMELY dismissive of Dragon Skin due mostly to the fact that he had participated in the SOCOM evaluation of the product after it had initially been approved by the Pentagon. According to him (and again, this is what he told me, and I don’t know why he’d lie about it), the actual testing of the armor was seriously flawed in the calibers, loads, distances, etc used. When he and his team of testers ran their own gamut of torture tests, it failed miserably. Since then, none of our guys use it, and only unknowing civilian employees and diplomats would wear it, and all the SOCOM guys would be laughing behind their backs.

    I don’t doubt Dragon Skin has made the occasional life save, but then again, I personally witnessed a dumb ass accidentally fire a .45 at near point-blank range into a 2.5″ thick Pioneer plasma TV and that round didn’t even dent the backside.

    • fw226

      That’s a good read. I always wonder how different groups manage to get such wildly different results. I just have to start doubting some of the claims at some point – I’m glad I got to see the body armor I wear tested right in front of me before we were issued our own.

      And maybe now he can get with the times and buy a LED backlit TV instead of plasma!

      • Joe Schmoe

        The infamous German “lab” testing of the Dragon Skin was flawed from the start.

        Dragon Skin is not a flat plate armor (e.g., Interceptor), rather it wraps around the user. Once it does the ability to stop penetration diminishes by a large %, which is why it failed the U.S. Army testing. The German lab testing had it on a flat surface.

        That, and the fact that after several years they still couldn’t figure how to glue the plates so that they don’t all fall apart.

      • Ape Man

        I read that one of the problems Dragon Skin had was de-laminating in hot weather.

        It is not enough for Dragon Skin to perform well in an air conditioned test lab. It also has to perform well after being in the back of a truck in a 120 degree desert.

  • No matter how you slice it, that took some major stones to go through with.


  • Don

    I understand the idea behind this… he has 100% faith in his product, etc.

    It still doesn’t sit right with me. You could demonstrate the same thing without a human being, maybe a force plate or a piece of ballistic gel. Measurements and numbers would suffice. Empiricism is just as good.


    • Nanban Jim

      There is academic knowledge, where you know something to be a fact.

      Then there is REAL-ization, where it has been made real (real-ized) to your world of experience.

      Mr Kaiser has REAL-ized the way body armour works, and his demonstration makes it real to several more people.

      Academic vs realization varies from person to person. I’m sure this changed his own reality too.

  • Winston Smith

    This guy must have seen this CEO on YouTube “standing behind his product” (bullet proof glass). This video was posted back in November:

    • Hi Winston
      Our video was produced 1st week of September… a few weeks before the video you have pointed out. Thanks

  • Arisucka

    So we have problems with a door handle made of deactivated weapons but nothing is said about breaking gun safety hear?

  • Nick

    You guys should watch the one where he demostrates the stab-proof vest, that took major cojones. There’s one part where he gets stabbed into with a SOG that made me cringe, but it didn’t even faze him. That trust in product is something to admire.

  • Peter N

    Mr Kaiser shows something which few people do, his commitment to providing the best bullet and stab protection. PPSS are certainly a special company, and Mr Kaiser should be commended for all his has done for the body armour industry.

  • counsel dew

    Should we all go around pointing empty guns at people too? Emperical evidence, it on a dummy, proves it works just as well… Does the emotional plea add anything?