Beretta Nano 9mm

FateofDestinee has reviewed the new 9mm Beretta Nano pistol

As a woman looking for new concealed carry options, I prefer the size of the Nano as it is easier to conceal in some of the tighter clothing I wear than some other sub-compact options. This one is chambered in 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum), but I believe they will be offering it chambered in .40 S&W as well.

It has interchangeable three (3) dot sights, which is a style I like for the sight picture. They are adjustable using a small hex wrench, and your fingers, so no need to go to a gunsmith to alter or upgrade your sights.

Here video review is … interesting …

Steve Johnson

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  • Some Guy

    well then.

  • Brad

    Crazy is a harsh word…

  • Lance

    Might be a nice CCW pistol Beretta has a good reputation.

  • noob

    I think I just fell in love.

    The gun is nice too.

  • Axel Nordberg

    Awesome to see a new perspective on guns.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    It’s a crazy Sybil chick. I dated a few.

    I wouldn’t want to be in a room with them if there were sharp objects around let alone a firearm.

    Whatever, though. God bless the democracy of the internet.

  • Payce

    Naw she’s not crazy, she’s just trying to do something a little different from the standard gun review.

  • Ace

    I’ll pass on both.

  • SpudGun

    More of a promotion then a review with very little in practical information. No mention of perceived recoil, muzzle flash, magazine capacity, price, etc., just superficial impressions on how it ‘feels’.

    I never thought I would see the words Gun Porn associated with the Beretta Nano – it just seems wrong – like Midget Porn.

    But if this is the new trend, I guess Phil will have to break out his fishnet bra for the next 1911 review.

  • sdog

    fateofdestinee’s channel is interesting, she tries to infuse some creativity into her mostly gun related video, which is refreshing. Plus with the added benefit of being pretty nice to look at as well.

    This does not change the hideous appearance of this weapon. but i have not seen one in person f held one, going on aesthetics alone here.

  • Brice

    I look for more meat in my gun reviews, but I’m always willing to welcome anybody into my favorite activity. It’s just a first impression, hopefully she’ll have a chance to put together a better actual review of the pistol.

    My two cents: The Nano doesn’t have enough mag capacity to replace my P239, but isn’t small enough to replace my PF9 for pocket carry. It doesn’t fill a niche for me. I have the same feelings about the P290.

  • Pete Sheppard

    So that’s what happens when you cross a Glock with a Kel-Tec…
    Many will like the lack of a slide release (they prefer a “slingshot” motion to drop the slide) and the takedown switch means one less part to misplace when cleaning.

    I’m sure it’s a nice pistol, but I’m like Brice; I’ll stick with my Kel-Tec for a pocket-carry auto.

  • charles222

    Busted a gut laughing at the Hippy Chick/Science Girl/Emo Girl portion. Nice review, too.

  • Are there polymer pistols without steel barrels, slides, and steel chassis?

  • Why are so many of the cute ones loony? This one seems to have a multiple personality disorder.


  • Gun has no appeal looks wise…so, how does it shoot?

  • “Dr.”Dave

    “As a woman looking for new concealed carry options, I prefer the size of the Nano as it is easier to conceal because I refuse to alter my dress or daily life style in order to carry a pistol that is large enough to be useful in situations other than a gunfight in phone booth. This one is chambered in 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum…See? I know what i’m talking about. I restate the caliber because I know it and I want to sound authoritive and cant just say 9mm like every one else does), but I believe they will be offering it chambered in .40 S&W as well, so that I can have horrendous muzzle flip and difficult felt recoil in a pistol that is already to small to shoot with serious accuracy”


  • ruben

    just doesnt seem genuine, she seems rehersed and doesnt really seem to me like she knows a whole lot about firearms thats isnt written down for her. seems like a put on, probly by the guy behind the camera.

  • Bailey

    Just bought the Nano at my local gun store… paid $459 plus tax. Have only fired 50 rounds while I was clearing trees on my lot. Have not had time to take it to the range.

    First off I purchased this as a slim conceal carry pistol, as my main cc gun was a Spring Field Sub xd 9mm. With the fact the xd is a double stack magazine, the nano is roughly 1/2″ thinner than the xd. In a conceal carry tuckable holster the half inch is the difference between carry and not to carry— for a tuckable holster, and a tucked in shirt.

    As I get more shots fired on the Nano I will update this post. For now all 50 rounds fired and ejected perfectly. Great balance and weight. The muzzle jump is minimal.

    Have already cleaned the gun. Great feature is the fire pin reset button. Rather than having to dry fire the gun to take it down, you just need to press the pin reset button, turn the set screw 1/4 turn and your gun is broken down.

    So far really enjoy the feel and fit of the gun. Will keep you posted.

    • Kim

      Being a woman and use to carrying a XD 9 I wanted a thinner gun. Let’s face it guys women’s clothes are lower waisted and tighter. Took it to the range and shot 100 rounds thru it. After about 70 my hands were feeling a little tired ( and I shoot about 500 rounds a week ) the trigger pull is long so its gonna take some getting used to. The recoil is what I expected for a light short barrel gun. It ran smooth and was fun to shoot. But I wouldn’t take a class with it lol. I’m looking for a holster for it now and won’t carry until I get a few more rounds thru it

  • Justmeagain

    Actually she has a nice channel and does know a bit about guns. I wouldn’t consider her an expert but she does have a decent amount of knowledge for an amateur and I expect there’s a few things that she considers in gun shopping that most of us don’t….the female user.
    I’ll give you an example. I bought a pocket knife for my daughter as she’s now old enough to be trusted with a knife, the world hasn’t gotten any safer and a local store had Benchmades on sale. Guess what? The knife that fit in my pocket really well doesn’t fit in a woman’s jean pocket (shorter pockets) and everything shows in skinny jeans. I bought her another knife or two and let her rotate them depending on the outfit she’s wearing.
    Soooo… and learn. I knew that my ideal handgun might not be everyone else’s but never realized that a 3″ Griptilian might be hard for a woman to carry.

  • So far it seems like the way I’ll go. It’s truly pocket worthy.

  • Tony M

    Obviously styled after Glock, not that its a bad thing. Seeing the amount of muzzle rise would be beneficial in evaluating the Beretta further. Size-wise its still too big to replace my Rohrbaugh, although I could by two Berettas for one R9 😉

  • Nate

    How funny…the idea of a hippy chick promoting a firearm..Emo girl was scary, but Professor Des can talk to me about “technopolymer frames” any day…whoo-ah

  • bob

    I one of those folks who actually likes the chuncky look of this gun. And especially like the no levers profile. Because of what the gun is intended for I can live with the long trigger pull. Beretta actual lost a sale with me because of the FTE problems. Currently waiting to get my hands on a Shield. If only Beretta would directly address the Nano FTE problem, rather pretend its no big deal, they would have had another sale. Right now Shields are hard to find and Nanos seem to be more plentiful (but Beretta is throwing away this window of sales opportunity).

  • Safegunner

    Jus bought another new pistol to carry today.
    I have a Nano and it is a little chunky, not very attractive and not really a concealed carry gun due to it’s chunkiness.
    I saw an ad that said it comes with an extended magazine and asked the clerk, but he said that is not true.
    I asked about the failure to extract issue to see if maybe it is the ammo I am using, but another gun owner in the store confirmed that he has the same issue.
    We both about S&W Shields!
    What a great gun without the accuracy and operation issues of the Beretta Nano!
    And with the extended magazine that S&W gives you, it fits much better in my hand.

    • Safegunner

      Sorry, I meant to type that:
      We both bought Shields!

  • Chad

    I bought the Nano, put about 450 rounds thru it and had 13 FTE’s. I called Beretta and the rep said I was probably limp wristing it, but would send me the instructions to send it in for repair. He also said it was probably the ammo. We’ll see how the ”repair” works out. Other than that, once your used to the long trigger pull its great to shoot.

  • Gregory Smith

    I’m a man, and I own this weapon. I bought it because I wanted a less bulky alternative for concealed carry.