Finding a holster for CrimsonTrace Lightguard pistols

Chance writes about his search for a CrimsonTrace Lightguard compatible holster…

I recently reviewed the CrimsonTrace Lightguard, and I noted that I had yet to find a holster for it. Galco has come to the rescue, offering a version of its Summer Comfort holster for Lightguard-equipped pistols. The holster is lightweight and, as the name says, very comfortable. The snap-on design allows for removal of the holster without removing your belt, so putting the holster on and taking it off is a less complicated procedure.

Steve Johnson

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  • DT

    I was recently in the same boat you were. I have the Crimson Trace Laserguard for my G36. Crossbreed holsters makes a custom holsters that accommodate some guns that have crimson trace lasers attached to them.

    • Eddie

      As Dt said crossbreed holsters are about the best ive seen for the application. If you go to the crimson trace site and go to products and select your brand of handgun it will have a list of all the products…on the last pages it will have several holsters compatible with your light/laser guard. Be sure its one for laser/light GUARD. Not laserlight GRIPS. Hope this helps. Eddie

  • Lance

    Never had a issue with there pistol grips either for the Glock Beretta or Colt .45 I have. All fit in regular holsters.

    • John E Davies

      The Lightguard attaches to the rail; it’s not a grip, so existing molded holsters won’t work with it.

      A holster meant for a larger light probably would…..


  • Well, Cane and Derby just added support for Crimson Trace Lightguard-equipped Glock and M&P pistols (part of the new products for 2012). We’ve had the holster available for special order and T&E (Military Times actually did a review of the Lightguard with one of our holsters) but we’re now offering it as a regularly available product.

    While the web team updates the CDI site, you’re welcome to give a call if you’re interested in finding out more.

  • An option that covers more than just one weapon and accessory option. This was seen at Shot Show 2012 booth 931.
    Oleg Volk blog 2-2-12