I am back!

I am back and survived the wilderness (or maybe it was the wilderness that survived me). With the exception of the rain, which is not much fun when you are in a tent, I had a great time.

While I was away a few new guns were announced and I will be blogging about them on over the next few days.

SHOT is around the corner and normally I would have made predictions about what will be announced at the show, but this year so many companies have pre-announced their products I don’t have many predictions to make. I will go on record and predict that Remington, or a Freedom Group owned firm, will announce a compact/subcompact pistol or maybe an entire line of pistols. They are conspicuously absent from the profitable pistol market (with the exception of their full-size 1911). It is almost certain that Remington will announce more .300 AAC BLK guns, maybe even a Bushmaster ACR upper in .300 AAC BLK. What do you think?

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Good to see your posts back hope you show off new AR designs. and look up newest accessories more than guns those I find more interesting since most guns will be copies of current weapons. or already out on the market

    • Other Steve

      COMMENT DELETED. This is not a grammer blog.

      • Seamus

        Let the guy be. This is a firearm blog not a grammar blog.

    • W

      “hope you show off new AR designs”

      Hopefully it will be that mysterious Colt hybrid gas piston and DI rifle that i heard about.

  • Woodroez

    I reckon the pocket 9mm market will develop a bit more. I remember Ruger using their FB profile to survey customers regarding the LC9 and LCP during the summer, so I wonder if they in particular are going to release yet another few SKUs along those lines. I do think Ruger hasn’t shown their whole hand yet as far the SHOT show goes.

    I have no expectations for it, but I hope to see more experiments with polymer revolvers.

  • I also think the pocket gun frenzy will continue. And I predict it will be fun.

    • Other Steve

      Can’t wait for the pocket 1911…. Oh, hey Kimber Solo… didn’t see you there 🙂

  • SpudGun

    I’ve heard a rumor that Magpul and Kel-Tec will be joining forces to launch a full auto laser rifle that will definitely go on sale next year for less then $300.

    In all seriousness, I’m still living in hope that Colt will be reintroducing their previous line of fine revolvers.

    • Other Steve

      I was told it will be along with HK, so not only will it never come out, it wouldn’t be sold to dirty civilians anyhow.

      • W

        It wont be sold on a wide scale to civilians like every other new, automatic rifle design of any other company…

        But I see, with many, it is still entertaining to insult HK, which is forced to abide by ridiculous US import and automatic weapons laws. Why stick with the facts though? its not nearly as fun.

      • Other Steve

        Yea W I know right!! Because SCAR, PS90, FS2000, AUG A3, SIG556, AK 101/2/3, B&T TP9, MKE MP5 clones, Vector Kriss, and all those other NON-US designs that just never make it to the states!

        HK has been hostile to civilians WAY before import restrictions. They have a large manufacturing facility in the states which is something Styer doesn’t have, yet Styer worked on getting AUG A3s to US civilians (granted, that blew up with Sabre, but they are coming back). What is HK’s excuse with all their presence already in the US? They hate you is the right answer.

      • W

        “Yea W I know right!! Because SCAR, PS90, FS2000, AUG A3, SIG556, AK 101/2/3, B&T TP9, MKE MP5 clones, Vector Kriss, and all those other NON-US designs that just never make it to the states!”

        And when in the f–k did i ever say those firearms haven’t made it to the states? puzzling…I never did say that to answer your comment. Not all of those firearms you mentioned are foreign manufactured anyways. The SCAR civilian variants are manufactured in Belgium and modified in the US (the military variant is manufactured in the US however), the PS90 and FS2000 are imported from Belgium as “Sporting Rifles” thus circumventing the assault weapon rules, the AK 100-series, like other AK copies, are imported into the United States by BATFE-compliant deactivated parts kits and reassembled by US companies of varying workmanship (Arsenal remains among the finest), the SIG 556 is the US-manufactured variant of the SIG 510, the AUG copies are manufactured by Microtech in the USA (like H&K military/police style rifles, a few authentic AUGs were imported in the states in very few numbers), the B&T TP9 is technically a pistol (some class III “SBR” are also available), the MP5 clones (MKI; turkish import and ATI GSG9 in 22 from a airsoft company in Germany that offers firearms replicas to comply with the country’s weapons restrictions) are technically pistols and carbines, and the Vector Kriss says “made in USA” on the right side.

        Good thing this is baseball…oh wait…never mind. You struck out of the game long ago cupcake. Like I said, why stick with little annoying things like facts?

        “HK has been hostile to civilians WAY before import restrictions.”

        H&K introduced the SL8 sporter, 91, PSG1, and other semi-automatic sporters though the US BATFE had a hay day with the PSG1 (because, apparently, it is practical for robbing a 711 LMAO!!!). The MSG90, discontinued, was also introduced to the US. I honestly don’t know how else H&K can introduce any more into the US…

        “They have a large manufacturing facility in the states which is something Styer doesn’t have”

        The MR556 and MR762 are being manufactured in New Hampshire, as is the outstanding HK 45…which leaves these weapons among the first by the German company to be exclusively manufactured in the USA.

        Here is more information on H&K’s rising prominence in the American private arms industry http://www.hk-usa.com/military_products/mil_newsroom_01152009.asp

        It seems to me, given the facts, they are adapting to accommodate American private firearms owners. If you compare the imports from H&K and Steyr, you will discover the former is far more prominent in the US.

        “yet Styer worked on getting AUG A3s to US civilians (granted, that blew up with Sabre, but they are coming back).”

        H&K still imported far more firearms than Steyr. Here’s a explanation on the AUG A3, “Although the new gun’s investment cast aluminum receiver and steel barrel are made in the United States by Steyr partner Sabre Defence Industries of Nashville, Tenn., it benefits from oversight by Austrian engineers and from the use of some Austrian components.” http://www.americanrifleman.org/ArticlePage.aspx?id=2355&cid=4

        It seems like your beloved AUG “from Steyr” truly isn’t 100% from Steyr.

        “What is HK’s excuse with all their presence already in the US? They hate you is the right answer.”

        utter, baseless emotional bullshit. i have provided evidence that H&K is expanding in the United States to better suit the domestic market. You are comparing apples to walnuts, as you are berating H&K for “deliberately” not importing firearms in the US (due to US restrictions in fact) and falsely believing that other foreign companies are (which they are not; nobody is immune from US federal law). You forget the fact that these firearms are produced in the US or have significant industrial and marketing assets in the US on a far larger scale than H&K. H&K is adapting, just give them time. In the meantime, the next time you decide to tangle with me, make sure you have all of your bases covered.

    • Rangefinder

      If UMAREX runs out of tactical .22 pistol and rifle designs, they may want to consider a line of Star Wars inspired blasters in .22lr. Sorry Chewie, no visible lasers. Tracers will have to do 🙁

  • JC

    I’m guessing that Silencerco is going to announce their new 5.56 suppressor considering that they have “Countdown to Shot Show 7 days” on the page about it. It’s called the Saker apparently, but there is no other info.

    • Other Steve

      Sine prediction, they’ve stated it will be released at SHOT. I’m expecting new AAC rifle cans as well because their forum has had hints all over the place. Third or fourth gen AAC rifle cans vs first gen Silencerco can will be interesting. They are really going to have to have something special for me to get on board.

    • Matt G.

      I have used my amazing psychic powers to glean some details about these upcoming suppressors.

      They will be likely cylindrical.
      They will contain baffles.
      They will have a slightly-bigger-than-5.56mm whole down the middle.
      Also, they will work just about the same as all the other on the market! Yay!

      • Other Steve

        Ok G(room), enough sass. How about you work on getting product out the door.

        AAC has already shown in their forums LWRC rifles with a 90 tooth mount on them that is apparently not the current AAC 90 tooth mount. That means new AAC silencers, Silencerco and AAC are going to go head to head and both companies know it. I expect some innovation in rifle suppressors this year.

  • AJ

    I bet Remington releases a 700 SPS AAC-SD in 300 BLK.

    • Other Steve


      They already have a line of model7 action guns that make way more sense than a full sized 700 action. Along those lines their Micro7 is cheap.

  • noob

    welcome back steve!

  • Shankbone

    I predict a Ruger LC22 semiauto .22 pistol. Kel-Tec will introduce a semiauto .22 LR rifle, Mossberg will strap some more stuff to their 500 series shotguns, and Savage will announce their .17 Hornet rifles in the Walking Varminter line.

  • Other Steve

    Not a prediction, just a WANT… I’m hoping for a Ruger Scout in 300blk that takes AI style mags! Or a factory CZ-527 in 300blk.

    Keltec has been very quiet so far, I’m guessing an RFB revision, production KSG, and a big announcement claiming they are starting to ship product.

    I expect either a lot or nothing but review from Magpul. They’ve already announced new stocks and 870 parts. Do far their VC infusion seems to be working.

    Ha, and with Remington in charge, I expect no over the top, midget kiss cover band, maxim models, las Vegas penthouse, AAC super party. IMO a good thing. If you are going to raise your prices every year, do the partying in private, otherwise it’s spitting in your customers faces.

    I’d like to see an 18″ rifle length LaRue OBR 556. Or a reputable company making Mega monolithic SPR uppers.

    I have nothing to back this up, but I imagine the vaporware will be low this year. I think everyone has seen how it effects them. Keltec, Magpul, etc.

  • Clint

    What do i think? I think Big Green should focus efforts on getting a solid battle worthy semi-auto 308 with a monolithic upper on the market, to contend with the GAP-10, LMT, Colt sp901, etc. Maybe from a special department, to set it apart from the run-of-the-mill DPMS… With options of barrel length and contour. At a competitive price point ($2,000.) Oh quit dreaming and back to work!

  • Rangefinder

    Barrett will announce a version of the M107A1 in .22lr. Great for low cost training.

    A civilian version of the XM25. No more deer lost behind the trees.

    One could hope.

  • Alan

    Marlin, Glock, and Arsenal will all introduce a line of DI AR-15 rifles with Magpul furniture. Absolutely nothing will distinguish these rifles from existing products on the market other than the rollmark on the lower receiver. Remington will continue to release updates exclusively for the military and law enforcement version of the ACR, despite no agencies actually adopting it. FN will market a civilian version of the FN SCAR SSR, terming it the “FN SCAR SSRS”. The price tag will be $4500 and availability will be extremely scarce for the first two years of its release, driving prices north of $5000.

    • Other Steve

      You’re optimistic on SCAR pricing 🙂

    • Matt G.

      I think Alan’s got it.

    • W

      “Marlin, Glock, and Arsenal will all introduce a line of DI AR-15 rifles with Magpul furniture.”

      Good…the more the better. Free enterprise arms industry is such a beautiful thing.

      “FN will market a civilian version of the FN SCAR SSR, terming it the “FN SCAR SSRS”. The price tag will be $4500 and availability will be extremely scarce for the first two years of its release, driving prices north of $5000.”

      I cannot wait for a civilian variant of the SCAR SSR to hit the market. The price shouldn’t be surprising, considering what you are buying (basing my opinion off of the features of the Mk 20). The SR25 has been around a lot longer than the sniper SCAR (which was recently fielded by USSOCOM as of last summer), yet the price remains at the 4500-5000k range. If the SSR lives up to its specifications, I would rather spend by 4500 on a more reliable and modular rifle that is superior to the SR25. Semi-automatic sniper and sniper support rifles typically cost this much. All rifles of a new design typically are scarce for the first couple of years. One cannot repudiate a new and evolutionary design because of of cost and availability during its first two years of introduction.

    • christian

      I’m interested in what additions glpck will make on the ar-15 platform

      • christian

        *glock* sorry

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Glad to see you back Steve !
    I just hope that Magpul and/or KelTec will release something new and revolutionary !

  • Sean

    Welcome back! The guest posts were fun but the blog ‘feels’ different with you. I predict that for SHOT, as others have noted, more on the pocket 9mm segment of the market. I also predict that we’ll see more AR platform models or at least upgrades across the board and of course, boatloads of “Tactical” everything.

    I wish someone would make a 9mm HD carbine better than a HiPoint, cheaper than an AR 9mm upper, etc., etc.

    • Other Steve

      Really? Cheaper than a 9mm AR Upper? Man, that would have to be CHEAP. You really wouldn’t like cost of a MKE MP5 Clone, or a B&T TP9 SBR, etc.

      Good luck with that.

  • Sven Weichbrodt

    For it is also not a prediction but a want, namely that the Australian government has the political will (and balls) to review our firearm legislation.

    For those of you not in the know, Australia had fairly liberal firearm laws until the mid 1990’s. Not as liberal as some parts of the USA but still liberal enough that one had access to a wide range of firearms and parts.

    However, in 1996 a rather disturbed gentleman by the name of Martin Bryant when on a shooting rampage in Port Arthur, Tasmania killing 35 and injuring 21.

    Bryant had a long documented history of mental illness and it was not the firearm itself that was at fault but a system that let a person such as Bryant access them in the first place.

    The subsequent media hysteria coupled with a Prime Minister who had previously made such balanced comments as ” “we will find any means we can to further restrict them because I hate guns… ordinary citizens should not have weapons. We do not want the American disease imported into Australia”; led to severe restrictions on what firearms can be owned.

    It has been 16 years since the Port Arthur Massacre and debate still rages whether these draconian and knee jerk responses have actually made any meaningful differences.

    I think its time to have a look so that the responsible firearm owner can have the opportunity to own more than a 22LR.

    • Sven Weichbrodt

      Sorry, first sentence is meant to read:

      “For ME it is also not a prediction but a want…………

    • W

      thank you for your post sven, i find it utterly amazing and disgusting that people in such high political positions, who have the power to wage war, cannot be rational or objective minded. The fact that they are placed in such powerful political positions and cannot rationally make decisions, resorting to emotional knee jerk reactions, undermines their position as trusted public officials elected in a representative government.

      It is only a matter of time before such anti-gun sentiment gains more popularity in the United States, especially with a global trend towards more arms restrictions. I certainly hope, above all else, that our (the US) constitution survives the 21st century intact and our allies can have the wisdom and knowledge to butt out of our affairs (and we can butt out of theirs).

      Point being, just because everybody jumps off a bridge, doesn’t mean you should do so or that its right.

  • Welcome back.

    I remember hating camping in the rain as a kid but these days I see it as a peaceful thing.

    I’ve heard some things about Glock and AR-15’s. I’d like to see that.

  • Charlie

    Sean: what’s wrong with the Hi-Point 9mm carbine. I have an ugly one in 9mm and the black rifle type in .40 S&W. They both work flawlessly and are fun to shot. Ten round magazine not enough for you?

    Steve: What’s the bid deal about the .300 AAC BKL? It’s the near ballistic twin of the Soviet 7.62×39 which is not a world beater. I have three rifles in the 39 and it’s a fun plinker and cheap to shoot. In TEOTWAWKI speak, it will make a nice perimeter defense weapon and stripper clips are cheaper than magazines. But they already have
    SKS’s AR’s and AK’s in the 39, I just don’t see the reason for a .35. Despite what AAC says, it is a poor substitute for a .30-30, especially the newer Hornady 140 gr. and 160 gr. leverevolution versions.

  • Martin

    stupid me thought it was my constitutional right to have a new firearmblog-post every day.