US Palm Quad Stack 45 and 30 Round AK Mag

US Palm has developed quad stack magazines for the AK platform. They will first be available in 45 round and 30 round capacity. The advantage of the quad stack 30 rounder over a regular 30 rounder is that it is a lot shorter (you no longer need to use your magazine as a bipod).

US Palm 45 Round Magazine
US Palm 30 Round Magazine

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    But I LIKE using my 30 round magazine as a monopod (bipod). I tried a few different ways of shooting my AK prone and found that pushing the rifle down against the 30 round mag in it steadies it up quite a bit.

    I really don’t understand this thing people have against using magazines on the ground to steady a rifle… It’s not going to break the magazine. Some of my floor plates show some wear from doing it on cement, sure… But BREAK an AK magazine!? And it’s never caused a malfunction with my rifles, AR or AK.

    • JesseL

      If anyone should happen to be shooting back, I’m sure every millimeter lower you can get will feel invaluable.

    • Bryan S.

      Its more of a looser fitting magazine in a rifle causing the feed angle to go all wonky, or a bolt to be hung up.

      I could see it happening more in an AR than an KAK though, since there is no bolt hold open on most AKs.

  • Lance

    I never had issue form a East German 30rd AKM and AK-74 mags so this isn’t a problem. it will be nice for 45rd Quad RPK mags make them similar to RP-74 60rd mags make them in 5.45mm???

  • SpudGun

    @Steve – are US Palm the same company as Tapco as you’ve titled the pictures as Tapco.

    I know you’re busy at Shot, so just trying to help out. 😉

    • jagersmith

      I can guarantee they are not the same company. TAPCO is from Kennesaw, GA, US Palm is based is Scottsdale, AZ. I believe it was a titling error. The only similarity is that they both make vastly improved, polymer AK magazines.

      TAPCO is wholesale/distributor only, US Palm is relatively new and does direct retail or wholesale.

      • SpudGun

        Thanks Jagersmith. I do know that they are seperate companies, I was just being ‘playful’ about Steve’s error in titling. Sometimes my light hearted sarcasm doesn’t always translate on the net.

        Still, it’s always good to point these things out in case there’s any confusion between US Palm and Tapco.

  • Gosu

    …booth professional with neck fat… eeesh, thats almost as good idea as selling a 45 round double stack mag for $100. wait a sec… doh!

    • Burst

      I know this may be a stretch, but have you considered that she might be integral to the company’s business?

      All neckfat and/or AK knowledge aside, I think she’s cute.

    • Paul Rain

      Yeah, ew. She probably even hasn’t had her facial muscles killed by botox. Terrible.

    • W

      mmmm, well im glad you’re so goddamned perfect…

  • Bryan S.

    OK, can we get one in 7.62×54?

  • BLG

    I’m not sure about the quad stacked magazines. The alternative would be 2 magazines clamped together and you would get 15 more rounds or the drum with 75 rounds. If you really needed to extra firepower, the drum is the way to go.

    • Komrad

      But then you lose time changing mags.

      I too have some skepticism, but I don’t ever intend to be in a situation where small differences in reliability or weight matter.
      To me, quad stack and other larger capacity systems are just ways to put more holes in paper in a shorter amount of time.

  • jagersmith

    @Steve, are you going to cover the take-down AK that US Palm had? That thing is awesome! UNlike red jacket, they actually improve things and do things that have “nevuh been done bu-fore”…

  • ThomasJ

    What kind of flash hider is on that AK in the first photo?

    • NoFate

      It is a Primary Weapons Systems FSC 47. They work as well as they look.

      • NoFate

        Sorry, you asked about the FIRST photo. My bad. That looks like a surefire flash suppressor/suppressor adapter, but I could be wrong.

  • tarkan

    Flashhider looks great,could someone figure out where they are from?just add these to your next order list and you will be amazed what Ak47 becomes:D

  • Jake

    That 30 rounder would make a lot of sense on a Draco pistol or really any kind of Krink.
    The 45 rounder also looks like a pretty attractive option for a full size AK. The current higher-capacity double stack magazines only hold 40, and they’re pretty long.
    Wonder how much these will cost…


    hi could you please send me how to buy these ? or send me a link love the quad very cool thank you gerry maloney

  • Sam Suggs

    why didnt this happen