The Range Idiot Song (Don’t Shoot)

The song is a very clever parady of No Doubt’s hit Don’t Speak.

I think we all have been that idiot at one time or another in our lives. I was cured of range idiocy at a young age by a zealous range officer.

[ Many thanks to Al for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lon

    Wow, this guy’s talented.

    • Lon

      no sarcasm intended.

  • Lance

    Pretty good.

  • SpudGun

    That’s put a big old smile on my face. 🙂

    Very, very good.

  • Fred Johnson

    Great Friday morning entertainment, thanks!

  • Massoud

    Love it. This guy has some skills. Apparently his friends do not.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    His other vids are good too.

  • Mark

    The guy is good and presents a very important topic in a memorable and funny way. I have been the victim of an AD/ND and so I tend to be more than usually aware of safety.

    On the other hand, I won’t be able to listen to No Doubt’s Don’t Speak without thinking of this video. I mean, the guy is talented, but Gwen is way more attractive!

  • That is so much better than i expected it to be!

  • W

    HAHAHA! it never ceases to amaze the other talents that shooters have. I have known one guy that can write poetry and another that carves wooden bears, though musical talent i haven’t heard 🙂

    • Ted Nugent. Duh!!

    • First off, I want to apologize for my previous reply, which may come across meaner than I intended. I should have put a smilie at the end. Sarcasm doesn’t really come through in text. Sorry.

      Anyway, I forgot about the NRA country music tour. Still seems a bit weird, but if they sign a few people up at concerts, then whatever.

      Also, there’s Keni Thomas. Keni Thomas sang with sort-of-blues group Cornbread (2nd album titled “Headspace and Timing”), and he’s got some solo country albums. If you watched the sitcom “Louie,” he’s the dude who straps on a Beretta before going out to do a USO show. I believe he was in the Army, and was involved in the Mogadishu conflict – the “Blackhawk Down” one.

      • W

        LOL, suburban, i completely forgot about ted nugent! i’m glad you refreshed my memory.

  • JamesD

    Is that a mohawk?

    • Absolutely!! Complete with Rob Halford glasses. . . singing a No Doubt song. . . and he’s playing a piano. . . pretty well too.

  • Hrach Hayrapetyan


  • Oh my gosh that was awesome.

  • Bandito762

    Who knew Soap was so talented.

  • JT

    Great video. Now we need a Range Nazi song

  • Michael Woltjen

    Very cool vid. Muzzle me one more time… ha ha ha.

  • kellyman17

    I’m sorry, but this has been driving me INSANE…. *parody*

  • Axel Nordberg


  • His other songs are pretty good too:

    • W

      HAHA, well, many think that because i buy a lot of guns, they think i suffer from insanity…well, i don’t exactly “suffer” from my insanity.