Aimpoint 2 MOA Micro T1

Aimpoint is now manufacturing Micro T1 and Micro H1 sights with a tiny 2 MOA dot. At 100 yards the dot will be 2″ in diameter, and at 1000 yards it will be 20 inches in diameter (about the height of the average male torso).

This product will appeal to hunters, but, in my opinion, the 4 MOA is more practical for tactical shooters.

Steve Johnson

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  • Really? As a non-hunter shooter, I’m more concerned with a tiny, crystal clear, easy to see dot. The smaller the better, so long as my eye can make it out.

  • you mean 2″ dia. at 100 yards. 😉

  • dammit, I can’t read.

  • Gregor

    Shot that at the Media Day, it was great. Very good visibility even in the Nevada desert at noon. Gonna replace my current Micro with the 2 MOA version, as soon as its available. And damn you Aimpoint for not offering the 2MOA Micro right from the start 😉

  • Joseph

    I would like to point out that this would also be more practical when using a separate magnification unit behind it than the 4 MOA. The versatility in that way kind of does count for tactical users, no?

  • Rick johnston

    Why doesn’t anyone other than Eotech make a QUALITY sight with the circle dot reticle? Those Chinese made holosights with changeable reticles don’t count. Aimpoint, Trijicon and some others are missing a huge market IMHO. The single dot is just too damn hard to immediately pick up sometimes.

    • Komrad

      Meprolight makes a segmented circle dot sight. I believe it uses fiber optics rather than battery or tritium.

    • C3P0

      depending on your definition of quality (eye relief, style, weight,etc) Millett has “dot in a donut” style reticules.

    • Nadnerbus

      The ACOG horseshoe reticle isn’t too far off. Just two or three times the price…

  • Nater

    I’d say 2MOA is about the perfect size for “tactical” shooting. Everyone always thought that the 4MOA dot was the one problem with the original T1, I know that I did. 4MOA is fine for a pistol or shotgun RDS, but it’s too large for a rifle. Especially if you’re wanting to use a magnifier behind it.

  • Corsair8X

    Would 4moa give you a good idea of range because of that torso-at-500-yards which would help with range estimation?

    • Ken

      I don’t think it would be very useful.

      Very few AR shooters use their guns at 500 yards. And more important would be rangefinding for everything between 250 and 500 yards, to know where to hold over.

      …and if you’re shooting past 200 yards, you’re going to want more than 1x magnification. A 1-4x battle scope would be better than micro red-dot.

      • Riceball

        I don’t know, in my experience 200 – 300 w/iron sights isn’t too bad so a 1x scope should be just fine, more is nice but not needed, but beyond the 300 mark then I’d definitely would want some magnification.

  • SpudGun

    I’m a big fan of T1’s and think this 2MOA version will be very popular – not only that, I can probably afford one. Hooray!

    Though, knowing my luck, soon as I get one, someone will rock up at the range with the Trijicon SRS and it’s 1.75 dot and super special solar power cell. Not that I would be envious. (but I would).

  • Komrad

    Forgive me if I do not quite see how a smaller dot would be more practical for hunters. Then again, I guess I’ve never really thought of hunting anything other than turkey with a red dot.

    • Hunters are trying to aim precisely from a distance.

      Home defense or police tactical is usually from close range and they are not concerned about spoiling meat or having to track a wounded animal.

      • Komrad

        I see that. I guess what I actually mean was that I do not see how a red dot offers a significant enough advantage over a scope or simple good irons to warrant the cost (in electing one over irons) or lack of magnification (in electing one over a scope).

        I get that red dots have faster target acquisition, but I know that I would prefer the precision of a scope or the reduced cost of stock irons. That’s simply my opinion and I have nothing against red dots, I simply don’t use them.

  • Nadnerbus

    I’m just a mallninja wannabe, but I kinda wish I had bought a 2moa dot Comp3 sight instead of the 4moa one I did. It’s a great sight, and have never had a single issue, just wish the dot was a little bit smaller for longer range shooting. Even at a hundred yards, the dot pretty much covers the whole bullseye, making finer precision shots kinda hard. And as someone else mentioned, with a magnifier behind the RDS, the dot is huge.

  • Texas_Dave

    I passed-up the T-1 one month ago for a slightly heavier Aimpoint COMPM4, specifically because I wanted a smaller dot for medium-range engagements…..shoulda waited…

    A good AR is always a light AR

  • charles222

    FWIW, when I was still issued an M68 (been about four years since I had one) I always kept the dot as small as possible.

  • Dawson

    This would make that Matech aimpoint micro mount far more useful for rifleman. Then you could actually have some use for the 300-1000 meter adjustments.

  • Bman

    While I like smaller generally, I really don’t like the small aperture on these. (small dot yes)

  • I strongly disagree with your assessment of the 4 MOA being more applicable for tactical shooting. I was unaware of Aimpoint releasing a 2 MOA dot until recently, and having a 4 MOA was my biggest complaint with the optic. Sometimes you need to make very precise shots with a patrol rifle, and at 100 yards the head is completely covered by a 4 MOA dot. I’ll be adding the 2 MOA to my patrol rifle very soon!

    As a side note, i know several officers who went to Eotech’s only because of their 1 MOA dots.