Clever Brass Catcher Concept

A reader emailed us about a clever brass catcher he developed for the Oakdale Gun Club. Club members have encouraged him to commercialize the idea.

A couple of years ago I started designing brass catchers for our range (Oakdale Gun Club). The members liked them so much they told me I should sell them. Well I started making them and have everything set up but need to see if there is a group to sell to out there. Do you have an area where one could see if there is any interrest in a brass catcher like mine? I have tried it with my AR15, M1A, Glock 30, Glock21, Glock 22, Glock 35, SW 4506, SW 4006, 1911′s and several other simi autos. The shooter has to make some adjustments as to where he stands but once situated it catches 90 to 98% of the brass ejected. Nothing will catch brass ejected over your head or straight out to the front. This catcher can be positioned left or right side. The fabric I use to make them is designed to last 10 years in the desert sun as a sunscreen and is quite expensive. I plan to sell the units for $79.95 each plus shipping.

Steve Johnson

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  • Looks neat. Does it have to hang from something or is it freestanding?

    • Richard Sheffler

      If you buy one I include instructions for building a stand out of 2 inch PVC. We tried smaller PVC but it is too flexible. We even tell you which joints to glue and which to use a 1/4 inch bolt in for easy take down and storage/carry.
      I hope this helps
      Thanks for your comment
      Richard Sheffler

  • Lance

    Looks nice

  • I had a friend build some many, many years ago with the same concept. He built the frame out of PVC and used old sheets. They were light and easily portable and could be broken down and reassembled rather easily.

  • Brian

    This is not exactly a noval concept. I’ve been using a 3 dollar sheet that I simply staple up to catch my expensive 10mm brass for about 3 or 4 years now. That being said, it does work and an added benefit is that you don’t throw hot brass on people you are sharing a gun port with. Works with rifles or pistols. I’ve found that a low thread count cheap sheet works the best because it has more flex and the brass basically just rolls down the contour of the sheet to the ground. Heavier is not better as the brass will bounce. No need to anchor the bottom as long as it is long enough that it doesn’t blow around, just let it hang then pick up your brass at the bottom. Just be a good sport and remove the staples after you are done. I also lay out a canvas tarp on the ground where I shoot in the country to catch brass while running rifle or pistol drills. This works great for reloaders to recover there brass. When you are done fold in the middle and collect your brass, easy. Use canvas as it is heavy enough that wind won’t blow it around or burn through it. It will last forever. It will also protect your vehicles trunk or bed from heavy steel targets. Here bigger is better if you are doing shoot and move drills (like you should be doing.) You just have to tweak it to catch the most brass.

  • Matt G.

    Looks useful, but it doesn’t look 80 dollars useful.

    • DaveR

      Crap, I gave a thumbs down when I meant to give a thumbs up…sorry, MattG.

      I also agree that the price point seems high, maybe twice what the market would bear. In my case, the high price will only encourage a potential buyer into coming up with his own version of this…but it IS a great idea.

      • Richard Sheffler

        I worked on this design for 2 years testing prototypes and fabrics. This one hangs from the ceiling of our covered ranges from standard bicycle hooks. We needed it to be simple but wanted it to last. We could have made it from several different materials, we tried several materials that did not stand up over time. This material costs 15 bucks per yard and is being professionaly sewn with high strength thread. The material is meant to last for 10 years as a sun shade in desert climates. Unfortunately you cannot sew it on a standard sewing machine so I had to go to an industrial company to have them sewn.
        As long as the hooks are installed at the range you can bring it in and take it down when you leave. I have a design for a self standing stand that can be made out of PVC pipe and will work well for individuals with no covered range. The design can be built for a few dollars worth of 2 inch PVC. The problem we have is that shipping PVC or other materials is expensive when you can perchase them at the local Menards or Home Depot for next to nothing. Thanks for your input, I hope I helped you understand where I am comming from. You can respond to me directly at

  • Tommy big balls

    Shoot steel cased. Problem solved.

    • Richard Sheffler

      One of the reasons we designed this is due to the regulations that many states are imposing on ranges: Minnesota can come up with plenty of regulations just to try and shut us down. One of the biggest upcomming challenges is cleaning up residue (lead, copper, brass, steel, ect). Our range sells brass (22 included) and we get between 80 to 100 dollars for each 5 gallon bucket scrap. We clean the backstops and recycle the lead also. We now can comply with the wacko regulations concerning cleaning up residue, including steel casings (we collect and sell them too). This keeps the “tree huggers” off our butts and makes friends out of the environmental government agencies. Other ranges have had trouble with people trying to sue them over falling from slipping on expended cartridges laying on the ground. This concept helps keep this in check and our ranges open.

      I hope this helps.

  • Adam W

    Just a suggestion. Can you make them so they catch on both sides so rages can perm install them? It may make sense for a range to purchase one to separate each of their lanes.

    • Richard Sheffler

      since it hangs from standard bicycle hooks (j hooks) you can reverse it at any time. I don’t know of to many rifles or pistols that eject to the left but there are some out there.

    • Ajay

      This should be installed at ALL ranges,even if you don’t collect your brass to reload, for example: people who shoot that cheap com-bloc corrosive 7.62×39 crate ammo. It would make clean-up considerably easier,especially when that crate has 1120 rounds in spam can. That stuff is everywhere up here in Canada, I’m always stepping on grey cases at the range.

      Everyone should be buying this guys product.

      • Lance

        Happens in USA too you do get more 5.56/.223 brass though 😉

  • Erik

    Any plans to do one with a collapsible, standalone stand?

    • Erik

      Yes the price does seem high, but you guys try scrambling around to pick up 10MM Brass… or 7.62×45 brass… Yea this is totally worth $80 to me.

      • Erik

        I can save that much just by catching all the 10MM I shoot in about 6 months.

      • Richard Sheffler

        Shipping a stand is expensive so I will provide you with the design for a portable stand made from 2 inch PVC that you can build for very cheap in about 2 hours. The secret is don’t glue all the joints use 1/4 inch bolts in some places so you can take it apart easily and store it.

  • Ryan

    It is basically a fitted bedsheet for $80. It must be very high thread count.

    • Richard Sheffler

      This is made from High Quality Sun Screen material made to last for 10 years of constant exposure to the desert sun. We tried many materials that did not last. This is the BEST material and is not cheap. 15 dollars per yard plus shipping of 60 bucks per roll. If you want one send me an email

  • Richard Sheffler

    Right now we are making a few at a time. If we can make a hundred at a time the price will go down. I am also working to keep all of the parts small enough to ship in a standard postal box for “if it fits it ships” pricing. Included are 4 stiffiners for the depth and two 48 inch pieces to keep the catch bag open at the bottom. If you make brass catchers too tight the brass trampolines out so we keep the material loose so everything will fall into a large enough bag at the bottom so you don’t have to bend over too far. (this concept is for old farts like me 60’s and up)

  • FOD

    Should’ve patented it. I could see this in ranges all over.

    • Richard Sheffler

      How do you know we didn’t? Its pending

      • FOD

        Didn’t know that, nothing here mentioned a patent. Many folks don’t realize that if you sell or publicize an invention, it loses patentability. Look at what happened to the targetmeister guy.

  • junyo

    You want working capital and to push a bunch of them? This looks like an almost ideal situation for Kickstarter.

    • Richard Sheffler

      I went through that venture capitol stuff before, got cleaned out and they made all the money. This time I am going to rely on the market. I need to sell the ones I have and reinvest everything back into the next run. That way I can keep it neat and clean without having some bank in my back pocket.

      • junyo

        Kickstarter isn’t traditional venture capital, it’s small scale idea micro-funding by individuals. Lots of small projects have successfully been funded that way, and you’d get a lot less static. Check out something like Hexbright or Diasphora.

  • Tony

    So $80 for a hessian sack with one side cut out and a coupe of wire coathangers to keep it in shape?

    Why would anyone ever buy this when you can put one together in less time than you spend bombing up mags for a range day?

  • Alfred

    Singapore Army uses brass catcher on the rifle. Been in place close to 20+ years. Started from the M-16 .. .. ..

    The brass catcher serves several purposes:

    1. Clean ranges.
    2. Recycling.
    3. Legal.


  • fw226

    I think your real goal here should be to sell this to other gun ranges instead of individuals – particularly nearby ones at first so delivery isn’t an issue. I think you would build word of mouth and sales more quickly, and that seems to be the target for something this durable.

  • What happens on a windy day? Looks like it could be a distraction then.

  • Hong

    Nice idea, but the only problem with this when using at the range is visibility. The range master can not monitor the shooter with that hanging. It can lead to unsafe situations.