Colt Gold Cup National Match 1911 Pistol

From the press release …

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, is proud to announce the new Colt® Gold Cup® National Match®; currently shipping to distributors across the United States. This match-grade target pistol is the newest to come from Colt’s timeless Gold Cup Series of competition firearms. With Colt’s inherent use of high quality materials, superior manufacturing processes and storied pistol expertise, the Gold Cup National Match is sure to provide top shot performance.

“Beginning in the 1930s, Colt’s National Match pistols have set the standard by which all target pistols are judged,” said Joyce Rubino, Vice President of Marketing, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, “Because this line of guns is designed with match shooters in mind, the Colt Gold Cup National Match gives anyone the potential to make quality shots.”

The Gold Cup National Match’s fully adjustable Bo-Mar style rear sight combined with the high profile, target front sight, gives shooters confidence in shot placement. Adding to the viability of this single-action pistol as a competitive firearm, is the beveled magazine well, which allows for speed and ease during reloads.

Two standout features of the new Colt Gold Cup National Match are the match-grade trigger and barrel. The wide, three-hole aluminum trigger is factory tuned for a crisp break each time. The National Match barrel is CNC machined from forged stainless steel, measures five inches and is chambered for .45 ACP ammunition.

Also CNC machined are the receiver and round-top slide, both made from forged carbon steel with a blued finish. The wrap-around, rubber target stock features nickel medallions that showcase the rampant Colt. Overall, the gun measures 8.5 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds.

No word on pricing at this time.

Steve Johnson

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  • Woodroez

    Pretty. The branding on the side of the rear sight is a really nice touch.

    Glad you didn’t have the pricing yet, Steve. Means I can pretend I can afford one of these someday.

    • Other Steve

      It is really nice looking. I’m still considering a scandium framed S&W 1911 but this one has caught my eye.

      • Volucris

        The S&W uses the terrible swartz firing pin safety and is prone to malfunction. Get an STI if you want a 1911. If you want a 45, get a German P220 or an HK45 because the 1911 is a tired design.

      • W

        Volucris, the HK 45 is THE finest new handgun design ever conceived. It was a 1,000 well spent. I’ll take the HK45’s accuracy against even custom 1911’s.

  • Marc

    Too bad it’s not a series 70.

  • Tom

    Colt Gold Cups are not accurate enough to be serious competition guns.

    • Other Steve

      Didn’t you see the name…. THEY WIN GOLD CUPS 🙂

  • STW

    Gallery of Guns appears to have it on their web site listing at $1103

  • Lance

    Sweet I want one…. Not with a Colt price though 😉

  • Bandito7j62

    Ring hammer I can do without, but a beavertail safety is a must or at least thats what the web of my hand tells me.