Polish Commandoes Try The Tavor

It is not everyday that I receive a photo of a Polish commando, armed with a Tavor rifle, in tropical jungles.

Last month India’s Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) school held a joint Indo-Polish special forces exercise in the jungles of Mizoram.

[ Many thanks to Danny for emailing us the link. ]

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  • Lance

    Not uncommon for Spec Ops units to try a host nations arsenal. I seen pics of SEALs shooting Chilean G-3s and M-60s on a co operation.India been using tavors for years now.

  • muppler

    Not GROM I take, it since they use the Polish multicam now?.

  • Hrach Hayrapetyan

    I think they’d better go ahead with their own pretty impressive design – MSBS Radon. It’s looks like a really modern assault rifle – ambi, modular, solid top rail etc.

  • lup

    First it could be Grom as well as other Polish spec unit a part may be of Agat, becouse they have just started recruting. Camo can be misleading.

    Tavor is not so extrime in Polish Spec hands. They probably have some on their own at home.

  • W

    I like the idea of a Tavor in a jungle environment. It would certainly be better to control and manage in the brambles with its shorter length.

  • Jeff M

    When am I going to be able to buy a Tavor in the states?

  • It is very nice to see you following Polish related topics but allow me to correct information’s a bit. Polish SOF took part in joint Indo-Polish exercises, but the local law prevented them from taking their own guns to India. The Indian SOF generously provided them with guns used by them. That will be Tavor – the basic gun in Indian SOF and on some other pictures you can see PKM machinegun (well known to polish soldiers).
    Yes Polish SOF do use multicam but camouflage like anything is only a tool and you pick up the one that works the best for the job. Polish pantera wz. 93 camouflage seems to work pretty well in the jungle on the pictures.

    More pictures here:

  • Konrado

    The guy is from JWK (Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów), former 1st PSK (Pułk Specjalny Komandosów). Believe me, AGAT won’t be in action soon 😉

  • Mike Knox

    My question about this post: Is that really the plural form for commando?