Can you identify this rifle

This recent photo was taken in Uganda and shows Ugandan Army officers and a “consultant” who calls himself “Captain Barak”. Can you identify the rifles they are inspecting? The reader who emailed me the photo thought they may be H&K PSGs.

( I am not linking to the source of the photo due to its intentionally offensive content. )

UPDATE: The consensus is that they are pimped out IWI Galil or R4 rifles.

[ Many thanks to James for emailing us the photo. ]

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  • Calool

    The one on the left looks like a chinese type 88

  • ChielScape

    Look like tricked out AK pattern rifles.

  • Calool

    The one on the left looks like a chinese type 88, but it has an ak reciever

    • DW

      Chinese type 88 is a bullpup…

      • calool

        i just noticed that, i was looking at it on my phone when i posted

  • Wolf

    On the left one front hand-guard definitly Zastava M21.

  • RedCat

    Maybe some kind of sniper Galil?

  • Andrew

    The one on the right has a left-side fire selector; while they could be Galil-based, given that they’re in Africa a safer bet might be that they’re heavily modified South African R4 rifles (well, anything based on the R4-R6 or LM4-LM6 family).

    • Komrad

      Aren’t R4s based on Galils anyway?

      • Andrew

        Yup. There are minor differences, but the main difference is that the R4 family is much more common here in Africa.

      • W

        yes, to bolster komrad’s answer, the R4 is produced by Denel, which is a IMI-licensed Galil. Indicating by what I have seen, the R4 is a outstanding quality weapon. these weapons are copies of the outstanding Finnish Rk62 by Sako.

  • Charon68

    I would agree the receivers look “AK-ish” so they could be an R4/Galil derivative of some sort.

  • Aurelien

    The one on the left looks like the Galil SR99 semi-auto precision rifle.

    I’d say they are locally manufactured or updated versions of the SR99.

    • MacK

      Think you hit it on the head with the SR99, but definitely “africa’d” up 😉

    • Mr.Karkand

      was this released in an expansion or a mod? I don’t remember using that rifle.

      • Josh

        This isn’t battlefield 3….go outside….

  • SpudGun

    I’m gonna have to agree with Wolf, I think these are Zastava rifles as well.

    • Andrew

      The forend looks similar to the M21, but the fire selector is different and the mag catch has the typical R4-style shroud. I’m still pretty certain they’re modified R4s.

  • Komrad

    It looks to me like a heavily modified AK type rifle, like an M76 or a PSL or maybe a Saiga .308. Could also be a Galil.

  • Dirites

    its a tuned version of the QBZ-03, its chinese anyway. last time they had a huge order. ( new submachine guns CF-05 )

    • Andrew

      It’s definitely not based on a QBZ-03 – the underside of the receiver is all wrong, and the fire selector is over the grip rather than the receiver’s lower half.

    • Lance

      That’s no Chicom rifle.

  • The left one looks like a Galil SR99 which is used in Lesotho, Rwanda, etc.

  • Evgeny

    ‎:) Its Galaz ( GALIL ZALAFIM) Its IWI Galil Sniper rifle with Fab-Defense or as you know them in the US the mako group upgrades 🙂

    Btw israel sells and sold guns to Africa and south Africa since the days of Golda Mair israel even sold guns to Idi Amin who later supported international Islamic terrorists 🙂

    • cal

      That’s true, but its not like the United States hasn’t sold guns to any shady figures. We armed the Taliban as well as (recently disclosed thanks to wikileaks) Gadaffi and the Contras, just to name a few. History shows a pattern of world powers arming the enemies of their enemies and subsequently creating stronger and more ferocious threats. As to the make of the firearm, it is most likely a Galatz sniper rifle with a cluster rail instead of the standard synthetic fore-end. Check the IWI website.

    • W

      if i recall, vektor out of south africa produces licensed galil rifles (R4?).

      yeah the US sells to some pretty shady folks (i would laugh if it wasn’t so depressing.

      M1s, F16s, Paladins, and humvees to saudi arabia and egypt
      M1s, M16s, M240’s to Iraq
      aforementioned equipment to Mexico
      etc etc ad nauseum.
      empire has its price.

  • erwos

    I, too, would like to be named CAPTAIN LIGHTNING.

    (Yes, I know it’s a common Israeli name.)

    • Burst

      This particular guy seems more a like Captain Thunder.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Barak (Hebrew: ברק) – Lightning
        Ram (Hebrew: רם) – Thunder

        The Israeli F-15I’s are called Ram 🙂

  • 3Echo

    Looks like i wouldn’t want that piece of S%*# Galil

  • Mike

    Definitely not a Zastava M21. I believe the poster who said SR-99 is correct.

  • Jake

    Looks like the photo has been kicking around for at least a year, as it was posted at this site in Nov. of 2010:

    Whatever it is, it’s not brand-new.

  • JacK

    Could be a modified Saiga. But it’s definitely a member of the AK pattern family.

  • joel

    The rifle pictured on the right is a galil type rifle as far as caliber type of scope or country of orgin? Cant tell.

    • Galil indeed, probably a 7.62×51 version, whatever it was named.

      Look at the distinctivily shaped receiver, there are tons of galils floating around in the sub-saharas, and they might have just put a little more effort into making this into a DMR rifle.

  • ummmm

    Seems a Galil Sniper (barrel and receiver sure) then cheap add-ons to look Cool.

  • If you ever wanted to know what a real Africa merc looks like, that a look at the captain 😉

  • Flexible Mirage Deflector? What’s that?

    Is there a rigid mirage deflector?

    • A flat strip of plastic to deflect heat rising from the barrel. The rising heat can distort the image seen through the scope. Long range competition shooters use them.

  • Lance

    Looks like the SR 99 is a sniperised Israeli Galil ARM.

  • Komrad

    Steve, what is the source? I did a Tineye image search and only found a rather mild African news website with no discernible offensive content.

    • shankbone

      Yeah, I would be curious to know. Also, thanks for sharing Tineye.

    • It it overtly racist towards non-Whites. I was sent the link by a Ugandan who pointed out the racial overtones. I just don’t want to link to a site like that.

  • Groot Mamba

    Not a R4. The R4 is 5.56 Cal. That is a 308 Win Mag. IWI is very strong in selling Weapons in Africa

    It looks like the Galil 308 Marksmen rifle from IWI

  • Lew

    No matter what it is it looks well naff.

  • It seems like to be AK rifle, or AK based rifle, may be Jewish or Chez rifle