CZ 75 Legend

CZ has announced a limited edition CZ 75 pistol called the CZ 75 Legend to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Česká zbrojovka a. s. in Uherský Brod.

525 of these pistols will be manufactured.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    While the CZ 75 is popular in Europe I never liked the design the slide is too small for my big hands to grip. Beretta and Glock are alot better 9mm Euro alternatives.

    • Komrad

      The slide is a bit narrow because of the internal slide rails, but I think the slight tradeoff is outweighed by the better accuracy offered by internal rail systems.

      There is one thing that the CZ75B is not good at, and that is mounting suppressors because the barrel is too thin to be threaded to a normal diameter and because of the tilting barrel design, but both are easily overcome with a Nielsen device and thread adapters.

    • W

      see, even with my giant hands, thats why i like the CZ 75. Using the grasping method to manipulate the slide during loading and reloading (instead of gripping with my thumb and index finger), the CZ75 is awesome. This similar characteristic in the browning high power is also why i like this pistol.

      • fw226

        What is the grasping method?

      • W

        oh dear, my response is posted at the top…

  • Brian P.

    This is just plain cruel. It looks like a beautiful handgun, and I want it so bad, even though I know I’ll never be able to get one. 🙁

    • DW

      At least you can still get a good, solid, basic model CZ75 when you desire so.

      • Brian P.

        True. I’d love to get the nickel plated one. I’d also like to get a Browning Hi-Power someday. The blued finish on those looks fantastic, from what I’ve seen.

  • Mobious

    Better be produced with the same quality steel as the original, that is, the highest quality steel for any semi-auto… at just over 500 probably not ?

  • Too bad it looks like a CZ-75B. An anniversary edition with the old controls should really have the old pre-B slide as well. It’s particularly strange, since they still produce the CZ-85 Combat without the trigger block mechanism. They obviously still have the capability to make and sell guns that way. So why not this one?

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’m guessing that a pistol without a firing pin block just ain’t gonna cut it in the U.S. right now.

      A shame, really.

      And it’s nice/humourous/nostalgic to see it come with those lousy plastic grips. That’ll insure these guns are collectors items and won’t actually be shot. 😀

  • Bill

    Limited editions will always get some collectors to bite, especially with a lower production number.

  • Ian

    I quite like the original length slide/frame rails. It’s a nice touch compared to all of the 100th anniversary 1911s that look NOTHING like an original 1911.

  • JT

    Will CZ EVER produce a reproduction of the original CZ-75? I give them credit for giving this one the original handgrips, but this still has the modern CZ-75 profile for the frame and slide. It would be really interesting if they could pull out the old equipment or recreate it for the older design. Even if it cost more, collectors would buy them just to get their hands on the rarer older design.

    • JT

      After comparing this to the original, it is at least an “effort”, but it still looks like a CZ-75SA that they trimmed the slide and frame back on. It doesn’t have the smooth lines of the original. I guess they’re trying though.

    • Komrad

      The competition models lack a trigger/hammer block (the ‘B’) to improve the triggers, but I don’t think that’s what you’re interested in.

  • Tim F

    The CZ75 is one of the best kept secrets of the handgun market. Single action trigger, all steel construction and very durable. I suspect the only reason they are not more popular in the US is because of marketing.

    • W

      I second your statement. I would certainly be the first to say that the CZ75 is one of the most underrated handguns today. For the quality, accuracy, and durability you get for the money, they are very hard to beat. For me personally, they are very comfortable and ergonomic to shoot and carry.

    • JT

      I third ^^

      I can still remember walking into the gun store and working out the details for them to get a CZ75b from their distributor while all the other guys in the place were hemming and hawing over the 92fs’s and Sig p226’s.

    • Komrad

      Make it four. I have a used (though I suspect nearly never fired) CZ-75B Nickel that I love to shoot. Accuracy and reliability are great (except with Winchester white box, which it does not like for some reason). The only thing wrong with it was its 2003 manufacture, which meant it came with 10 round mags. I fixed that with a couple Mec-Gar mags and the rest is history.

  • W

    its where you grab the slide with your full hand instead of using your thumb and index finger. Many civilian competition shooters hate the idea and choose to use the slide release, though where I come from, it is taught because people that are physically exhausted and full of adrenaline are more efficient with a gross body movement than finer movements like grabbing with the thumb and index finger or manipulating the slide release.

  • Paul

    I love my CZs, and I wish I had the cash right now to buy one of these limited edition Anniversary editions. It would sit beautifully next to the 30th Anniversary CZ-75 in the safe. I wish I could snag one of the Red Star editions, and an Omega as well. I have two P-01s that are my regular shooters and my EDC.

  • jozef.k

    Please, watch this, you are welcome 🙂

  • Brent

    Say does the uplula loader work with the standard 16 round magazine of the CZ 75 B?

  • Ozy Steve

    Has any one used DPM recoil reducer in there cz75? I bought a CZ Anerversary model brand new put about 200 rounds through it and then put a DPM recoil reducer in.I found that the recoil was so server that the grips came loose! No joke.Im using a 124gn projectile and 5.6gn of powder.The minimum powder weight they say is 5.0gn and max is 6.2 so I think im reloading a safe intermediate round.The DPM came with two springs the same gauge but one a little longer I tried both of the springs one at a time but the recoil was very bad, a lot worse than the standard recoil spring and rod.Any one give there thoughts on this would be very apresiated.