KRISS K10 Coming Next Year

KRISS’ newest submachine gun, the KRISS K10, will go on sale next year after IWA ’12.

KRISS K10 Prototype. Photo © Bryan Jones

I was able to exaime the a K10 prototype (the gun in the photo above) earlier this year. It has a number of improvements over the KRISS Vector. The K10 will initially be sold in .45 ACP with 9mm and .40 S&W models to follow.

Steve Johnson

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  • Other Steve

    Regardless of how you feel about the KRISS, this thing is an entire step backwards in design. I can’t imagine how they could make this any uglier. That quad rail is hideous. Also, really? Quad rail? You need a light, visable laser, ir laser and foregrip all on a pdw? Come on!

    I thought, well, it would be cool if they took the barrel down and lost the rail… But the other photos show that the quad rail is covering almost all the barrel, there is no cutting it down unless you want a 2″ barrel.

    As I understand it, magpul had a hand in the first one, but I assume not this one. They need a designer badly.

    Kard looks cool in full auto, so nevermind for me.

    But the latest version of the sphinx is actually looking good.

    • The Sphix pistols are very good, at least from what little time I’ve had to play with them. The .45 shot like the 9mm.

    • Duray

      I’m guessing it was designed less for making an artistic statement and more for killing people. There’s already plenty of “pretty” guns out there.

      • Other Steve

        Really? Like their last fail that couldn’t extract a live round? Yea, serious machine there.

    • W

      “this thing is an entire step backwards in design.”

      LMAO yes, especially after innovating the SMG internal design for the first time in over 100 years…

  • Kyle

    I wish they would put the KRISS KARD into production

  • Lance

    .45 is the only version worth looking at a MP-5 would be better in 9mm.

  • I would like to get to try one of the KRISS guns.

  • Brian in Seattle

    I was hoping the 10 meant 10mm.

    • noob

      hmm. wonder if they’ll allow 3rd party companies to interface with the upper (which in this case is the pistol grip and registered firearm, I think… freaky) by making a custom lower beefed up to handle the 10mm.

      or any other cartridge while we’re at it.

      .22LR plinker kriss lower for low cost training anyone? (I almost kid, but 9mm keeps going up in price)

      • jimmy

        HI STEVE YOUR DAUGHTER IS ONE FINE lookin thingand to see her on tv is great i love the show from alabama

  • Niceness

    Front side (barrel) looks turd ugly. They should mount a piece of plastic on the upper side and around the barrel, make it look fatter. It would be a totally different thing.

    • Burst

      Integral laser mount, perhaps?

  • Cameron

    I must be the only person that loves this gun. It just…I dunno. It looks kinda cool in a futuristic way. Even with the Quad-Rail I think it’s fine.

  • 18D

    The K10 looks to he incredibly unfinished. I hope that’s some kind of prototype, because the gun in the pic looks like a step back for the Kriss series guns.

    The original Super-V is an outstanding gun. It’s a perfect solution for a subgun and has many user friendly features. One of my favorite features is the separate safety and fire selector, which the K10 appears not to have. The Super-V had plenty of rail space for the accessories one would need for this kind of gun. I’m not sure why you would chop off part of the receiver to add a quad rail?

    The K10 seems to be lacking. Let’s hope the finished product is something more refined.

  • elk hunter

    How about making it in 10mm Auto and 9×25 Dillon?

  • Netforce

    It looks very hard to hold on to properly.

  • Alan

    A soft-recoiling compact 10mm carbine would be interesting, given the scarcity of the MP5-10 on the secondary market.

  • Matt Gregg

    I hope they fixed the extractor. Even if they didn’t I’m sure the overpriced, neutered civilian version will get rave reviews from the various blogs and magazines.

  • SiloZen

    Don’t see the problem, although the quad rail seems to be going for more Militia approach.
    The barrel bit seems a bit uneven.


    KRISS Ha. Awesome ideas. Poor execution. Horrible Customer Service as well. While my american buddies have stated otherwise, ive had nothing but issues here in Canada. KRISS lost me as a future customer. Take care of your existing customers before you try to put more garbage on the shelf.