Glock G21, G32 and G34 Gen4 Photos

Below are photos of the new Gen4 Glocks for 2012. They are the Glock 32, Glock 21 and Glock 34 respectively.

[ Many thanks to Bryan Jones for emailing us the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Still prefer a Gen 3 over a 4 but its still cool.

  • J.T.

    I don’t get why Glock is making this announcement for the 21 and 34. They are already on the market.

  • mike knox

    If you ask me, a new glock is like a new Porsche, only tiny bits of it are new, everything else is still the same..

  • 18D

    I’m just glad the Glock 32 GEN4 is being announced. I’ve been carrying a Glock 32 GEN3 for the last 6 yrs and its amazing. The .357 SIG is one of the best self defense cartridges on the market! IMO its the best self defense cartridge you can get. It’s often forgotten about by many shooters looking for a good SD cartridge, which is unfortunate.

    With some of the GEN 4 problems being worked out, the GEN 4 should be ok at some point in time. Many problems have been brought to Glocks attention and they are quietly fixing those problems behind the scenes. I’m still not going to buy one, but I will consider it in the future when the bugs have been worked out.

    • John Doe

      I don’t want to buy another Glock, so I carry my 31 (.357, full sized). In my opinion, the .357 SIG is one of the best, if not the best, handgun round today. It just needs to be more popular. I would love a .357 SIG carbine, like a Glock 31 version of the Hi-Point, made by Glock.

  • W

    If the 21 Gen 4 grip is more friendly for smaller hands, then they are going to sell a lot of the 45 variant. I know of at least three people that didn’t buy the 21 variant simply because the grip is too big.

    The 357 SIG is a caliber that I would not normally buy, but I keep flirting with the idea. Its like a woman that I know wouldn’t be practical for me, although I keep coming back because she’s unique and impressive.

    • 18D

      W, I’m telling you that .357 SIG is awesome! The 125gr bullet at 1450fps at the muzzle still hits at 100yds like a laser with as much velocity as a standard pressure 9mm load of the same weight AT THE MUZZLE. Now I know we won’t shoot a lot of bad guys at 100, but its nice to know you have that capability. It’s very accurate with a flat trajectory and has less recoil than the .40 S&W. I can’t say enough about the cartridge. I think its perfect for self defense, especially in 115gr loading at 1550fps. Pure performance. The only drawback is the more aggressive maintenance schedule. At 40,000psi SAMMI pressure limits, it will beat your gun up. But, that just means changing a few springs more often and getting a new barrel sooner, a problem that is of no consequence to me.

      • Nater

        You really think that it has less perceived recoil than the .40 S&W? I honestly couldn’t tell any difference between .40 Smith an .357 SIG in a Gen 3 Glock 23/32. The .357 SIG did seem to have somewhat more muzzle blast. Regardless, I’d much more impressed by the .357. The G32 Gen 4 is on my short list of .357 SIG pistols to buy. The others being the M&P .357 and the P229.

  • Tommy big balls

    Bring out the damn polymer framed glock 1911 already!!! Call it the glock 2011 and put John waynes face on it or something and then every old 1911 loving glock hating hardass will have no choice and glock will corner every market of guns. Where’s the polymer lower AR-15 at?? Glock makes 1 gun. Only 1. It just comes in different sizes/calibers. That’s crazy but true. Beretta has like 5 diff designs and sadly probably sells less than glock.

    • Lance

      Sales of Beretta pistol dose well in the USA. The military is still buying M-9s after a 09 buy. And Several major Police Departments use the M-92FS like LAPD SFPD Fresno PD and Minneapolis MN Police. The PX 4 is used by Maryland State Police.

    • 18D

      That would be cool, but unfortunately the polymer 2011 already exists. I’m sure the last thing on Gaston Glocks mind is building a 1911 for retail sale. I love my Glock, never leave home without it. But, Gaston is not really a big gun designer (obviously). We probably won’t be seeing a new gun with the name Glock on it until Gaston passes, and even then I doubt it.

  • Tommy big balls

    I guarantee more cops use glocks. And defiantly more soldiers in the world use glocks.

    • Lance

      I didn’t say more cops use Beretta but some major departments do. Romania using Glocks for Police. South Korean Police and Austria Army use Glocks.

  • Tommy big balls

    Ya glocks are the champ. I’m a beretta fan boy so that makes me sad. Romania uses glocks?? Cool. Thought they would use some crappy gun made at cugir.

  • John Doe

    The Glock is becoming as ubiquitous as the AR. Hell, I’d buy a Glock-made AR. A Glock AR magazine would be a good start. PMags are great, but Glock could make it better.

  • Sold my Glocks because the grip was too big. Unfortunately the drop in inserts just make it bigger not smaller.

    I still think the Gen II (no stupid fingergroves) was the best iteration.

  • Heavy G

    I bought my Gen 4 Model 34 about three months ago for $650…they are out and have been out.