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  • Graham2

    It’s a shame they don’t fit!

    • ak74fan

      hey graham2, the stock is supposed to be that way. as the ak receiver is tapered back to front. the gap is there for clearance during the bump-fire.
      check out MAC for a review.

  • Graham2

    OK, so I only had a quick look before posting!

    However, what’s the idea? Even their website doesn’t really explain what these are for…

    • Alex Pawelczyk

      It’s essentially a ‘bump fire’ assisting stock. It slides back and forth to allow full control when ‘bump firing’ a semi automatic rifle. Here’s a video

  • Lance

    They look too ugly!

  • Steve, not sure if you’ll see this with all the SHOT Show craziness, but check out the Bumpski, I got an chance to compare both the Slidefire and Bumpski and lie the Bumpski much better even though it is about $150 more:

  • Moeram

    Here are 2 good videos exclusively for the SlideFire on the AK.

    • Veteranbv

      Great post, these videos really helped explain what we were looking. The second vid is especially good; now I’m subscribe to the MAC YouTube channel. Cheers!

  • Adam

    If that works as well as the slide fire AR stock I’d seriously consider one. The most fun I had all summer at the range was with a DPMS AR with a slidefire stock and a foregrip. Doesn’t do anything good for accuracy, but then, that’s not really the point

  • Jeff Smith

    Does anyone know if it requires you to install an AR style buffer tube? If so, Any idea how that could affect the ATF ruling on it?

    I’m not sure, but wasn’t the AR slidefire ruled OK by the ATF due to the fact that it’s simply a stock with no moving parts? If the AK slidefire requires you to install a buffer tube stock adapter, is that considered altering the original design of the gun? It seems like that could be getting into a grey area.

    • Jeff Smith

      Also, what is the procedure if the ATF were to reverse its ruling? I followed the drama surrounding the Akins Accelerator (thanks Steve!), but I never learned what happened to the stocks that customers had already received. I was told by my local gun store that you would be allowed to keep them, provided you register them with the ATF. Any idea on how accurate that is?

      • Bryan S.

        they were allowed to keep the stock, as i recall, but had to turn in the spring.

      • Jeff Smith

        Brian, thanks for the info!

    • JM

      Watch the video – it’s a two-piece system.

  • Bryan S.

    Shame they wont fit on a Yugo… 🙁

    • Jeff Smith

      I had the same reaction with my underfolder.


    I’m kinda embarrassed about how interested I am in the AR version. Maybe I will go the AK route and convert a 5.45 saiga and use this stock. At least ammo would be real cheap.

  • JT

    How much for the wood version?? It’s not on their website and I’ve only seen the regular type stock. Otherwise, this stock, a gunshow AK, and bunch of cheap steel cased ammo sounds like a lot of fun