Remington 700 SPS .300 BLK AAC

The Remington 700 SPS will soon be available in a .300 BLK AAC model. I am very pleased nobody at Remington was tempted to increase the barrel length beyond 16.1″ ๐Ÿ˜‰ It will come from the factory with a nice green Hogue stock. No word on pricing.

MSRP of $817.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Not thrilled Unless the barrel as a internal suppressor built on for a quiet weapon that would be awesome.

    • Other Steve

      WTF are you talking about?

      Do you have any WHY you would want an integral suppressor? Integrals are really useful for porting the round’s velocity down to subsonic speeds. Since the blk has a dedicated subsonic round, porting would be useless. An integral would allow for a shorter OAL, but since 9mm cans can be used in subsonic, the extra 5″-7 isn’t going to kill you. Well, not you because I really doubt you own any suppressors Integral or Muzzle based on your comments.

      Integrals come with their own set of issues. In the last few years muzzle can advantages have far over taken Integral advantages. If you spent less time trolling you might be aware of that.

    • W

      according to multiple sources, the subsonic 300 blackout is quieter than a MP5SD with a integrated suppressor. As far as I know, this feature eliminates the need for a integrated suppressor, which allows the 300 black out caliber weapon to be more versatile.

      It would delight me to see this round largely, if not completely, replace submachine guns. Several compelling reasons certainly exist for it to do so…

      • Other Steve

        It’ll always be longer, heavier, and more expensive than a 147gr 9mm and not mention it’ll always require at least an AR sized platform. The MP9/TP9 and Mini/Micro uzi are quiet when suppressed and much smaller.

        But I’m a fan of 300blk for supersonic and versatility.

      • W

        im not suggesting that machine pistols get replaced, only longer submachine guns. Even in a overwhelming majority of tactical operations, machine pistols have a very limited use. Like I said before, a suppressed SBR in 300 blackout leaves very little reason why a suppressed submachine gun should be used.

  • Other Steve

    I see they switched from AAC’s exclusive use of 1:8 twist to 1:7… I wonder why.

    I also wonder how they market this compared to the Micro7. I guess if you want a 300blk in a really expensive chassis that is only designed for a 700 sized action this is the way to do it.

    Given the relatively 55k pressure of the round, I can’t really understand why the 700 action would be any better then the model 7 action. Seems like massive overkill on the receiver.

    • Woodroez

      Well, if it was priced the same as the AAC SPS model they have in .308 (MSRP 780 usd), one could have made an argument for value, but this is only about 80 usd cheaper than the Micro7, which has an adjustable cheek piece and a scope base included.

      • Other Steve

        Good points. Althought just guessing on the receiver I would have thought the 700 would be more expensive just because of the receiver.

        I hadn’t considered this to be the cheaper of the two. Still makes no sense to me, I’d rather the model7

      • ยดscuse my ignorance, but isnt the 700 action a derivative of the classic mauser action?

      • Other Steve

        Mosinman, no. Not at all.

        CZ, Ruger, some FN, some Kimber, some Weatherby use Mauser variants, and lots more, but not the Rem 700. The 799 did, but that wasn’t made by, only imported by Remington.

        It’s really too bad there aren’t more controlled round feed bolt guns in 300blk.

    • G

      According to Robert Silvers:
      “We have changed everything to 1/7 for more stability.”

      • Other Steve

        Yea, saw that. Good for me, I was on the fence about buying an upper and specifying a twist for my CZ.

        There is also new AAC cans with new mounts, so again, good thing I waited.

        Also, one guy from AAC wrote their 1:7 barrel is definitely 5R, I am not sure, but I didn’t think their old was was… So, triple win for anyone that hasn’t bought yet.

  • Vhyrus

    Um… why?

    The whole point of .300 is that it fits and feeds in an AR platform. Why the hell would I buy this over a .308, or the literally DOZENS of other better performing rounds available in a bolt action rifle?

    • Other Steve

      I’m buying an AAC 9″ AR upper. Either converting a CZ-527, buying a Micro7 or buying this are on my list to get a 16″ 300blk for light hunting. Probably the Micro7 as it’ll be the lightest of the three.

      The 16″ bolt guns are silly quiet suppressed, and the supersonic loads still benifit from the longer barrel.

      A 300blk bolt gun makes a lot of sense if you hunt, have suppressors, or other 300blk guns. If none of those, then nope, probably not for you.

      • noob

        I wonder if this 700 could be configured to be a worthy example of Cooper’s Scout concept.

        * detatchable mag mod from brownells $279
        * scout scope mount $?
        * optic $?
        what else?

        the .300 BLK should be okay for the scout concept bullet, with the advantage of being able to carry more rounds for the same volume of 7.62NATO (although the weight savings won’t be as extreme as 7.62NATO vs 5.56NATO).

    • hector

      Because most of those .30 cal barrels aren’t fast twist like this one, and so can’t handle the huge heavy bullets needed for hard subsonic impact.

    • raptor6

      You would buy the 300Blk because it works better than anything else from a short barrel shooting subsonic ammo with a silencer. Then when you want more power the supersonic loads out perform 7.63x 39 and .223.

  • Doc Bob

    You said “No word on pricing…” If you increase the picture size it shows an MSRP of $817.31. Or do you mean no word on availability.

    I might have to spring for a suppressor now…

  • Christian

    Steve, the MSRP is in the photo you provided! It’s $817!

  • “houge” should be “Hogue”. Other wise it sounds like Arnold is describing the stock.

  • Josh

    I built a 700 a while ago using the AAC barrel. I think this will sell. A bolt gun is a great way to get more use out of your 30 cal suppressor. It’s quieter than a semi-auto platform and, on the other side of the speed spectrum, lets you eek a little more speed out of your supersonic handloads because of the stronger action and no need to be concerned about over-gassing or action cycling.

    It’s a niche, for sure – but there’s a market.

  • uuhhh yea, the pricing was right in front of me … but I somehow missed it.

  • err, 16 1/2″ IS longer than 16.1″….

    Not so good with the maths? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sid

    Other Steve,

    I am asking, not implying. The 9mm subguns are losing out to PDWs which have advantages in caliber? If we are hunting two-legged prey, it seems like in this day of body armor and what not, it would be better to choose a weapon with better ballistic performance.

    If we wanted an under the coat bodyguard weapon, then a 9mm micro-Uzi might be an option. But suppressed shooting beyond pistol range… It just seems to me and I am asking, has the sun all but set on subguns in pistol calibers?

    • Other Steve

      Yea, I don’t disagree. But old 147gr 9mm has some advantages over the best modern subsonic platforms (300blk). It’s ALWAYS going allow smaller platforms, and it’s always going to be cheaper.

      In 9mm, you don’t get the same variety in bullets, the 300blk will travel much further and retain more energy, you can load up a supersonic mag and reach out to 300yards in the same gun, defeat body armor in sub or supersonic use, it’s all very cool. My HD/SHTF gun is going to be a 9″ 300blk.

      Yes, I think the sun has set for professional 9mm subgun use. But for plinkers, and someone who needs the absolute smallest platform possible, 9mm is still king.

    • W

      some 9mm subguns, like the MP5, Uzi, and UMP, used for roles they have been traditionally used for, have been eclipsed by SBRs and PDWs. SBR Ar15s are relatively a new concept and only recently has the technology allowed such weapons to reliably by employed in a tactical environment.

      I can certainly agree with the advantages of a machine pistol (not to be mistaken for a submachine gun), certainly in a plainclothes PSD. They offer superior close quarters firepower in a compact package.

      I can also agree with the advantages of a SBR in 300 blackout, which renders weapons such as the MP5SD obsolete. Anything in pistol caliber that is larger than a machine pistol is definitely threatened by PDWs and SBRs.

      For a military or tactical law enforcement unit utilizing suppressed carbines, i couldn’t think of a better platform than a suppressed 300 black out short barreled rifle.

  • FourString

    Any word on the weight? Looks like it’ll be a handy rifle.

  • John Doe

    I don’t own a 700 in .223, so I can’t get the .300 BLK barrel, so I’m looking forward to this. Anyone suggest a good 700 stock with a pistol grip?

  • C


    • NI Shooter

      That was fixed in the 1970’s…

    • 6677

      In almost all cases negligence was involved. The specific issue was fixed decades ago and the 700 still sees active service in many roles. To this day it is a reliable bolt action weapon system in a huge variety of calibers.

    • Vincent

      Trolly McTroll speaking?

  • ese hombre

    What I was looking at was a bolt action rifle for hunting deer and an AR to carry as a back-up for two legged vermin. Hunting in southern AZ requires a little more caution. A nice accurate bolt action and an AR in the same caliber makes sense. Not interested in mile shots or sub-sonic unless I plan to be a sniper, clandestine operator or illegal hunter. 200 meters is as far as I would expect the 300 Blackout to be effective for bringing down deer. Hunted with a 30-30 for years with an AR on my back for years. It worked fine but perhaps it’s time for something new.