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  • Lance

    No PT 92s or 1911s?

  • Great report!

    “No PT 92s or 1911s?”

    Those are made in Brazil, only imported to US.

  • atm

    I believe only the little .22 and .25 caliber pop-ups are made in the US.

    • atm, just wanted to interject that the 738 is also made in Miami. 😉

  • jagersmith

    I have ended up having to do quality control on my end (retailer), call-tagging roughly 30% of Tauruses. So I guess all the broken Tauruses (i.e. the cylinder on Judges coming straight out due to no cylinder stop pin, or cylinders not turning due to broken cylinder stop spring AND hand) that I have to send back are broken after the extensive test-fire during the cleaning/scrubbing?

  • Caseless

    Do they still import the PT-92/99 22LR adapter kits?

  • Jim March

    Where are the drunk syphilitic chimpanzees in QC?

    • BigSkiff

      Ha! Good sense of humor! I believe the chimps were retired as part of the upgrades in quality control and customer service!

  • W

    If taurus wants to impress me, they better start building licensed Tavors in those factories in the states 😉

    Oh a serious note, i hate rumors, but a little birdie told me Taurus was receiving a license from IWI to produce the Tavor 21. Perhaps this is untrue.

  • Eduardo Almeida

    Taurus is doing a great job investing and creating jobs in the States, it seems US shooters appreciate it and recognize Taurus commitment to quality by purchasing its products and positioning Taurus as #1 pistols/revolvers suppliers in America.