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  • Jon

    I want one.

  • Alaskan

    Looks good.
    If I had a 1911,I would consider purchasing this for it.

  • Bman

    One of the nicer light/laser set-up’s.

    • Brian

      This is a light only, no laser.

  • Glenn

    I’d really like to see them make a lightguard for the Ruger SR9c.
    I was thinking that it might be “too small” a rail for them based on the other lightguards, but this is showing me they can do it!

  • Sian

    Good form factor, good price. Well done, CT.

  • Matthew Carberry

    When I first saw a post on this the question was raised about undercut triggerguards like most “tactical” 1911’s have.

    Looking at it, it looks like the bit under the mag release is hinged so it can fit in snug.

    Which is great, cause I don’t like rails on my 1911’s but would like a light on the bedside gun.

  • Seamus

    looks like a good set up

  • JMD

    Look how much it lights up the bottom of the pistol. That does two things.

    1.) It lights up the person holding the pistol so everyone gets a great view of them in low light situations.

    2.) It’ll cast a shadow straight up, which causes all kinds of problems.

    Most really good pistol light systems are built to get the end of the light flush with the muzzle or just a tiny bit past it to double as a standoff device to keep the slide from opening during muzzle-contact distance defensive shooting.

    Then there are holster compatibility issues; will this work with anything that’s out there now?

    Not looking great so far…

    • dpaqu

      Good points. maybe if the light swapped places with the laser most of what you bring up would be negated.

  • Kevin

    That looks f-ing awesome.

  • Cymond

    This seems like a good idea. There are a lot of rail-less 1911s in circulation. It may not fit any current holsters yet, but it would work fine for shoulder bag or bedside use. The only previous options for lights on standard 1911s were adding a rail, or a magnetic light from Ariete LLC. The Ariete, however, provided only 30 lumens and I never found a real picture or review.

  • WFDT

    What I like is that I can mount this to my WW1 1911 without having to alter its historical goodness.

  • spova

    Why didn’t they put the light were the battery is and the battery were the light is. That would make more use of the light instead of almost half the light being cast on the gun. Other then that it looks really good. I think i would go with the m107 from surefire over this though due to the way the light is thrown.