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  • Lance

    I can already tell you anti-gun and anti US military Gorge Soros’s doesn’t own any US Arms maker especially since they sell most semi-auto ARs to civilian gun owners.

    • Matt

      The rumor was that Soros was quietly buying up these companies so he could shut them all down and kill off the American firearms industry.

      • W

        another pile of baseless crap that has been refuted once again. There is no incentive to squash american private arms sales, the profits are immense and employ millions. Without the innovation and R&D conducted by private organizations, there will be no breakthrough in small arms concepts and improvements. both are essential for the american defense industry (which is, indisputably, the largest in the world).

        the “individual” aspect of the 2nd amendment has been fortified by supreme court ruling DC vs Heller.

        Does this mean that opponents of the 2nd amendment have been laid to rest? not hardly. This ruling will make them more tenacious and resourceful in their efforts to impede gun ownership “for the common good”. It is up to the independent sentiment in the United States to continue to fight for our bill of rights.

  • highstepinlowcrawler


    C-E-R-B-E-R-U-S. Mythological three-headed hell hound.

    You are welcome….

  • Bruce

    Who owns Snopes?

    • It doesn’t matter, they put all references on their site so you can follow the research yourself. That is why it is one of the best sites to use if you want to find out if some rumor is true or not.

  • TC

    It’s funny the NRA would warn against spreading “baseless rumors found on the Internet.”

    After receiving calls from them regarding the impending U.N. seizure of my guns, and reading LaPierre’s monthly “there’s no evidence to back this up, but I can say with a certainty Obama’s planning a second term assault on gun rights” column, I can’t really hold my nose long enough to write them a membership check.

    There’s plenty they could do to protect 2nd amendment rights without acting like frightened children.

    • Scout

      TC , I suggest you go straight to the source:

      Do a search on “gun control” and start reading. You will want to set some time aside. There is quite a bit there. They lay it out plain as day.

      The truth can be quite discomforting, but it’s still better than living a lie.

      • charles222

        Yeah, that whole gay-rights thing is actually what, code for gun control? Don’t be an idiot. The UN can’t set a country’s internal laws.

    • Roy

      I also got a chuckle from the “baseless rumors found on the Internet.” line. Most of my right wing friends base their whole political position on “baseless rumors found on the Internet.”

  • In addition to the fact that if Soros actually did buy the companies to shut them down, he would be wide open to a huge shareholder lawsuit and lose handily. You cannot intentionally destroy a company without serious financial repercussions.

  • hojo

    SNOPES For The Win!

    I love referring people to Snopes when they send me stupid e-mails. WTF is wrong with people that sit around making up senseless lies?

    On a more relevant note, when you talk about the security of the second amendment, which says “… to keep and BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”, do you feel like that’s the world we live in? Do you feel like you can own and carry (bear) any modern, capable firearm suitable for defending your liberty, or do you think maybe you can carry a small subset and nothing close what you would be up against if it came down to it?

    Bad news kids, the second amendment has already been significantly infringed. You may expect more infringements in the future in the name of security.

    • W

      infringed indeed. In my opinion, it has been infringed and raped since the passing of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

      Given that the trend in the world is to heavily regulate private arms (which has had zero consequence to criminals and terrorists), it’ll be a miracle if the 2nd continues to exist in the next 25-50 years.

      yes, those emails are pretty hilarious. its even funnier when somebody tries to tangle with you using email trivia as a source of information. if you are exchanging politics with somebody, it is essential that you fact check (meaning unplug your laptop and exit from google).

  • boxermachine

    I was at a gun show last week and a big dealer told me “George Sirius, who owns Sirius radio bought Remington etc and had planned to put it out of business”. He was so sure of himself that I didn’t even bother to correct him.