The Glocks of In Time

I recently saw the movie In Time, written & directed by Andrew Niccol (Lord of War, Gattaca) and starring Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried. Many of the characters carried in the movie used Glocks with shiny stainless-steel slides. Timberlake can be seen holding one of these Glocks in the promotional poster below.

Seyfried (Left) with S&W M945, Timberlake (Right) with Glock.

I struggle to understand why Glock does not manufacture a two-tone model. Even if they just did a limited run, they would make a fortune from them.

If you want a stainless slide for your Glock now, your best bet is an aftermarket slide from Lone Wolf. They sell for about $200-$300.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew

    You *are* aware of the FailZero Glocks, right?

  • Lance

    Has more than just Glocks in it Only in Holly wood every Agency Service or Company in the real world uses blued or Black weapons for concealment and ease of maintenance only in movies bright shine nickel and stainless weapons are used over and over.

  • dilikiki
  • Kevin

    Same reason that Glock doesn’t make a single stack .380 or 9mm for the US market.

    • MarcW

      You can thank the nonsensical import point system of the ATF for that.

  • swilliams

    Caspian makes a stainless steel Glock side. I wish they brought back their OD and Coyote frames.

  • bill

    i was told there was a lawsuit over another company copying the glock an that was one of the conditions of the suit.
    dk….my 2 cents

  • MrSatyre

    To quote Ned Flanders “Mmm! My favorite flavor: plain!”

  • Mobious

    Because movies like this enjoy portraying dual tone firearms being stuffed directly into pants while the characters exhibit wonderful examples of trigger/muzzle discipline for being top class “agents”? Glock doesn’t want to be associated so easily here maybe 😛

  • Winston Smith

    Um, what about the state-of-the-art TSD Combat Systems Glock slides? They have a stainless look/finish and are pre-milled for a Trijicon RMR:

  • 18D

    I think a lot of it has to do with the protection the Glock finishes offer. Why would Glock sell a gun with a slide that is either in the white or has some type of silver/grey finish when it would be softer than the Glock factory tennifer? At least I think that’s probably how Glock looks at it.

    There have been Glocks with grey slide finishes showing up more and more at the gun stores lately. It’s certainly something people want.

    There have been many popular ways to get a two tone Glock that have been used for many years. Armaloy, NP3, and Fail Zero have become pretty popular and companies like Lone Wolf Dist, Caspian, and Glockworx (ZEV Technologies) sell stainless replacement slides with pretty much any custom details you want.

  • JM

    Will Smith carried two in Bad Boys II

  • jamieb

    The dark cloths and faint lighting of that poster pretty much demands a contrasting gun.

  • charles222

    So, was the movie any good? I saw Justin Timberlake on the poster and was like “ehh….” :p

    • Andrew Racek

      The concept is great, but it turned out to be another poor guy gets rich girl movie.

      For once I want a future dyspepsia themed movie that isn’t cliched.

      • charles222

        Oh well. I might go see it anyway, I imagine.

      • Seamus

        Dystopia. Dispepsia is upset stomach you noodle haha that gave me a laugh.

  • J Grigg

    the metal in the slide and barrel go through the Tenifer process BEFORE the black coating is applied. Tenifer gives the slide and barrel a Rockwell hardness of 64+(IIRC) and is 85% more corrosion resistant than a hard chrome finish, and is 99.9% salt-water corrosion resistant

    So you can polish up that stock glock slide to a nice shine, I’m pretty sure thats what you’re seeing in most of those movies(like Bad Boys II), unless they put plating on top of that…

    • Samopal

      Yep. The actual tenifer finish is in the surface of the metal, the black coating is just a regular black oxide. One can polish off the black oxide while still retaining the protection of the tenifer.

      I’ve seen quite a few Glocks given this treatment, many either polished to a mirror sheen or left dull and grey with the black oxide still in tact in the slide serrations (leaving a two-one look).

  • dg13

    your “right” and “left” in the picture caption is swapped….
    either that, or timberlake looks sexier than I remember.

  • Jacob

    They probably figure it’s more profitable to sell fewer models with less overhead. The two tone is probably not a limiting factor when people are deciding if they want a glock or not. You’d be shocked at what it can cost to get finishes right and the economic impact of having to stock and maintain multiples of the same part.

  • RickH


  • Nadnerbus

    Booger hook, bang switch, etc.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I’d rather have the slide coated with Nickle-Teflon (i.e. NP3 from Robar). It’s the coating of the future!

  • Shooter

    Nickle-boron coated Glocks are commonly available from certain distributors, and show up with fair regularity at gunshops in my area. There’s nothing particularly odd about a “factory” Glock with a matte stainless finish.

  • Salient

    Glock is ahead of everyone on this one. The Glock slide can easily be polished to varying sheens by oneself and a mirror sheen by a person with the proper buffer wheels and skill.

    And all that while retaining both a harder surface and more corrosion resistant finish than Chrome plating.

    • Ajay

      I prefer the look of matte stainless, a chrome mirrored slide looks lame.

  • Pop N Fresh

    Had my carry 19 matte chromed many many years ago by Virgil Tripp (cobra chrome) before he dedicated himself to 1911 mags…………
    Man knows his stuff.

  • Douglas

    I work at a gunshop here in Georgia and we carry factory glocks with stainless slides. I dont know who is doing it, it might be failzero, but glock has contracted a company to do it for them. I don’t know if its widespread but our store is very close to the Smyrna plant.

  • Not much here worth commenting on except that a an Ohh so shinny pistol gives your advisary something nice to shoot at. Bling, bling!