Mossberg Tactical 464 SPX Lever Action

Mossberg has introduced a range of Mossberg 464 lever action rifles pimped out with picatinny rails, six position adjustable stock (including adjustable comb height), 3-dot fiber optic sights and flash suppressor.

While they look weird, and are more than a little “tacti-cool”, they are practical. For both hunting and self-defense being able to mount accessories, such as lasers or flashlights, makes perfect sense. The adjustable stock works as well on a lever action as a semi-automatic.

The rifles will be avalible in .22 LR (18″ barrel, 13+1 capacity) and .30-30 (16″ barrel, 5+1 capacity). There is also a “ZMB” model

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • mtptwo

    Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.

  • Lance

    Im old fashion on Lever Actions that just dose NOT look right. No wood whats wrong with them?

  • Matt G.

    Disgusting. A few rails here an there and a synthetic stock I could see as useful but the is just sick.

  • wright

    the adjustable stock is nice, but the rails are a joke.

  • JonMac

    Kill it with fire!

  • Doug

    See, I wouldn’t mind the rails, but the butt stock has got to go, tell me you can replace the adjustable stock with an traditional wood stock and I’d be interested.

  • Brian P.

    Haha! I want it, purely for the novelty.

  • Nater

    No. Just no.

  • Tycho2501

    *Inhale, raise finger

    *Lower finger, frown

    *Inhale sharper, raise finger higher

    *Lower finger, frown deeper

    *Clasp hands behind back, turn around and walk away muttering

  • jimmie

    It’s so pretty. When can I buy it?

  • Doug

    Ive long thought that this concept is a great idea. Make one in 357 mag and ill buy it.

  • Redjeepgirl

    I frew up a widdle..

    Why do people like collapsible AR stocks so much? I guess they don’t realize that they exist on ARs because of the nearly mandatory buffer tube.. I’d love to see a wood stocked lever rifle with some sort of light attachment as well, butt this wouldn’t be the way to do it.. All those metal edges will just catch on your clothing in the field anyways.

    • JamesD

      I frew up a wot!

  • Great, another rifle for the Mall Ninjas. What’s next, a Colt SAA with a picatinny rail?

    • Matt

      Nope the perfect companion for this monstrosity would be the M4-410 from USFA.

    • greasyjohn

      I’d probably buy a Vaquero with a rail, not gonna lie.

    • WeaponBuilder

      Sadly, I had an older customer in his 60’s who bought a Chiappa Rhino 357…

      He absolutely LOVED having a Picatinny Rail and Red Dot sight on his revolver! His aging eyes could once again shoot accurately, and hit his mark with ease!

      He LOVED having a picatinny rail on his Chiappa Rhino so much he HAD TO bring in his beautiful EARLY model Smith & Wesson 29 Revolver… Atop which he had a “Gunsmith” weld on a Picatinny Rail and mount a cheap $40 Red Dot… That beautiful early model S&W 29 with incredible bluing is now DESTROYED.

      Words could not describe the feeling of my heart sinking below my ankles and vomit creeping up my throat when I laid eyes upon it…

      There IS a market for these guns… Sign of the times… The end is nigh.

  • Spiros-Hellas

    It is about time for the new tactical katana,”mall ninja special”……fully customized with Hogue grips,an Eotech red dot, 3000 lumen flashlight and a flame thrower over the blade. Come on guys ,you can always improve a proven design, however this one looks like the franken-tactic-rifle !

  • AndyB

    Tactical has jumped the shark

  • Flounder

    Just…. LMAO!!!!!! I can only look at this with a laugh. Too many rails up front but I guess you can get rail covers.
    Maybe if it was in 357 or 44mag then It would be interesting… ooh… how about 454 casull!!!!! That way you can use your tacticool rifle ammo in that snubnosed tacticool revolver! πŸ˜€

    • Other Steve

      It could be chambered in the mythical 292 TROLL KILLER and this would not be OK.

    • El Duderino

      I would buy it in .454 Casull/.45 Colt in a heartbeat. It would kick HARD in such a light rifle of course. I read an analysis and the .454 is about on par with the old .45-90 round, popular with the buffalo hunter set (out of 10lb+ rifles)!

      I don’t get either caliber. I guess .22LR would be attractive to the guy I see at the range with the Hi-Point carbine, $79 Mosin-Nagant, and a couple Makarovs. But .30-30? Please.

  • Bandito7j62

    I’m just glad I am not the guy working the booth trying to convince people this rifle looks good.

  • Zach

    It’s a crime against nature.

  • Bill

    OMG What ugliness.

  • Deacon

    Straight out of Call of Duty… you’ve got to be kidding. I wonder how long it takes for someone to post youtube videos of themselves shooting two at once.

  • I knew y’all would hate it πŸ˜‰

    • JamesD

      Is there something worse than hate?

      • Abject loathing with a side of disgust?

      • JamesD

        Maybe if you up it to a full plate of disgust.

  • Jose Antonio

    I’ll stick to my old 1894, thanks.

  • Big Daddy

    They went just too far over that imaginary line you are never supposed to cross. Yes they crossed it.

    I guess if someone figures they can make some money they should try. The guy who is sitting in an office who thought this would be a good idea should go back to his old job cleaning the toilets at the company.

    I wonder how much money Mossberg is going to pay some producer of some action movie to use this POS? That will certainly insure some sales.

  • Victor

    That’s so wrong and in so many ways. Lever actions only look good with wood.

    • El Duderino

      I think that stainless lever guns with black synthetic stocks can look good. I know it’s popular with the big bore “Alaskan” style.

  • mosinman

    well as hideous as this is, it would be good for someone in kaliforina , due to the ten round limit…… as everyone else said, Β¨wheres the wood!

    • what really kills it for me is the stock though….. yuck! KISS.. keep it simple stupid!

    • Flounder

      The .22 variant is not legal in California (10rd limit even for rimfires) and I don’t know anyone from there who actually shoots 30-30 (most prefer pistols or neutered AR/AK variants). Just my personal thoughts on your point. It could very well turn out to be a big seller in California.

    • Max Archer

      The thing is, there are CA legal autoloaders that would be a much better option than this. I guess you get a collapsible stock that you couldn’t have on a semiauto, but it’s not really going to be usable without it extended, and there are guns available in CA that can fold up in such a way that they’re legal. (Kel-Tec SU-16 comes to mind.)

      Autoloaders aside, if I wanted a tacticool’d manual loader, I’d much rather go with one of the “scout” style folding bolt actions out there. It seems like that’d be a much more practical piece than this, and would allow for a detachable mag and a pistol grip.

    • Cymond

      Californians can have telescoping stocks and all of those ‘evil’ features on a semi-auto as long as it doesn’t have a removable magazine. The SKS it a good example. It’s allowed to be removable with a tool, just not with bare hands. Hence, several companies have developed locks for magazine releases that convert firearms (AR, AK, FS2000, PS90, Mini14, SCAR, Thompson, CX4, Sub2000, etc) into fixed-magazine designs. They prevent the magazine release from being hit without the use of a tool. Yeah, it’s slow and awkward, but it’s still better than reloading single rounds through a receiver port.

      Also, tube-fed 22’s are exempt from the 10-round capacity limit in California. “A large capacity magazine is defined as any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds but shall not include any .22 caliber tube ammunition feeding device.”

  • hojo

    next they should offer a flintlock blunderbuss with tactical rails and a polymer stock. It couldn’t be any uglier. At least it’s Mossberg though.

    • Oh, man, you just know that somebody is now going to make a tacticool flintlock.

  • Fugly!

    • JamesD

      Now I don’t have to say it!

  • cottage cheese


  • schizuki


  • Jurgen

    Don’t consider myself a stuck in blue & walnut true believer. I do think that levers have merit as a general purpose/self defense carbine. But this is a worthless abomination. Ok, you can explain to me the need to attach all kinds of tacticool geegaws to the front. But what about the worthless stock? Defines “jumped the shark.”

    I hope we can expect better from the Shotshow.

  • That is just sooooo wrong!

  • J Purdy

    Oh god, kill it with fire! Seriously? I thought those double barrel(side by side) rail adapters were bad.

  • JamesD

    Look on the bright side… the ugly stock draws your attention away from the flash suppressor (top photo)… none of you even mentioned it.

    • JamesD

      I guess that must be the ZMB (zombie) model.

  • Mike

    So…. no mandatory drug testing at Mossberg…
    I want to laugh, cry and vomit.

  • Bob

    Haha I didn’t even know Mossberg made a lever gun. Looks sort of like a 94!

  • Jake

    There is no reason, ever, in which this makes sense. This is horrible.

  • Rangefinder

    Mossberg please pattern your tactical lever action after the model 1895 and not the 1894. At least that way I can have a box magazine and chamber .30-06.

  • Sian

    You know they had to think, “This thing just isn’t complete without an A2-style flash hider.

    That’s what I love about Mossberg. The willingness to go absolutely all the way, even if it means Full Retard.

    • DW

      At least they didn’t put a can on it.
      Oh wait, that may be a good idea…

      • JMD

        The threaded muzzle is the only redeeming feature.

  • JT

    This would be the perfect weapon for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

  • CM

    I can understand a ghost ring sight, maybe a place to attach a light, but this is so friggen wrong on so many levels.

    The only way anyone could love this would be if it inspired Josh Whedon to make another Firefly/Serenity movie

  • Vhyrus

    That thing without a pistol grip looks….. wrong……… very wrong…. Like if a Tapco AK and a model 1894 had drunken sex and the 1894 gave birth, this is what it would look like. The English language has never failed me so much as it is right now.

  • Vhyrus

    I will say that if this turns out to be EXTREMELY light (like sub 3 pounds) then there is a chance of this redeeming itself.

    An outside chance but a chance.

  • Yet with all those rails… they didn’t put one on top so one could mount a Red Dot to go with the AFG.

  • alphaorca75

    The guy in the photo just applied for a sales job at Mossberg. This is his interview. If he can convince ANYONE to buy this abortion…he gets the job. Good luck pal.

  • juice

    Put the chainsaw grip on it!

  • Charlie

    My eyes, my eyes!!!!!!! Benjamin Tyler Henry and John Browning are spinning in their graves. The machines have won. It’s the terminator .30-30. Will the madness never stop? I guess not because some nimrod will buy one. What a maroon!

  • tommy2rs

    Chainsaw shotgun, then the tactical boomstick and now this. Did Budk buy out Mossberg? Are they ramping up for a new tacticool Evil Dead movie? Seriously, inquiring rednecks want to know.

  • Rusty RAy

    That faint buzzing sound you can hear is The Duke getting up to about 7000 rpm.

    Cheers- Rusty

  • Ian

    I can’t not smile looking at this thing. It’s like the Pontiac Aztek.

    • JamesD

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I had blocked the Aztec out of my mind and you brought it back! You are pure evil!

      Ya know… I was car shopping and I actually witnessed someone buying an Aztec. I was tempted to ask them if they had a Gremlin or a Pacer in high school.

      I guess that means someone will actually buy Mossberg’s ugly sticks too.

      • James



  • Judge

    That’s a freak lol

  • David

    Ya know, if I could get a standard looking synthetic stock and lose the M4 style stock, I would honestly be interested, it is kinda cool

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I guess this THING is designed by the same men who made the Chainsaw forearm …

  • Matt

    Did you hear about Mossberg’s next project? It’s a Sharps rifle with a 16″ barrel chambered in .300 blackout. It’s got a black synthetic, folding, adjustable stock and full quad rails with the chainsaw style front grip and the roadblocker muzzlebrake.

  • uuummmm, what? why? wtf?

  • I want to see a similar adjustable stock put onto one of their shotguns. With the tang safety the pistol grip adjustable stocks just don’t work very well. An adjustable stock that still gives the traditional position for your hand makes it very friendly for common use between long & short armed folks.

  • They should have gone with an AK underfolder stock.

  • Phil

    Looks like it belongs on that show firefly.

    • hojo

      Firefly is the best show evar, and I see no reason to utter it’s hallowed name in the same sentence as this monstrosity.

  • eric

    Sooo, let me get this straight… this is like Gunsmoke in the hood right? Next ther will be stagecoach drive by’s…
    I can see my horse with picatinni rails attached..

  • cc19

    So we have a tactical double barrel, and now this. What’s next? A tactical Single Action Army?

  • JamesD

    If you are going to take things that far you have to go with a folding stock of some kind.

  • JamesD

    Well, Mossberg can take comfort in the fact that their firearm will be a key prop in the new indie, direct to SyFy, post apocalyptic thriller ‘Cowboys vs Zombies’.

  • Bman

    Typical ..I posted that I liked it and my post magically doesn’t show up. Guess you have to tow the party line to post here.

    • Bandito7j62

      Yes it is a conspiracy to silence your opinion… oh wait it seems that your comment about being censored got posted. Seems like sloppy conspiracy work Steve.

    • Bman

      You must be daft. My other comment wasn’t posted. You must work for the ATF or IRS… Can’t do the math!

  • Jim Williams

    Cool. But wierd. Really, really wierd.

  • bullzebub

    i kind of like it. I would prefer a lightweight polymer forearm and rails on TOP of the rifle for a red dot or something.

  • Brandon

    I’m waiting for someone to manufacture tacticool muzzle loaders. Brown Bess: Magpul MOE Edition!

    • James

      I will tell you one thing right now that i hope they never come out with a semi auto in this gun… jsut amagine the carnage of the SEMI-AUTO 30-30…YOU PEOPLE KILL ME DOWNING THING YOU HAVENT EVEN TRIED SHOOTING YET!!!! I SAY GREAT JOB MOSSBERG AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Mossberg is clearly targeting “niche” markets with this thing. Niche markets created purely by poorly thought-out legislation. Note:

    – There is no pistol grip.

    – They are not semi-auto.

    Anyway, I digress. I doubt they will sell very many of these in the US.

    But in much of the rest of the world, semi-auto rifles or rifles in “military” calibers are just plain illegal for civilians to own. These lever guns are neither, and the first such guns to be offered in full tacti-cool guise.

    Personally, to borrow a phrase from my father, “I think they’re so ugly I wouldn’t hit a dog in the ass with one”. But I expect them to sell a truckload of them in the UK for example.

    FWIW, current California legislation doesn’t have a problem with semi-auto firearms, as long as they don’t have >10rnd mags & pistol grips. The Kel-Tec SU16 and the good old SKS are examples of popular CA-compatible semi-autos. I’d link to the wikipedia article on their poorly named “assault weapons points system” that classifies firearms as assult weapons based on various scary features such as threaded muzzles & pistol grips, but wikipedia is blacked out at the moment due to another piece of poorly thought-out legislation.

    • JamesD

      From a pure functionality standpoint…

      The flash suppressor, fiber optic sights, ability to mount a flashlight or laser, magazine capacity, and rate of fire are all reasonable for home or self defense.

      Lever action firearms are commonly suggested as a possible survival firearm. I’ve never seen one at the top of a list but they are on many lists.

      An adjustable stock may make a firearm more comfortable for different sized family members.

      But personally…

      I really don’t have an objection to the flash hider if the manufacturer includes a ring to protect the threads if the owner decides to take the suppressor off to make it look more conventional. Like at the range.

      I’ve never cared for fiber optic sights. I’d rather just have the glowing dots than the ugly little pieces of plastic.

      I don’t see the need to mount more than a flashlight or laser on a lever action… the rails are overkill. A small rail at the bottom front of the forearm similar to what you see on pistols would suffice.

      If you want a hunting oriented defense rifle that doesn’t break the bank, a lever action 30-30 isn’t a bad choice. AR, AK or SKS? My AR-10 is great, but it’s way more expensive. An AR-15 probably isn’t the most practical firearm for deer hunting. And I wouldn’t exactly call an AK or SKS a deer rifle. A lever gun isn’t as quick to reload as a detachable magazine but with practice you can feed extra rounds in at any time and it’s certainly faster than a bolt action.

      If you want an adjustable length of pull, the approach taken with the Ruger Gunsight Scout would certainly be more aesthetically pleasing.
      Really, they could have adapted a wood stock and achieved the desired result without completely ruining the look of the rifle.

      Bottom line…
      I think the basic idea has some merit but the implementation is horrible. And frankly, I think the bag will get in the way.

  • SpudGun

    I think you should all be ashamed for mocking the latest offerings from Mossberg. The world needs laughter.

  • After thinking about this for a bit, I’d say the thing that irks me the most about these is that Mossberg just took their very traditional-looking levergun receiver and bolted a bunch of tacticool stuff to it.

    If there is enough market potential for them to develop a non-semi-auto non-pistol grip tactical-style rifle, personally I think they should have devoted enough resources to the project to actually *do something new and innovative* rather than make this bastard AR-1894 thing almost entirely from their existing parts bins.

    The Beretta U22 Neos, for example, is an interesting modern take on the very traditional 22LR hunting pistol. They commissioned Giugiaro to design it, it’s made in the USA, and it integrates an accessory rail across the full length of the gun in a very clean way. It feels a lot better made than $250 worth of pistol. It might not be the best looking gun in the world but its ergonomics are excellent & it works great. Unlike almost every other hunting-barrel 22LR semi-auto pistol I evaluated, it handles hypervelocity ammo without any trouble at all.

    Now, imagine if Mossberg had applied the same kind of clean-sheet-of-paper design thinking to the “we need a product to fit the tactical carbine market where normal tactical carbines are illegal” problem. Were it up to me I would have started with a hunting slide action available in lots of calibers like the Remington 7600 and incorporate it into a compact bullpup design with a full-length top rail (as well as the requisite side rails etc) and a fixed stock with recoil-reducer. Such a weapon might actually be useful in real tactical situations and perhaps get some commercial traction in police depts etc. (“tacti-cred”, if you will). It’s not like Mossberg doesn’t have plenty of experience with slide actions…

    But they went with the least expensive option by slapping tactical parts on their existing traditional lever action receiver, and we see the result… Clearly the target market is “tacti-cool” and not “tactical”; I don’t see anything about a levergun that fits the 21st-century definition of “tactical”. I love my Marlin 39 Century Octagon dearly but if I had to pick one gun for a home-defense situation it would be a Kel-Tec KSG.

    As other posters have said though, they’ll certainly get a few of these monstrosities into cowboys vs. aliens sci-fi movies :-).

    • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

      A clean sheet approach usually means twice the price. You cant compare it to a rim fire so that is idiotic. 3030 is abundant and low recoil and unlike your Kel-Tec, this will do more than simple home defense. The 3030 outperforms the 5.56 dramatically at practical ranges and is offered by every manufacturer. With Lrverevolution ammo it embarrasses the 7.62x 39 as well, coming close to venerable rounds like the 303 brit. The high end tactical rout is well traveled with many options. Mossberg has always provided less expensive alternatives. Unlike Remington, Mossberg does not have slide action center fire RIFLE experience. Unless you want to stay with a 3030 or pistol rounds their shotgun action wont work(cant use modern rifle rounds in a tube mag). A box magazine would require a complete redoux. The 500 action wont stand up to real rifle pressures either. The 7600 concept is a good Idea but it need not be the only one. Let Remington build their own and we both know it would be a lot more expensive. Of course it makes sense to use existing components to offer as many products as possible. Think of the serviceability alone. That is why Chevrolet dominates the automotive world.

  • JamesD
  • John Doe

    Can I get one with a EOTech, a grip-pod, and a custom Call of Duty stock? This begs for it, so I can play Call of Duty when I’m not playing Call of Duty.

  • Netforce

    Not bad at all.

    • James

      O dont get me startede on the CHAINSAW…. The chain saw was BADASS!!!! you must have poor taste when it comes to guns….

  • Burkefett

    I was going to post something witty, but I’ll settle for laughing my ass off at the massive horde of negative comments. All jokes aside, I’ve lost just about all of my respect for Mossberg between this and the “Chainsaw.” I’m going to start a charitable foundation that buys these, throws all the tactical furniture away, restores them properly with wood, and sets them free in the wild where they belong.

  • Will

    The way i see it, this is a tactical option to places like the People’s republik of kalifornia. I believe this was mentioned before, but as a reminder this gun lacks a pistol grip and is not semi auto (plus im not sure if 30-30 counts as a military cartridge and if not then that makes it even more applicable overseas), therefore it stays out of purview of “assault weapon” laws. As for the chainsaw…well…there’s no excuse (but if mall ninjas will buy it, invent away…), but this actually might be relief to people who live in rather harsh lawed countries and states.

    • Yep, here’s the wiki article:

      Specifically, there’s an exception in the 10rnd limit for fixed tubular magazines on lever actions. So I think we can safely say that this is the only CA-legal “tactical” 22LR rifle with a >10rnd magazine.

      By reading the article I find that tracers are banned in CA too (presumably on the assumption that they start fires? The mind boggles…).

      30-30 is certainly not “military” under e.g. France’s laws. The “military caliber” provision was put in place after WWII in order to collect all the military weapons & ammo in civilian possession after the war, and these days serves as an additional legal tool in the rare case of illicitly acquired police or military weapons.

  • Michael

    This is when you know that tactical Kool-Aid has hit critical mass.

    • Thomas M.

      Everyone even remotely involved in this needs to be fired.

  • Scott

    Let’s be honest – basically nobody is going to buy this. Mossberg knew that when it was designing it. But how many people knew that Mossberg made lever action rifles before this came out? I didn’t. I’m 90% sure that this was just a ploy to bring attention to their normal 464 line.

    • oldscratch4

      One year+ after your post and they can’t keep the “464 spx” on shelves (even before Sandy-Hook). Still think no one will buy them?
      Btw, this is the greatest all-around truck gun I have ever owned (out of many).

  • Ivan


  • ScottO

    Rails don’t make it tactical. I wouldn’t mind one of these at all for use on my ATV or horseback. I have a Ruger All-Weather and this could be a great option to that for brush. And if you are going to make it synthetic, it might as well be rails since it all comes out the same.

  • hunter27

    for one i think it looks great an i would rather have the 464 spx over some parts kit simi any day. lets say your not old enugh to get a pistol or you just dont like one and you would like to cary somthing with you in the the back seat or the trunk and your going to a state like new york that dosent alow simi rifles ya you could take a shot gun but what if you want somthing with more distence i rather have that then just a bolt gun with no iron sights and i would rather have that then no gun i could put a light on if needed and i rather have that then nothing at all. i know there are alot of you that still hang on to grand dads gun and thinks it great dont get me rong they are love them but come on time to let go a little. in my airea out side of pittsburgh im in the country its dark as hell when night time comes and my wife is a smaller women and i leve my glock 19 home with her for safty because there are alot of drug problum people in my airea if i dont have anything for me for when i go to work or when i want to go hunting this gun would work for me better then a crapy simi rifle. look this economy is not great right now and what if it did collapse in know grab ak or ar come on realy then you have to wory about losing clips and jams and what caliber would be better to defend your family with and what are you going to do with a .223 if you have to hunt for food not mutch and for the ak fan the ak round is just about the same as the 30-30 and the 30-30 isent a cheap parts kit eather. what about a big mob of looters pleas if your that close to them dont you think you shouldent have ben there to begin with lol. and you know what if a soldier sees some one with and asult rifle and one with a lever action rifle side by side or a cop sees one of the two what one do you think they are going to cunsider a bigger threat? all im saying this rifle to me is perfect for what im looking for it looks great i can slap a light on it for when im walking out of the woods at night draging a deer and dont have to wory about holding a flash light to i can use it to pertect my self going and coming home and to work and i can say it would do just fine in a shtf alot better then a shotgun and most of them simi out there. mossberg did a gerat job im going to get one and if people dont like it o fing well thats there 2 cents of nothing people p me off some thimes because there is not a perfect gun for every one well this is close to mine i hate guns with just scope mounts what if your scope messes up your scrude or what if your out playing j i joe with your simi and your mags break or the caliber that you use is not what your coll of duty mindes thought is was going to be like when the real stuff gose down and you wish you had a hunting caliber or this gun ges what you cant just run to wal mart or your local gun shop and pick one up or what ever is rong with your simi. im done people just dont think i rather have this then older stile wood because i can put what i need on it un like the wood. great job mossberg i love going to pick one up im out.

    • troll

      I, for one, think you should finish high school.

    • Ryan

      While I’ll admit I do agree with a lot of the things you said Hunter, your apparent hatred for the English language and lack of any kind of grammar-related education has earned your post a down vote from me, based solely on the headache I received from trying to decipher those hyroglyphs you called words.

  • Scott

    Ok people… lighten up. It’s not like they stopped selling lever actions with wood stocks or anything.
    I was at the show yesterday and held this gun. It was pretty comfortable and I liked being able to adjust the length of pull. I came away being more impressed than I had expected to be when I saw a photo of it the day before. It looks like a fun option for those who like lever actions but don’t hunt (although hunting with it would still be viable). I could see it being a good gun for backpacking, camping or other outdoors activities where you don’t want to have to worry about damaging the finish on a wood stock. Lever actions also have a less threatening rep in areas where anti gunners rule the roost.

    Turning a lever action into a tactical rifle is not a new idea. Small town police forces have been doing it for years because quality AR’s cost big bucks. You can still find prison guards using them now.

    Remember, the lever action was once pretty common on various battlefields (Civil War, Spanish Civil War) not to mention as a multi use firearm out on the American plains. If they had the option to trick out their rifles with a light or other accessory they would have loved it. If the price were right, I would probably buy one.

    As for the chainsaw forearm on the shotgun. It too has a purpose although much more specialized. The way I see it, if you are a cop or a soldier and you need to breach a door, that chainsaw forearm gives you a few more inches of distance from the point of impact and your face. If I had to risk being showered with debris from a destroyed wooden door frame and bits of metal, I would want to have as much distance as I could get. The chainsaw grip allows for that and helps you keep the weapon steady against the door frame. That said, if you are just some dude that wants one for looks then Mossberg gets to make a few bucks on your stupidity. It is cumbersome to hold the forearm in the normal way with it on and it would take up quite a bit of room in a gun safe when installed.

  • Matt

    I think it’s pretty pitiful to scroll through all these negative comments. Ranging from people saying all those involved in the gun’s invention should be fired to calling people stupid for buying it.

    Has everyone forgotten what shooting is really all about? When done safely, shooting is a great way to relax and just plain have fun. Regardless of experience, skill or weapon of choice. People sit on here and post how they can’t stand people who are anti-gun and yet they tear down this gun and all who might enjoy without so much as a second thought. If we can’t even stop tearing at each others throats, then my God, we’ve done more damage than any anti-gun group can.

    Overall, if you don’t like the gun, don’t purchase it. Personally, I’m not very interested in the gun myself, but never would I go and degrade the gun itself or anyone who is thinking of enjoying their right to shoot one.

    • Jeff

      AMEN Matt!!!!!!!!

      Don’t ya think that as much and serious of a threat / attack our 2nd Amendment rights are under these days that ALL gun enthusiasts of ALL flavors should be in 110% support of ALL other responsible gun owners / enthusiasts as well as ALL firearms manufacturers who produce safe arms of ANY kind??

      Sure everyone is entitled to opinions and we all love to express them, but to verbally assault ANYONE who’s ultimately on the same side of the fence as ourselves in the bigger MUCH more important picture here, is just pure foolishness and I’d say you’re NOT paying enough attention to the subtle shift in mindset and attitude towards your neighbors and fellow countrymen that has been cunningly pushed by Hollywood and the main stream media for decades now. If you don’t see these subtle but very constant “Dived and Conquer” tactics, you’re NOT paying close enough attention!

      Matt is 100% right that if pro 2nd Amendment people as a whole are going attack each other over relatively trivial issues, what does that say for our chances of truly standing together against the brutal and continuous attacks that seek to disarm us all?? THINK ABOUT IT CAREFULLY!!

      It’s time we all take a step back in this regard, take a 40,000ft. view of the entire forest more often, and stop worrying so much about which individual trees are a little better or worse in our own opinions. Otherwise we’ll soon find the entire forest on fire and burning to the ground.

      United We Stand – Divided We Fall!!!

      • Jeff

        P.S. – For what it’s worth, while I think these new rifles do look a little “odd” for a traditional American rifle with such a rich history, I’m one who loves the tactical stuff in general and I think they may prove to be a fun and great little rifle for a lot of people. Personally I won’t be rushing out to buy one myself because I have at least 5 other firearms purchases on my wishlist that I consider a higher priority personally. One of which is VERY high consideration is the Mossberg 930 SPX

        Mossberg is a longtime and so far as I know, well respected firearms manufacturer and does NOT (in my humble opinion) deserve to be bashed, scolded, or disrespected in ANY fashion by ANYONE in the the firearms community simply because you don’t fancy their latest offering. Nobody is forcing you to buy one, and certainly nobody is forcing you to trade in something you already own for one.

        Offer your opinions…. great!! That’s what ALL businesses need from consumers to improve and stay on top. Disrespecting and bashing just because you opinion differs from another is generally NEVER a productive or intelligent use of ones time and energy!!

        If gun owners can’t even play nice with each other, is it any wonder there are those who want to take away our toys and make us sit in the corner?

  • Joshua

    I’ve been reading all these comments about, why they had to add rails, or mossberg please fix it. But if you recall the original M16 didn’t have rails, it didn’t have an A3 flat top upper, most modern bolt action sniper rifles, started from just hunting rifles. So I say screw, all the nay sayers, run with it Mossberg, but please quit stealing my ideas!, and if your going to atleast make some with the Marlin 336 style rail with the ghost rings, and maybe a few more calibers, than just .22lr and 30-30, like .357/.38, .44mag/.44spc, .45colt/.45acp/.410. Hell I’d like to see some in 9mm, .40s&w, and the .45acp, if it can be done.

  • mytram59

    If you like this rifle, go out and buy yourself one. If you don’t like this rifle, DON’T go out and buy yourself one. It really is that simple folks.

  • Will

    That looks horrendous. They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. I hope no one buys these.

  • Paunch

    I would love to have one, take the flash hider off put a suppressor on it hand load some sub-sonic ammo, since it is a manually operated gun any way I think it would make a good suppressed rifle.
    P.S. maybe a scout rail set up that still has an iron sight capability.

  • Forbes

    This gun is fantastic! Before I read about it I was never big on lever actions but I really want to buy this one now. Haters are gona hate but this gun is amazing

  • marty

    Me And my son think its a great idea and already want one for when we are beating the brush on deer drives and such that way we save are pretty wood ones from the abuse. Thumbs up Mossberg!!!

  • Jake

    I want one only so years from now I can prove it wasn’t photoshopped.

  • Phil

    I’m buying one. I think it’s a little cartoonish, but I think guys with decked-out AR’s waiting for the apocalypse are equally cartoonish. What I see here is a good quality lever-action, furniture that won’t need any care, some conversational appeal, and a fun little rig that’s accurate, low-maintenance, frugal on ammo and easy to purchase. Exactly what I was looking for in a fun gun to work the range with my kids (oh – I’m 44, and have no other mall ninja gear, so you can go back to stocking your bomb shelter without thinking you’re talking to a neophyte).

  • Steve

    I am looking only at lever rifles in 30-30 at this point. My problem is unique in dealing with birth defects so I am looking to find a way to mount a vertical grip to the midd forearm area and obviously this rifle would make that possible. I may hath to go with this rifle but I don’t want to. First this is a 16″ and I would rather have 18″ or 20″. Second wood stocks look less threatening when transporting. However I have struggled for 38 years with controlling any rifle and I am determined to end the struggle so this rifle will remain a very strong possibility for a purchase. I am thinking with the new 30-30 rubber pointed full ammo that increases accuracy on even longer shots the 16″ length should no longer be an issue. Patience and a little more researching!

  • bill


  • Ron

    I’ll take one. Works for the hunter gatherer, and most guns work for self defense. Nice end of the world piece. Sure lots like to reconfigure their firearms, so go ahead. I wish it was a 45-70. Makes me think I might just get one modified. Just need rails, wood screws and dark ebony stain. Also a good political response to scary black rifles.

  • bigdick

    american rifleman just mentioned the 464 SPX in their latest issue, so i thought i’d check it out…reading these comments of all the “purists” lets me know that mossberg got it right…when all the “purists” trash a product, like rails or “tactical double-barrels”, it’s usually because their budgets don’t allow for anything new, so they badmouth anything but their tried-and-true ownings…an ex-cop friend of mine swears by colt and winchester and remington, and slams stoeger and taurus and kimber and anything synthetic or composite…he is a dinosaur, and thinks like a dinosaur…and we all know where the dinosaurs went…INTO OUR GAS TANKS!!! thank god for innovation…AND evolution!!!

    • JonMac

      That’s some pretty strange logic – because some people on the internet trash a product means it must be good? OK.

      Likewise, American Rifleman’s opinion is just that. AR, in common with most industry mags, never actually produces a negative review of a product.

      The argument that ‘we’ complain about things because ‘we’ can’t afford them is pretty odd. You’ll find a range of people commenting and following this blog, from not-so-well-off people to six-figure salaried types, to industry professionals who could obtain one of these guns by just picking up the phone.

      It’s also pretty strange to harp on about innovation, when the product in question is a ‘tactical’ makeover of a 120-year-old gun.

      Purism is one thing, but this weapon is an answer to a question that no-one asked. Ask yourself: regardless of the dubious and incongruous aesthetics, what actual advantage do these changes afford?

      • BiggHoss18

        As I had previously stated on another post (as far as function these changes provide): This gun has more than enough reasons to be like this. Guarantee it’s more durable than it’s predecessor as far as how roughly you can handle it and how the finish takes the damage. Also, a good flashlight and laser light would be optimal when hog hunting in the night time when you don’t have all the time in the world to take aim. Furthermore this would make a good youth gun as the length of pull is adjustable and the finish can take anything a irresponsible youth can throw at it as well as appeal to the “tacticool” youth. I for one love appealing firearms to the youth and keeping them interested in all forms of shooting. The youth is the future and the future needs to be fortified to love and respect their second amendment rights.

    • bigdick

      wow…really??? the purists actually continue to read this and neg the comments that don’t agree with them…hilarious…oh, well, another website to avoid!!! HA!!!

      • JonMac

        Feel free. I’m not so much ‘continuing to read this’ as following a link in an email I was automatically sent when you necro-commented this blog entry.

        Why did you comment if you didn’t want a response?

        As for clicking ‘negative’, I see that you have done exactly the same thing to my post, so I’m not sure that you have much in the way of moral high ground.

  • Archie

    It would be nice in .357 magnum with a top rail to mount a red dot sight. I would be fine with both a traditional synthetic fixed stock and full 18 or 20″ length for better ammo capacity.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I want it but want it in .357 ~ would make a great ranch rifle chasing off coyotes at night with a flashlight / laser attached – but it’s got to be 357/38 so I can match my revolver to it. 1 box of ammo, 2 guns.

  • Goprotex

    I love it
    It reminds me of the terminator
    But you got to admit
    Remember the good ol days of hunting hogs with your dads 30-30 well now you can put flashlights and lasers on
    Yall prob think im dumb but i love it and im saving up for when they are on the market

  • Fun and Gun

    lol I want……in 35.
    Remmington plz

  • jeff

    I just bought a 10/22 with an ATI stock on it and it came with a bunch of rails that I will never use. I decided to glue them to my red rider along with a plasticware bayonet, a crappy red dot sight, and covering it with digital camo tape. Then I will have a tactical red rider!

  • halfway

    I hate it!

    Now I will have to buy an original lever action rifle and this “tacticool” one. πŸ˜›

  • MrTokarev

    So Mossburg has started letting mall ninjas into R&D meetings?

    Seriously though, this is an ugly POS. Even more than that, it’s as impractical as putting a bayonet on a pistol. But I guess some people will buy anything with rails, a collapsible stock and a black paint job.

    I think there’s a relevant idiom related to fool’s and their money…

    • BiggHoss18

      This gun has more than enough reasons to be like this. Guarantee it’s more durable than it’s predecessor as far as how roughly you can handle it and how the finish takes the damage. Also, a good flashlight and laser light would be optimal when hog hunting in the night time when you don’t have all the time in the world to take aim. Furthermore, this would make a good youth gun as the length of pull is adjustable and the finish can take anything a irresponsible youth can throw at it as well as appeal to the “tacticool” youth. I for one love appealing firearms to the youth and keeping them interested in all forms of shooting. The youth is the future and the future needs to be fortified to love and respect their second amendment rights.

  • Marko

    Im buying one for sure …. I don care if its (( tacticool )) or not !!!
    Some of you guys don’t even know how to dress or even comb your hair , and you want to criticize the aesthetics of a rifle !
    Most of you lame asses are sheep so you go along with everybody else , just to let you know old school is out and never coming back !

    • Nater

      It says it all when people that cannot “comb their hair or dress themselves” can see right away how ugly this rifle is. An M4 with wood and brass furniture would look pretty ridiculous, ditto for this abortion.


    I’m not sure what everyone is so upset about. This is a rock solid, traditional lever action 30-30. The only difference here is that Mossberg has made the gun more practical and less pretty. What’s wrong with a stock that you can adjust for different sized people? That adjustable cheek pad would be really nice if you decided to put a scope on the rifle. Say you’re out hunting and it gets dark? That flashlight sure would be nice…

    I just don’t see why everyone hates this rifle so much. You’d think lever action enthusiasts would be excited that a company has decided to market their beloved lever gun to younger people who may never have tried a lever action rifle because they’re for ‘old people’.

    • Lcpl USMC

      I am a well traveled 84-88 marine, who has shot numerous tactical weapons in many different country’s! I agree with LT! This gun is light, very adjustable for the shootist! The fiber optic sights gather optimum light particles. I’ve mounted a side mount, flash lite. Wow be ware critters at night. Makes a great 100 yard brush gun, despite the lack of calibers to choose from. I’d rate this gun 8 out of ten on the shooters scale! Semper Fi!

  • James

    I own this gun and I will tell you this right now, this lever action is AWESOME!!! Its light weight, I love the adjustable stock ( which i take my kids out shooting it and it adjust to a childs size, and i actually love the rails on it…firts a flash light VERY WELL.!!! I do agree that mossberg should produce more than one caliber in this rifle….espically .22, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .45 LC, .410, .38/.357!!! I would buy all!!!

    O FYI BLAKE: You are the dumb ass ANTI-GUN people that i find on the news cause you got shot and killed cause you only are allowed to carry a 9 round magizine. Did you ever think that if you where about to be mugged by 10 people that you would be FUCKED!!! Thats what i love about OHIO ( i can posses a 33rd mag and feel perpared if a attacker(s) come my way)…. California is nothing but a bunch of DOPE SMOKING LIBERALS and i cant wait till it breaks apart from the country and sinks in the sea…maybe it will get rid of some people like you filling seats in our government. If you dont like it then dont buy it but just like my father told me and i will tell you ” dont knock it till you TRY (shoot it) it. And I never really like a government holding my hand when it comes to RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS EITHER….SO DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!!!

    • Peek-A-Boo

      I have quite a few friends who are all about magazine capacity (I’m retired military and former SWAT/HRT). I love them dearly, so don’t take offense at my words. Their scenarios are always far-fetched. Same as yours. Let’s keep things in the real world, okay? Your scenario: ten muggers, huh? Take my Dan Wesson, it holds six. I’d only need one per target (ya’ can’t beat a 96% one-shot stop). I start shooting . . . and the fact that they start dropping one after another just doesn’t bother them one bit? And now it’s down to four muggers, undeterred by the deaths of the other six? An M60 wouldn’t help me. Wouldn’t help you, either. And how far away would they be that you’d have the opportunity, and time, to drop them all with your over-sized magazine? Get off the high-capacity treadmill, friend. Tons of ammo won’t make any of us invincible. In your scenario, are they yelling at you from two blocks away? Maybe demanding your money through a bullhorn? By the way, I’m a Hoosier, and we’re every bit as passionate as you Buckeyes are about the 2nd Amendment. Happy hunting.

  • MachineGun

    i think its awesome. i like walnut stocks but i like synthetic too. my purpose for this gun would be as a super handi truck/scout gun for shtf/hunting/survival situation.
    competition: ruger gunsite and savage 10 fcm in .308, ak-47/saiga/sks in 7.62×39/mini thirty, ARs/mini 14/su-16, 9mm and .357/38 pistol caliber carbines.
    i like the possibility of a foldable stock and verticle front grip . can someone tell me its OALength and the balistics of 30-30 and leverevolution in 16 inch barrel?

  • Emil

    This gun is awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on the ZMB (zombie) model later this year. For those who don’t like the rifle, get over it!

  • Emil

    This gun is cool and I can’t wait to get my hands on the ZMB (zombie) model later this year. For those that don’t like it, get over it!

  • thomas

    were can i buy the zmb 30-30 anyone know

    • Emil had one last time i looked.

      • Anthony

        Sorry… Bought the last one!!!

  • bigaxe

    I guess that I am just an old cowboy dinosaur, because I prefer the looks of the old brass frame, octagon barrel lever action. That being said, I will be purchasing one for my son, as soon as I can find one. If this is what it takes to get him in the woods with me, so be it.

  • Bob


    -Folding Stock
    -Better AR Style rails for optics
    -.44 mag or .357 options

    Bout time for a tacti-cool lever action

  • Micah

    Man that thing is UGLY but I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m a big fan of leverguns and I’ve always thought a “tactical-ish” lever action would be cool. I even thought of buying a beater gun and try my hand at building one – unfortunately I don’t have the time or talent.
    I think this one does need a picatinny rail on top for a red dot scope. I’d also prefer if it were chambered in it .44 or .357 mag as well. But honestly, if I could find one I’d buy it as is.

  • Robert

    Personally I’d buy this, and I’d buy another if they made a 12Ga variant.

  • scmp

    I have just discovered this rifle while looking for lever action rifles.

    I like it but I’m a bit disappointed because it could have been the perfect scout rifle:
    – lose side and bottom rails
    – put a forward top rail for red dot or LER scope
    – make it in 308 with a box/detachable mag
    – sell it for a bit less than Ruger Scout

    That way it could be everything the Ruger Scout is but with better ergonomics and fast lever action.

    I’ll get one anyway; it must be a lot of fun.

    • Cole

      Anyone who doesn’t like this gun, obvioulsy hasn’t shot it. It’s a small and light. It’s kick is very comperable to my Mossberg 500 with 2 3/4 inch birdshot. It’s accurate for a short rifle. All you traditionalists need to realize that most things change within 150 years of it’s existance. Cars have changed. People have changed. Even our houses have changed. Most change is for the better, this is included in that good change.

    • Flyingvlover

      How are you going to have a detachable mag with a lever gun w/o redesigning the entire gun if its even possible?

      Be realistic and informed.

      Also, 308 rounds would have to be plastic tipped hornady only to be safe since the mag is tube.

      A gun chambered in .357 or .44, with a hollow buttstock to store other SHTF essentials AND a rail ontop for easily mountable optics should be doable by mossberg with little to no R & D investment and a huge ROI!

      • scmp

        I was thinking 308 with detachable mag like BLR (Browning) so it is possible. Yeah I was unrealistic but you seem a bit uninformed. I agree that that would mean to re-engineer the entire rifle at high cost. At any rate, the 357 or 44 idea you mention would make this a pretty cool rifle.

      • Steven

        lol google Winchester model 88… I own one, its a lever action .308 with a detachable mag πŸ™‚

        Also, this 464 looks amazing, it just got bumped to the top of my must own list!

      • Ronbo

        I emailed Mossberg with the same comment. Make this gun in .357 and it will fly off the shelves!

      • BordertownDevil

        Ever hear of a Winchester 1895? Internal box magazine and chambered in 30-40 Krag, 30-06, and 405 Win. Teddy Roosevelt called the 405 “big medicine on lion” on his famous African safari with his son Kermit just after he left the Presidency and the ’95’s release. I have one (a beautiful take down version in a case hardened finish) in 30-06 and the internal box mag works flawlessly.

        • BordertownDevil

          This one is the reissue of the saddle ring carbine and is even drilled and tapped for a Lyman flashlight mount, perfect for night time hog hunting!

        • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

          Those were a lot more expensive to manufacture. I think Mossberg is interested in testing markets for the concept first, Since you cant find one of those on shelves anywhere, I bet several other calibers are coming soon. The Russians bought a bunch of those 1895’s in 7.62x 54R.before WWI, like to see a reissue in that calliber. Browning still offers a similar gun but it is EXPENSIVE.

      • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

        You could offer it in 308 marlin or 307 Winchester,. Those could be an option and as I understand it, the brass is easily manufactured. Just a thought.

  • Terry P.

    Maybe it’s ugly. Maybe everyone’s taste isn’t the same. I just bought one, not for looks but for hog hunting. It can hold my light and a green dot if I choose too. Also, with the adjustable stock it fits really good under the back seat in my truck, out of sight. If used for home defense, do you think an unwelcomed visitor is going to care if you have a ugly or cute gun??? My best hunting dog is ugly as hell but I woudn’t trade him for nothing. I might give away my ol’ lady’s cute yapping dog if you asked while my wife wasn’t home.

  • Ongar

    Does anybody know how reliable this gun is? Any failure to feed’s or failure to ejects’s? How many rounds have you put through it and what kind of groupings did you get? I and seriously considering this for home defence/ranch rifle. Thank you all in advance for your help.

    • Cole

      Very reliable. Had mine for a few months. No hiccups on any ammo.

  • mt646

    i just bought one, my first grouping was tight maybe 1.5″ at 70 yards. BUt, it was hitting 18″ low, i have ae no adjustment left for my sights. anyhelp here?