Magnum Research Magnum Lite MLR22AT .22

Magnum Research’s latest Magnum Lite (premium/target Ruger 10/22 clone) is the MLR22AT.

From the press release …

The MLR22AT will give .22 LR rifle shooters something to get excited about. The new ambidextrous lightweight thumbhole 10/22 stock is made of polypropylene with fiber additives for maximum strength. The stock comb height is designed high enough to comfortably and properly shoot with optics. The new stock design also features a semi palm swell on both sides of the pistol grip, and a molded-to-fit hard rubber butt plate attached with screws.

This rifle will be equipped with the Magnum Lite™ revolutionary patented graphite bull barrel, exclusive to Magnum Research. The patented uni-directional graphite fibers, parallel to the bore axis, results in a barrel with six-times the stiffness of conventional steel. The lighter barrel weights (from 13-16 oz, depending on barrel length) are easier to wield and dissipate heat up to 43% faster than steel. The result is rim fire performance of extreme accuracy.

Other features include a .22LR Benz target chamber designed specifically for semi-automatics; full floating barrel for maximum accuracy, CNC-machined receiver from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum forging with an integral weaver-type rail for optics and a black anodized finish. The MLR22AT has an approximate weight of 4 ¼ lbs, barrel length of 17 inches, and over all length of 35 ½ inches.

This rifle utilizes the 10/22 trigger group and 10/22 rotary magazines. MRI bolts are manufactured and machined from heat treated and thorough hardened 4140 steel with minimum headspace for better accuracy.

MSRP for the MLR22AT will be $562. The rifles will start shipping in spring 2012.

Steve Johnson

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  • Komrad

    I’ve seen these at a gunstore I frequent. I did a little comparison and they weigh about as much as a standard 10/22, but with a bull barrel and different stock. They’re very cool, but the price is a touch high for me when I already have a 10/22.

    • You seen the 22 LR model or the 22 Mag or 17 HMRs?

      • Komrad

        I’ve handled both .22 LR and .22 Mag. The mag was also light, but I didn’t compare it to a stock 10/22 or 10/22 Magnum.
        Personally, I’d be much more interested in their .17HMR/HM2 and .22 Mag offerings than a .22 LR, but for a target rifle, I suppose .22 LR is better. The average .22 LR might be less accurate than a .17HMR/HM2 or .22 Mag, but there are a lot more match .22 LR offerings than there are for the other three calibers.

  • Nice! I have been considering the purchase and build of a 10/22 but may wait and just buy one of these and be done with it.

    • Komrad

      They already offer Magnum Lite (what this is) rifles in all four major rimfire calibers. They all have the funky free floated graphite barrels and such.
      You wouldn’t need to wait for this specific model.

      • Komrad

        Scratch that, they discontinued their .17 HMR and .17 HM2 lines.
        Apparently, this .17 rimfire problem will never be resolved.

  • Tim

    My buddies and I shot the .22LR version at SHOT Media Day last week. It’s pretty darn nice. Very light and well balanced. Stock was quite comfortable for both my lefty buddy and the rightys in our group. We were just shooting steel plates so I can’t comment on accuracy really but we were generally impressed with its handling characteristics. It seems well put together. In fact my one buddy is seriously looking at picking one up after shooting it.

  • Gary

    I don’t understand how these companies can get away with copying Ruger’s 10/22 without being sued.

    • Komrad

      I have the 1964 (I think) edition of Gun Digest. There is an article in it where the author tests a prototype 10/22 which means that the patents were likely already applied for if not granted. 2012 – 1964 = 48 years ago, so the patents have probably expired. Magnum Research isn’t the only one either. Tactical Innovations does as well.

      Unlike the ill fated AMT Lightening line, these are fully legal.

  • Tim

    It’s a pretty old design by now. 40 years or so maybe? Maybe the patents are expired?

  • mosinman

    i find the carbon fiber barrel fasinating…… just think….. in 50 plus years they’ll be writing about how we used “old fashioned” steel barrels lol