Bleeding Zombie Targets

A company called Zombie Industries is manufacturing 3D targets that bleed when shot. I did spoke to a police officer yesterday who told me that he thought they would be a great training aid. For me personally, they are way to gruesome.

Steve Johnson

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  • BC; MT

    This zombie nonsense is going to pass soon, right?

    • MJ

      Man, I hope so. These things, in particular, do not reflect well on any of us.

      • JM

        Right, because military surplus stores DO…

      • Oremilac

        Nothing will ever “reflect well” on you, if you ask gun-grabbers.

        Shooting at humanoid / police targets
        ==> we’re evil psychopaths training to kill our neighbors

        Shooting with semi-automatic rifles, while standing or – worse ! – on the move
        ==> we’re training to overthrow the government

        Shooting with military-derived ARs, SIGs, … instead of good ol’hunting rifles
        ==> we’re actually try to form a militia

        Shooting at watermelons
        Mhhh let me guess: starving people thousands miles away ?

        That’s the BS the gun grabbers will always rehash even if you’re just a girl plinking with a pink 10/22 from a bench. No matter what you do, you will always be wrong in their eyes.

        We, guns owners in France, have been apologizing (for what ? shooting frigging paper targets and soda cans in regulation-compliant ranges ?!) and hiding from the general public for decades.

        “To live happy, live hidden”. That was and still is our motto.

        How did it work out for us ?

        Mhhhh not that good. Gun laws have been incrementally tightened. Sometimes literately overnight (June 1st 2011, suppressors were suddenly considered ‘firearms parts’ while they were previously unregulated).

        There are less and less shooters (yeah, you cannot own a firearm “just because you want to”, you have to be or pose as a licensed target shooter or hunter. No 2A, forget about it). Which also means that the firearms market is very narrow and shrinking: ammunition and firearms are very expensive which in turn prevents more people from owning guns.

        I’m never going to apologize for shooting at soda cans, police training targets, old computers and even frigging-expensinve-yet-funny-once-in-a-while zombie bleeding targets. If somebody’s not comfortable with it, let’s talk about it and tell them it’s just some styrofoam with paint balls. If they keep whining and bitching, I dismiss them.

        In short, do not bow to political correctness for it is the road to your extermination as a gun owner.

        Gun grabbers have no rational arguments against gun ownership, their only tools is cheap indignation and high pitched screams.

      • W

        its fascinating how negative stereotypes are. It is the same with other amendments in the constitution:

        1st- If you are a anti-war protester, you are anti-american and a communist.
        4th- If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about!
        5th- You’re obviously guilty of something!

        etc, etc…

        Nobody should be ashamed or reluctant to stand by their rights. we have them for a reason. Its unfortunate that there is a huge trend right now that its cool to be ignorant of your rights and ridicule somebody for using their right when you cling to another. hypocrisy.

  • D

    Its amazing how you can fill something up with paintballs, claim that it “bleeds” and people will eat it up.

  • Lance

    Forget Zombies make one of a regular Bin Laden.

    But I agree with your point Steve.

    • SpudGun

      @Lance – there are not one, but two Bin Laden targets in the second picture down.

      You can try and get one, but you typically have to wait 10 years.

      • jagersmith

        Well played, sir, well played…

    • Lance

      True 10 years for us unless your the CIA then you can never find one. Like your joke LOL.

  • D

    I like it. I gotta think where this would really shine is a woodlands type course, where they could be interspersed throughout the woods or popping up on springs and such.

    The “outbreak” one you can see to the right in the picture also looks totally awesome, though i have to think a person could make it pretty easy themselves.

  • Some guy

    I was (and still am) a fan of zombie-related fiction, but the way in which firearms/accessories manufacturers are capitalizing on the craze is getting out of hand.

  • SGB

    This hurts the eyes. I can think of a lot of good ideas but this isn’t one of them.

  • WoodenPlank

    With a little tweaking, and a different coat of paint, these types of targets could be VERY useful for training, all without looking as goofy. The company that makes these does offer a more “plain” looking version that could be a little better choice for training.

    • Other Steve

      What useful pupose would a “bleeding” target ever serve? This is novelty for kids and rednecks imo. No serious enthusiast would be into this.

      • Flounder

        Personally I don’t like these either. But It seems that they are more like a life sized shoot and see target. I can’t say I haven’t seen them for myself and doubt I ever will. But then again I think I would rather blow up milk jugs than barbie.

      • JM

        Whatsamatta, Other Steve, you don’t like using silhouette targets that visually register your hits? That’s all these are, with a little imagination.

      • WoodenPlank

        As JM said, it can serve the same purpose as “splatter” stick on targets – makes it easier to see your hits quickly and easily. The fact that these are not just flat paper targets can also be used to give newer shooters a better idea of how shots from angles other than head on must pass through the body of an attacker to reach vital organs. Sure, they look stupid, but they can definitely be useful for honest training.

  • SpudGun

    Woo! Yeah! I want the one in the third picture! I finally get to make a woman bleed!

    I’m sure these ‘novelty’ targets will in no way reflect badly on the normal gun owning / target shooting community and are bound to enhance the reputation and legitimacy of all the shooting sports, particularly in the media.

    • Other Steve

      Pretty much what I was thinking. This Zombie bullshit has not only jumped the shark, it’s doing the opposite of encouraging people to be “prepared for anything” and instead reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

      Enough with the zombie garbage.

      • JM

        How do people take you seriously when you say that shooting at the range is “fun”? I can’t imagine you having a fun bone in your body.

  • Heres an idea people; take a chill pill.

    What do you care what people manufacturer and people buy? Or are you secretly jealous someone beat you to a simple yet million dollar idea?

    Or better yet – for all those haters – whats the link to your website to see what you are selling? Oh right – you don’t have one.

    Whats more ironic is a bunch of people who spend thousands of dollars to mil-spec their rifles, COMPLAINING about this stuff, yet the only two places the rifle will ever see is the safe and the range.

    This is why people can’t have nice/fun stuff – cause all the internet commandos seem to loose all sense of manors and politeness with they open the browser window.

    • Better yet – how about some bleeding targets modeled after all the “mall ninjas” that dominate the civilian firearms market.

      How FUN would that be?

      • SpudGun

        I agree LLarms, what could be less ‘mall ninja’ then a Bin Laden zombie target that pretends to bleed when you shoot it?

        I’m going to drape my one in seaweed so I can pretend he’s come out of his ocean grave. (ooh scary)

        ‘a bunch of people who spend thousands of dollars to mil-spec their rifles, COMPLAINING about this stuff, yet the only two places the rifle will ever see is the safe and the range.’ – Just a quick question, if not the safe and the range, where would you like to see these people waving their rifles about?

      • JM

        Considering that it’s our God-given right in the U.S., how about anywhere we want to?

      • Ken
      • SpudGun

        ‘Considering that it’s our God-given right in the U.S., how about anywhere we want to?’

        Indeed it is JM. I for one wouldn’t feel at all nervous if you were to walk on to a college campus with a loaded AR-15. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way and you may find yourself the center of attention.

        Though I think you’re confusing the argument somewhat, LLArms was irate that there are shooters who spend thousands of dollars on their rifles to copy their favorite Delta / Seal operative but balk at the idea of a bleeding target.

        This debate isn’t about gun rights, it’s about cheap gimmicky crap aimed at the lowest common denomenator that will in no way confirm to the general public that the majority of shooters are sane, responsible individuals with legitimate uses for firearms.

      • JM

        I understand what you’re saying, Spud, but it’s not your responsibility to determine “legitimate” uses for firearms for other people.

      • SpudGun

        @JM – you are correct, it is not my responsibility what constitutes ‘legitimate’ uses for firearms – that decision is left to politicians who create knee jerk laws based on the unfounded fears of others, usually when the media gets involved.

        I’m sure a life sizde target of a woman who bleeds when you shoot her will be seen by most people as ‘a bit of fun’.

      • JM

        Have you not seen what’s in stores already? Silhouette targets…Zombie Max ammo…the Britney Spears target…

        Please get out more. It will do wonders for your sheltered mind.

      • SpudGun

        Based on what you’ve just told me, I will keep my mind a very sheltered place. πŸ˜‰

        Oh look, just found out that IMI are releasing 24k gold plated Desert Eagles to pander to the Modern Warfare crowd. I will buy two so I can dual wield at the range in my night vision goggles.

        Now where did I put my exploding Charles Darwin targets, my ‘Kill ‘Em All’ t-shirt and my multi-cam underpants?

      • JM

        Somehow, Spud, I get the feeling that you have no hobbies other than to troll the gunblogs. You’re from SigForum, aren’t you? That place is FULL of sour grapes like you, all of them afraid to do something for leisure because they don’t want other closed-minded people to ridicule them online.

        Shooters and gun owners used to be all about “live and let live” and firearms awareness. Somehow a generation of insecure couch potatoes made it into the mix, and suddenly gun ownership is some kind of NO GIRLZ ALLOWED club. If you can’t berate someone for their choice of firearm, you berate them for not wearing $200 eye protection. Or because they don’t clean their weapon after every single shoot. Or because they carry their 1911 in Condition 2. Or because they like to use paint-filled zombie targets.

        I wish that shooters would quit pandering to “gun fear” and grow a pair of testicles. If you can’t watch a YouTube video of a guy shooting an exploding car – on his own property – without getting beside your self about his lack of hearing protection, then you need to go back to Nerf guns.

        SO WHAT if some random guy at Wal-Mart hasn’t concealed his pistol very well? SO WHAT if a 15-year-old kid videos himself firing a gold-plated Desert Eagle? SO WHAT if someone wants to shoot at zombie targets? It’s a free market and a free country, and THANK GOD for that.

        You just stick to your paper bullseye targets, factory ammo, ballistic goggles, and ambidextrous safety switches. God help you if you ever need to defend yourself against a moving target without your earmuffs or permission from a rangemaster.

    • Oremilac

      I agree, LLArms. If you don’t like it, just don’t buy it.

      If installed properly (safe backdrop etc …) it’s just another plinking target.

      I got a couple of these (shipping cost was a bit steep to have them sent to France) and we had a blast shooting them !

      And the blood doesn’t look “bloodish”, it’s more pink than dark red.

      I’m tired of people that only tolerate bullseye shooting. We have loads of them here in France.

      “Don’t shoot to fast.”
      “Don’t shoot on the move.”
      “Only shoot ISSF-style targets.”
      “We’re not at war.”
      Blehh …

      Considering how much they cost it’s not going to be the new standard target for everyone anyway, so relax please …

    • “Just a quick question, if not the safe and the range, where would you like to see these people waving their rifles about”

      Why am I not surprised you completely missed the point.

      The point being people complaining about a $75 bleeding target are spending $1,000’s of dollars on a battlefield capable rifle that will never see a battlefield.

      Understand now?

      • SpudGun

        I understand completely. I have a friend with a milspec Mauser K98 rifle and he refuses to dress as a Nazi and shoot Russians.

        It’s almost as if he just wants to use his rifle for target shooting and has no bloodlust in his heart. How ridiculous is that?

        All joking aside, I agree with you that anyone who lives in a big city and puts FDE furniture on their rifle is a poser, same if they show up at the range in their multi-cam bunny suit. If you add a bleeding zombie target to the mix, then I will have pause for thought.

        Unfortunately, the ‘mall ninjas’ that you (and I) despise are exactly the same people who will go out and blow $75 on a bleeding Bin Laden zombie target.

      • JM

        Hilariously, Spud was trying to explain your point to me just above, LLArms. How ironic is that?

    • SpudGun

      Oh JM, you really should lay off the whiskey before hitting the Internetz. You’ve just made up a whole list of lies about me based on nothing more then your ‘intuition’. If that’s not trolling, then I’m not sure what is.

      I don’t appear on a Sig Forum or any other firearm forum. This is the only place I appear because it is full of knowledgeable, intelligent people with a responsible attitude to guns – most of the time.

      If someone wants to go on their own land, get drunk, shoot their Taurus Judge Zombie Special at gas cannisters next to their trailer home while dressed up in Desert Storm peejays and then upload it to You Tube, that is their business. They can have all the fun in the world.

      If someone points a loaded gun at me at the range, then that my friend, is not fun. Being tarred with the same brush as a bunch of Johnny Yahoo mall ninjas is not fun. Having to read your ignorant and unfounded comments is not fun.

      As for my not having a sense of humor, you’ve obviously not read the majority of my posts on this blog.

      I’ll grow the extra testicles when you grow a brain. Deal?

      • JM

        Do you not see the irony? You want to chastise someone for making things up about you, but you have no problems making vast assumptions about consumers willing to buy a bleeding zombie target.

        And if you have a problem with whiskey or extra testicles…well, then, I suddenly see why you have a problem with bleeding zombie targets. I would, too, if I were a zombie.

      • JM

        And if your example of “humor” is the post below – wherein you make light of battery against women – then I rest my case.

      • SpudGun

        For someone who throws the word ‘irony’ around a lot, I’d suggest you look up the meaning before criticizing my humor.

        Now, if you’ve finished trolling this Blog, may I suggest you go back to your Sig Forum or whatever. I’m sure you are sorely missed.

      • JM

        Suggest away, but I’m not through until I’ve had the last word. Your impotence is still amusing.

  • jpcmt

    I’m all about zombie apocalypse preparedness and all the fun that is but these things are stupid. Why oh why, would any person be caught shooting at such things. THe casual observer or range regular where someone might be shooting these would probably think “what the hell is that nutter shooting at?” Do you really need to see blood coming out? I don’t even like the zombie paper targets…and I have tshirts, stickers, and ejection port covers with zombie prep all over them. lol

    • B

      The “blood” in the targets is not blood colored – it is pink and green from the ones I have used. Now if your blood is that colored, well… might be time for a check-up.
      As for worrying about others judging what you are shooting when you’re at the range – why? Is this some sort of politically correct apprehension that you feel? I personally don’t care what others think when I am on the range, and you should as well – I’m there to have fun.
      If I have fun shooting a target that leaks paintball paint fill that happens to be shaped like a member of the recently deceased come back to life… well, I’m going to do it.
      It’s a gimmick, nothing more and shouldn’t inspire feelings of hatred or loathing, just don’t buy it if you don’t like it. It’s kinda funny how that works, you get to make your own decisions rather than other people on what you get to shoot at.
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I must continue to prepare for the coming of the zombie apocalypse with these fantastic replicas that are obviously taken from real life captive zombies from their labs. Cheers.

  • root man


    Way TOO gruesome.

    Ugly and expensive TOO.


  • Jeff Smith

    Cool, but i think the retail on these seems to be around $75 or so (I think I’ve seen them on Cheaper Than Dirt for around that.) I think that’s WAY out of the price range for most shooters, especially since it seems to be good for only one day of shooting. If they could make a model that could be reused (even if it doesn’t bleed) I might be interested, but I’d rather buy an IDPA cardboard target and save $74 for ammo. Or for my traditional post-shooting Taco Bell trip!

  • JMD

    Oh, good grief….

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy one. It doesn’t put anyone in danger, or threaten your civil liberties, so who cares?

    • MJ

      YOU should care because it gives more support to those who are working hard to take away your civil liberties.

      • JM

        No, it doesn’t. Not any legal or credible support.

        Funny how people who say, “OMG, this is a bad idea!!! This shouldn’t be happening!!! Liberals will use it against us!!!” are just parroting those very liberals.

    • schizuki

      One civil liberty I’m partial to is called “free speech.” Meaning the freedom to criticize yahoo idiocy, for one.

      • JM

        Awesome. Then you should rejoice for opportunities – like this one – to exercise that right. Another vote in favor of harmless fun.

  • Ian

    My favorite part is that zombie is a metaphor for starving wanderer when the world comes to and end.

  • JM

    I bought a handful of Zombie Industries’ “zombie hunting license” velcro patches and stickers. Their service was pretty great, and the quality is top-notch. Didn’t want to order anything more expensive until I had a whiff of their service first – I have nothing to complain about, so far.

    • Other Steve

      ….. So….. You’re part of this Zombie-BS problem then huh? πŸ˜‰ Joking mostly

      • JM

        Actually, I’m a product of it. Had no interest in zombie-anything until the shooting industry took hold of it and had fun with it. Nothing wrong with having a sense of humor.

  • The target that holds clay pigeons is a nice touch. It is a throw-back to an old police target that had round scoring zones in those spots.

  • West

    Expensive: Check.
    Unusable at your local range: Check

    No go for me.
    Im not putting down anyone who buys one but its just not an option for me. I live in the middle of a large city and dont, unfortunately, have access to shooting lands. I just dont see this catching on in a big enough way to sustain a business.

    • Robl

      There are alot more people with guns and land outside of cities.

  • Sid

    I refuse to purchase one of these until they hire a professional stylist to fix they female’s hair!

  • Doesitmatter?

    This is actually excellent weapon to hand of America’s enemies and enemies of whole western world. Here you see it: desensitisation of human feelings, undue cruelty, thirst for blood and gore ect. So, from prudent person’s point of view would be appropriate to reject it flat. Unless we ‘love’ our enemies… as Scripture requires it.

    • Sian


    • Doesitmatter?

      No offense people, but this gives me chance to ‘profile’ the audience. Unfortunately, I did not even dream it is as redneck as it shows to be. Sure, subject is ‘kind of funny’; but if you start to think about it – not quite. Spill your thumbs. Howg.

    • W

      so you would rather people resort to actually killing others, genocide, and suicide bombings like what is so prevalent in the east? as long as they don’t do something so perverse like shooting targets of fictional creatures? LOL

  • Can we all agree that posts like this cry out for a video of them in action?

    • Other Steve

      FPS Russia’s AAC videos.

      It’s dumb in execution as well.

      • JM

        Someone’s jealous.

  • Hryan

    To all the Neville Chamberlains who believe that these are a bad idea because of how the “mainstream” will view them; I hope you do not have any of the following in your possession at any time:

    1) “High Capacity Magazines” Because magazines larger than ten rounds are only designed to kill as many people as possible quickly.

    2) “Cop Killer Bullets” Because hollowpoint ammunition is obviously only designed to murder police officers. They can go through body armor, right?

    3) “Assault Rifles” Because anything that scary looking can only be used to commit a crime.

    4) “A Silencer” Because if you attach one of these to your gun, no one will ever hear a bullet fired while you are murdering someone.

    5) “A Plastic Gun” Because you know that you can take a Glock through a metal detector without setting it off.

    I could really go on and on, but what is the point. Attempting to appease those that hate your hobbies and your rights is foolhardy. Better to focus on having fun in a safe manner, whether that entails a military surplus Mosin Nagant, a tacticool AR, or zombie targets filled with pink blood; just worry about yourself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go order a Mossberg quad-rail lever action 30-30 and a 500 with a chainsaw grip.

  • Rangefinder

    I think the marketplace encourages posing. There is great profit in it. Whether you are a hip hop gangster or a mall ninja, someone or some company is profiting from your fantasy.

  • tommy2rs

    I wanted to get a couple for Halloween decorations and backyard shooting (I can do that safely where I live) but the wife said I had to get the Camaro off the blocks and the engine down from where it’s hanging from the tree out front first. πŸ˜‰

  • estwing

    Not to speak out of turn, but does anyone agree with me that, but for the coat of green paint, the third target from the left is the spitting image of the POTUS?

  • I will never understand why adults whine and bitch on forums like kids on Xbox live. I like these targets, on the other hand you may not. I have a sense of humor. So what? I don’t spend my free time worrying about what others think or how gun owners or the “industry” is perceived by non gun owners. Move on.

    • schizuki

      I’ll never understand why people get so whiny when someone criticizes something that they like. Or why it’s OK to state your opinion when you say, “Hey, that’s cool!” but it’s not OK to state your opinion when you say, “Hey, that sucks on so many levels.”

      • JM

        There’s a huge difference between “that sucks” and “people who enjoy that suck”.

  • mosinman

    people need to lighten up, you guys can be so stuffy sometimes.
    shooting=fun thats how i see it, and if you dont think its fun then you probably shouldnt do it πŸ˜€ stop taking things to serously!!!

    • schizuki

      That’s what sucks about our rapidly devolving goon culture. Having a modicum of basic decent taste makes you “stuffy.”

      By that metric, I guess I’m stuffy. And uptight. And elitist. And a snob. Or as I would have been described about 20 years ago, “normal.”

      • JM

        It’s not tasteful at all to berate people over something so silly.

  • Scott

    I was at the show on Thursday and went this booth with my buddies. I don’t really have a comment on the zombie targets but I do have a comment on the girl in the first picture.
    She was kind of a jerk to people.
    Just sayin’