Genius Radio Commercials

Fresno, CA firearm dealer PRK Arms have been running a couple of genius radio commercials. One is a spoof of puppy adoptions advertisements, the other a spoof of male “enhancement” commercials. The commercials are embedded below …

[Hat Tip: Hot Air]

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Aww just like Gun-broker “We sell High powered assault rifles to anyone the law allows”

  • Andrew

    Apparently whoever put these commercials together is a nerd like me, because the music in the “male enhancement” commercial is literally straight out of a Final Fantasy game.

    • Steve

      Doh, just saw this

  • Steve

    Hahaha! The second ad uses the Final Fantasy 10 piano version of “To Zanarkand” as it’s background music. It’s good to know some gaming nerds work with or for them.

  • Dan

    I can confirm independently that these ads are working wonders. “prk arms” is one of the highest referred search terms for my gun shop business listing site and our PRK Arms profile is one of our highest visited pages on the site.

  • Will Litten

    Welcome to Fresno everyone.

  • My good friend is one of the co-owners of PRK Arms. They are a cutting edge gun store in California. Many stores won’t touch SB.23 compliant MSR’s but they are blowing them out. The ads have garnered a ton of business.


  • Awesome. I would love to hear that on the radio.