GSG Stg44 rifle

Last year American Tactical Imports announced they were importing the German Sport Guns Stg 44 patterned .22 rifle. ATI now has ATF approval and it will go on sale shortly.

The rifle will be shipped in a wooden crate. The crate is handmade by a Amish community in New York state.

Its MSRP is $599.

Steve Johnson

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  • charles222

    Got excited until I saw .22… 🙁

  • MauserK98

    is .22, but still want

    • Steve

      I own several .22lr guns. They are great for hunting ground squirrels in Montana. I placed an order for the Stg44 from my local dealer a few weeks ago.

  • Lance

    Its .22lr doesn’t make up for a pretty Ruger 10/22. Can they make one in 7.92×33 or 7.62×39? be much more fun.

  • D

    Why not make this in a real caliber like 5.56 or 7.62? Although honestly, this is more of a fun then utilitarian type gun.

    The wooden crate is awesome though.

    • Because of the narrow “sporting purposes” restriction on imports enforced by the US BATF.

  • JT

    I’m not up on the legalities, but can any of these guns be re-arsenaled to pistol cartridges once they’ve arrived in the US?

    • Burst

      That gets complicated in a hurry. Whatever the toughness of the originals, you can bet these were machined to tolerate .22 pressures.

      There are full power FG-42 clones out there, though.

  • EncircledPurple

    Forget the rifle, let’s start talking about the girl!

    • Anything for a buck…its the good ol’ american way.

  • lex

    By the *Amish*?

  • Anonymous synonomous

    I believe it wouldn’t be imported if it were in a rifle caliber due to 922r restricting the number of parts on an imported weapon. This is the same reason the SVD and SVT-40 aren’t imported to my understanding, and companies in Germany do actually produce semi-auto reproductions in the original chambering, made from the original blue prints. To get full repros, an American company will need to make compliant parts, and then you might as well make a full reproduction, something that wouldn’t garner as much profit seeing as it then would be something only dedicated collectors would be very interested in.

    • Anton

      To be honest, I would love a G43.

      • avtomat

        Allegheny Trade in Duncansville, PA has a WWII bringback Gewehr 43 for $2800 right now.

    • ragnarok220

      It is Russia, not the US, that is preventing SVD rifles from being imported to the US.

      • W

        i think you need to read your link again…

        It is pretty clear the importation restriction is on the United States’ side and, in order to maintain the agreement, Russia must also comply and not try to circumvent the US import restriction.

  • John Doe

    Wish they would make a 7.62×39 version instead…

    • Doesitmatter?

      Good idea but it probably would not work without major strenghtening (receiver is welded out of stampings) since 7.62×39 has quite a bit more impulse. Also, since that shot is 6mm longer, it would require whole lot of chages which would yield different appearance.

      This difference is clearly indicative of false (and so much repeated) presumption that Stg war ‘granpa’ for AK.

  • Rangefinder

    Well, they can’t claim low cost training as a selling point and I can’t claim Grandpa brought back a .22. I am more interested in Beretta’s ARX .22 anyway.

  • Tyson Chandler

    Regardless of .22 cal…I would buy this. Wooden crate is a nice touch!

  • Matt G.

    Cool box. Very cool gun.

  • Andrew Racek

    It is amazing what people can do with a .22 rifle and an outer shell.

  • FourString

    A rifle hand made by the Amish? Was GSG intentionally shooting for irony? xD

    • ak74fan

      he said the crate was made by the amish not the rifle.

      • FourString

        I stand corrected. Still ironic.

    • 276 pedersen

      The crate.

  • Anton

    To bad it’s a .22 but…”The crate is handmade by a Amish community in New York state.”

    …wait, what?

  • Ian

    For everyone asking why it can’t be another caliber the answer is simple. Making a .22lr rifle is incredibly easy and inexpensive. There is absolutely no need for any locking system so all you are required to make are a barrel and a cubic inch of steel’s worth of bolt. Everything else on the gun is just eye candy.

    Creating an M43 variant (which has nothing to do with the misconception about the AK-47 deriving anything but ergonomics from the StG-44) would require a scaling of the receiver. It would also require new magazines (not that StG-44 mags are just lying around all over) unless you wanted to modify the receiver to take AK mags, but when you start doing that, what exactly is the point?

    Handgun calibers wouldn’t require as much work because you could be lazy and make them blowback. Same magazine issue/non-issue as above, but but then again, what exactly is the point?

    That said, this is the first .22 I actually *want* to buy.

    • Kevin

      The concept of an assault rifle is smaller size, lighter weight rounds (not 7.92×57) and large capacity mags so each soldier could carry more ammo and unleash a STORM of lead on the enemy. It was conceived by Hitlers generals and named the stormrifle or sturmgewehr. The AK47 came along years later.

  • West

    I cant help but imagine Randy Quaid from ‘Kingpin’ laboring on a gun crate assembly line in some Amish sweat shop.

  • RickH

    Can I just buy the crate instead?

  • Alex

    Big rifle + tiny cartridge = boring to shoot

    Might be nice to look at and hold, but as thrilling to shoot as a bb gun.

    • Ian

      How is this different from almost EVERY other .22 out there?

    • Riceball

      Big rifle + tiny cartridge = cheap to shoot!

  • Why is the Amish part of this story stick with me the most?

    • Nanban Jim

      The irony is indeed quite remarkable.

  • Canine

    I’ve got an ATI GSG-5 carbine in .22 LR which bears a striking resemblance to an MP-5. It’s also a very reliable nail-driver, extremely economical and fun to shoot. That’s the attraction here, particularly the “economical” part. Cool gun. On my wish list now.

  • Don

    I thought they were also doing a Mp40 in .22lr also? where is that? I want both.

  • Engelbert Humperdink

    I’d like to meet the ATI woman in the first picture. Who is she?

    Much better at sales than the other gents. 🙂

    • baclava

      keep it in your pants there, slutbumwalla.

  • Calimero

    There’s a company in Germany that manufactures a replica in 7.92×33


    I have to admit I once considered getting one but ammunition availability is so-so at best. I might reconsider though.

    Anyway I fear US import laws would make it quite difficult for you all to get one ?

    • martin

      I have about 2500 rounds of 7.92K that I would be willing to sell to you.

      • Calimero

        martin, you can only own 12 “restricted” firearms (handguns, semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines, firearms chambering a “military round”) in France, including 7 centerfire firearms. I happen to already have 7 centrefire restricted firearms.

        Hence I would not be able to get that Stg 44 replica and buy your ammo ! Life’s unfair ! 🙁

        Plus I don’t know what side of the pond your are ? Europe or USA ?

      • Brian

        Martin, I would be interested in this ammo.


  • bbmg

    No 300 Blackout version?

  • airmandan

    im already weary about it. take a look at the front sight hood in the second pic. it’s already starting to to slide off

  • Joe

    Never understood the draw of these .22 rifles that looked like other rifles or sub guns. .22 is a great round for what it’s for but I would never spend money on a .22 just because it looks like a gun I otherwise want. Real thing or nothing. If I can’t afford the real thing or a real clone then I can live without it.

    • JMD

      The draw is “fun” and “it looks cool”. Some people are willing to pay for this. Isn’t capitalism great?

      • Doc 2/112

        For the reenactment community its awesome.. to field my MG34 for a weekend usually ends up costing 200$.. IN BLANKS! a .22LR STG or MP40 would sell like crack in Compton to the reenactment community because of the savings..

    • Rangefinder

      Good point. If you need a hammer, you don’t grab one from a toddler workbench.

    • bill

      Joe, the point of .22 guns looking like real guns (AR-15 being the prime), is that you can train and practice with it the way you would with the larger caliber. More so if you have doo-dads and add-ons. The intent for those kinds of .22 guns is not because it’s trying to pose, it’s just an extremely for affordable way to shoot that rifle with a specific caliber. Just putting on a .22 conversion on an AR-15 is not the best because it’s still a smaller (barely) bullet that the barrel.

    • me

      Indeed, the .22 LR is a great round for what it’s for. For me, what it’s for is TRAINING.

      I get more trigger time for less money with a .22, and if I can get a platform that mimics the balance, sight picture, manual of arms, safety operation, etc., of larger-caliber weapons I own, why not?

  • rob

    I don’t know why the hate on for 22. I have had more fun with a 22 than with my 1911- I just cannot justify literally blowing 300 bucks in an evening and not getting blown. Hell, 3 times to the range is a flight to Hawaii.
    Much rather go to hawaii than go shooting. But with 22 you can shoot until the place closes or your barrel fouls from all the lead build up. I would think shooting volume if abit at a smaller caliber would make you a better shooter overall, if this is the goal.

    • bill

      Smartest comment I have heard, anywhere.

  • Vickers

    Could they legally get the ATF “sporting purposes” import approval on the .22 model and then sell a separate US-made conversion to a rifle caliber, to be purchased separately by the US owner? Just assume the .22 model was machined to a spec high enough to tolerate the conversion safely.

    • josh

      No. The rifle is made for .22. With a center fire round the receiver would explode, the gas system wouldn’t work right, the springs wouldn’t be strong enough, the bolt wouldn’t close,the firing pin would be too weak, the hammer would be too light, the mag well would be too small, the bolt face wouldn’t grip the round, etc. Not a single part would work.

  • Brian in CA

    Those are going to sell WELL, as in every one they can import. The AR pattern 22LR’s sell VERY well in CA, and this StG 44 and that M1 Carbine clone are both going drop into a market ready for the idea of “fun” 22LR’s that are still affordable to shoot.

    Cracks me up that all these commenters would rather not shoot at all than shoot 22LR – must be tough living the hard-core life.

    Brian in CA

  • FourString

    I’m not knowledgeable in the field, but is it possible to replace the .22 barrel with an overseas produced one? Or does this violate all kinds of laws?

    • FourString

      overseas produced barrel meaning an upchambered one, my bad

      • josh

        No. The rifle is made for .22. With a center fire round the receiver would explode, the gas system wouldn’t work right, the springs wouldn’t be strong enough, the bolt wouldn’t close,the firing pin would be too weak, the hammer would be too light, the mag well would be too small, the bolt face wouldn’t grip the round, etc. Not a single part would work.

  • Joe

    How am I supposed to lead a skinhead third Reich uprising when these are .22? weaksauce man.

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    Any word if a .22lr reproduction of the FG42 or Haenel Gerat 06 are to come?

  • czman

    I think it’s great that it’s a .22, cheap to shoot, it’ll cost about $450 instead of $2,500, I’ve already got enough 7.62 and 5.45’s to shoot, too bad it comes with a wood box that won’t be used and probably adds $75 to the price!

  • JCP18

    That looks like a really fun gun to plink with. With the cost of ammo nowadays it’s nice to have something that looks so cool that shoots 22’s and therefore is affordable to shoot. I just hope that it will be legal to own it in my state, “The People’s Republic of New Jersey”.

  • Doc 2/112

    Are these going to have an opening cut on the magazine???? these are going to sell like mad in the reenactment community if they are historically correct.. many reenactors are anal about historical authenticity and if they have the cut away magazine they will looses a super huge buying market because of that one flaw.. may sound stupid, but I’ve spent ten’s of thousands of dollars on having a super authentic German impression and a detail like that would ruin the effort I’ve put into it.

    • John

      This is made for plinking fun…..not for someone wanting to make believe.

    • Did someone mention anal? How did you work butt sex into an article about the Stg 44?

  • Vinny

    Anyone know if these are MA compliant? I keep getting mixed answers and want to know forsure! If not can you explain why, thanks

  • Wamo556

    Merhinks that a either a offering in .22magnum or 5.7x28mm would be bought up, and quickly too!

  • Steve Lamperti

    After 23 weeks, I finally got my STG44 22lr today. It is an awesome rifle! I am anxious to put a few hundred rounds through it. I am very happy with the feel and construction of the rifle. Will post in the future after I test fire it in what ammo works best.

  • casterk9

    Love my STG-44. Bought it at Buckeye Outdoors here in Ohio for $587.00 on sale. Lots of fun to shoot.