California Legal M249 SAW

No, you did not read the title incorrectly. My friends at Strike Industries recently got to inspect U.S. Machine Gun Armory’s new “Featureless” Cali-legal SAW. They plan on offering semi-automatic SAWs to California residents with either a pistol grip-less rifle stock or a radical Motorcycle based spade grip version designed for vehicle mounting. It will come with a SureFire muzzle brake instead of an evil (banned) flash-hider.

Civilians with links owned prior to the ban in California can use it with belts of any length!

Contact U.S. Machine Gun Armory for pricing.

[ Many thanks to Simon for the photos & Howard Kent for the info. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • ARL

    10-round belts in semi-auto sounds like tons of fun.

    • Mort

      More fun than bolt action rifles that allot of the world is forst to use.

      • TATim

        I love shooting my bolt action just as much as the semi-automatic I have.

    • Cymond

      Some people in Cali had belts before the 2001 ban, and those are still permitted. They’re arguably allowed to continue re-linking the belts forever.

      Technically, it’s perfectly legal to posses full capacity magazines in the PRK. It’s just the importation/sale/manufacture that’s illegal. It’s technically legal to keep a full-cap that you find on the ground. And if a friend imports & gives you a full-cap, you can keep that too (but your friend is going to prison).

      • Komrad

        wait, purchase is not illegal?

      • noob

        Hmm. I wonder how many geocaches are out in the desert, planted by people from Nevada for people from California to dig up.

        digging up the geocache is not a crime. owning the hi-cap mags in it is not a crime.

        the guy who dug the hole, well, you don’t know him. it’s just a known thing that if you go to this spot once a month, new hi-cap magazines will show up in plastic bags, thanks to a unknown philanthropist the next state over who hates California.

  • Doug

    I couldn’t find any info to it on their website. Are they giving priority to CA? If I brought some rare stuff to market in hs industry, CA is the last place I’d go.

  • Nathan B

    WTS: 400 Pre-ban links $30 ea. 😛

  • Jason

    I’m from California. AR thing is bad enough, but still workable. Who The HELL would want a semi auto M249?

    • noob

      bump fire?

      • Nadnerbus

        I’d wager that it is probably too heavy to get a good bump fire going.

    • Komrad

      I don’t know. Maybe a setup similar to that SSAR-15 slide fire stock would be nice, or maybe a crank fire mechanism like the ones they sell for Ruger 10/22s.

    • Other Steve

      Vehicle mounted crank fire?

      • Cymond

        Unfortunately, fire-accelerators are illegal in the PRK (like the slide-fire and those crank things).

  • noob

    hmm. How much money could I make selling a cheap canvas bag as a “link catcher”

    your preban links. soon to be worth more than gold.

    (and how much trouble do you get in if you manufacture links out of sheet steel in your garage?)

    • Nadnerbus

      I can’t find the penal code, but seem to recall importing or manufacturing a “hi cap” carries a misdemeanor charge. Links over ten would count as hi cap. I don’t think anyone would sell or ship links to Ca since it would be so easy to commit a crime with them by putting more than ten together. Another ridiculous piece of minutiae courtesy of California law.

      • Cymond

        Californians aren’t allowed to have post-ban full-cap magazines, but they can have all of the parts for one. Plenty of sources sell disassembled magazines to Californians for use rebuilding old/worn/damaged magazines, or for assembly/use outside the state.

        It may be hard to find a manufacturer willing to send links into Cali, but there are plenty of businesses that cater to Cali and will act as a middleman. And why would anyone sell to Cali? Because Californian gun owners are willing to pay extra.

        Example: Californians can only buy handguns on an arbitrary list of approved ‘safe guns’. However, single shot pistols and single-action revolvers are exempt from the roster if they fit certain criteria. Hence, we can get almost anything in Cali if we convert semi-autos to single-shots, and convert revolvers to single-action only. However, they only need to be converted to transfer to the buyer; they do not need to *stay* converted once the buy has the gun. (They still have to comply with capacity and “assault” weapon restrictions, though.) There are many in-state gunsmith/gunshops that offer these services for a fee.

      • Zermoid

        “Californians aren’t allowed to have post-ban full-cap magazines, but they can have all of the parts for one. Plenty of sources sell disassembled magazines to Californians for use rebuilding old/worn/damaged magazines, or for assembly/use outside the state.”

        Are links considered “parts” or “magazines” when un-assembled into a belt?
        Can you floks buy links as “parts” for repairing a pre-ban belt?

      • Zermoid

        *floks = folks

        I need an EDIT button……

  • garynyer

    people better buy this, its a big FU to California

  • Nadnerbus

    As pro gun as I am, living in California I have learned not to poke the liberal beast that is perpetually in charge of this state. For the same reason that I agreed with the open carry activists’ aims but disagreed with their program, I am nervous about this kind of thing as it tends to give ammo (no pun intended) to the anti-gun hystericals, the kind of ammo that helps them get anti gun bills passed. Open carry is banned now with the approval of governor Moonbeam. With a sympathetic media and a politician looking to make a name for themselves, this can easily lead to more onerous laws.

    Not that I’m an appeaser, just that it is better to be more tactical about this fight knowing that we are in enemy territory, politically speaking. Get the laws overturned first before going too hog wild.

    • Komrad

      I agree with you somewhat in that OC or other demonstrations of a similar nature do nothing to help loosen gun laws or change public perception in a good way. I don’t think people should limit themselves to the spirit of absurd laws just for the sake of avoiding offending people, however. Instead, just keep it on the down low. Don’t post a bunch of pictures everywhere and don’t try hunting with it or anything crazy like that, and it shouldn’t draw too much attention.

      The best way to rectify intrusive gun control is to get more people interested. So take your friends out to shoot sometime and the tide will turn, even in California.

  • I sent an email to their site… they don’t know anything about the product. A pity… I was overly excited. But… you never know…

  • JamesD

    Semi-auto and Cali legal. A saw? That should pretty much tell you how arbitrary California gun laws are.

  • lucusloc

    problem: how to tell if links (or most mags for that matter) are pre-ban?

    • Erik

      There is no way to tell.

      The burden of proof is on the state, and it’s not possible for them to prove that they’re post-ban 99% of the time.

      • noob

        I really hope that they don’t have a mass spectrometer to detemine the steel batch the links were made from. That would be like the college dorm that used expensive DNA testing to find out who was masturbating and clogging up the showers.

        of course, a future where a serial number stamped on the links was mandatory would be even worse.

      • Cymond

        Yes, it is the state’s burden of proof that you manufactured (assembled) or imported a full-cap magazine. To cloud the water even more:

        You ARE permitted to repair a pre-ban magazine with later parts, and there is no part that defines the magazine. For example, you can replace the pring, follower, and floorplate on the first day. Then, you can replace the body on the second day. Voila! It is essentially a new magazine, but is technically a ‘repair’.

        Likewise, an 11 round belt is legally no different than 100 round belt (both >10). As long as you have a pre-ban 11 round belt, you can add as many links to it as you like.

        Can I move home now?

      • Zermoid

        Reply, mostly to Cymond,

        That’s nuts! But what do you expect from Kalifornia. Intelligence?

        What happens if you fire a round from that 11 rd belt? Is it still considered a 11 rd belt? Or is then legally a 10 rd belt and cannot be added to?

        Another very serious question, WHY would anyone who likes guns Stay in Kalifornia????

    • noob


      there might be a market here for “breeding” link.

      take a 11rd link belt, and 100 spare links imported from outside as spare parts.

      make a legal “repaired” 111link belt.

      split into two 50 link belts, and keep your original 11rd link belt.

      you now have three legal hi-cap belts.

      Have I missed anything?

  • West

    Sort of want…I guess.
    Firing a semi-auto SAW is kind of like driving a Ferrari through a school zone or getting a kiss from your sister.
    Ok maybe your cousin.
    I dont get it, is this for guys who just like to pretend that they are in the military?

    • Representative Carolyn McCarthy

      Exactly. That’s why anyone who purchases a firearm must be able to show a demonstrable need for it, to be recorded and filed on a new national firearms registry I’m proposing. That way we can drastically cut down on all those wannabe military operators, wannabe anti-aircraft gunners, wannabe Afghan mujahideen, wannabe Western gunslingers, wannabe Civil War cavalry, wannabe Elmer Fudds, and wannabe responsible, free American citizens.

      (How come *every time* there’s a post about a firearm that is in any way not the “usual” thing you’d see at a gun counter there’s always someone going “well what could you possibly need THAT for?” As if there are no people who just enjoy shooting and owning all different types of firearms.)

      • West

        And why is it that every time somebody makes any kind of statement questioning the usefulness of a particular firearm somebody like you comes along and shouts them down with accusations of being ‘anti-American’?

        I never said anything like what you are implying.

        I never said you shouldnt be able to purchase the gun I simply said that I think it wouldnt be any fun in S/A configuration. I happen to be the owner of a couple of F/A weapons so I dont think I need any lectures from you about this subject.

      • Representative Carolyn McCarthy

        You literally quoted me on saying something that I didn’t say. I’m Canadian, nice try.

      • West

        You implied that I was advocating a national fire-arms registry to cut down on ‘free American citizens’.

        Now that we have that all cleared up would you care to attempt to defend your ridiculous statement?

        //nice try:)

      • Zermoid

        “That’s why anyone who purchases a firearm must be able to show a demonstrable need for it”

        Why should you have to show a need to use a RIGHT?
        Can you demonstrate a need to use your 1st amendment rights?

        “I’m Canadian”

        Yeah, that explains alot, you’ve already given up your freedoms…….

      • AJ

        “That’s why anyone who purchases a firearm must be able to show a demonstrable need for it”

        Why should you have to show a need to use a RIGHT?
        Can you demonstrate a need to use your 1st amendment rights?

        “I’m Canadian”

        “Yeah, that explains alot, you’ve already given up your freedoms…….”

        That’s a big assumption, have you actually checked out Canada’s gun laws, California has stricter laws than we do. Up in Canada I can own a pistol gripped AR, I can put a bayonet on it, as well as a flash hider. And we also don’t have any SBR laws for AR’s. Buying a 50 BMG rifle is okay in Canada as well.

        The only thing we lack is the ability to CCW, or own a suppressor.

      • fifth force

        You know your views are completely naive. Go out to a range and have competent people advise you.

        The uncanny part about all this is: You can own a Ruger Mini14, and blow through 90 rounds in 3 magazines (assumed you owned 3 or “found” 3), and STILL be putting the EXACT SAME firepower down as this M249 SAW (same exact caliber of bullets).

        You moronic politicians just see a weapon that LOOKS evil and get wet in the panties (piss yourselves). You see a capable firearm w/ a wooden stock, then it’s archaic enough for you. STOOOOOPID.

        Go learn something about guns before trying to regulate them. How sophomoric.

      • Steven M Wolfe

        Go Back to North Korea you stupid Bitch!

        Good luck trying to get everyones guns cause it will never work and it ll never happen. We have 300-500 Million civilian Owned Legal firearms on the streets of America. Thats half of the worlds total amount of legally owned civilian firearms, right here on our shores owned by AMERICANS! We out number damn near every single major military in the world combined. We’d out gun our own military. Our nations military will side with the AMERICAN PEOPLE, because they will not follow an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDER and they will not fall to that level of stupidity when it comes to being out massively outgunned.
        You should probably go back to grade school and learn your history and your math.

        I dont need to demonstrate a need to purchase a firearm to satisfy you or anyone else. Its my God Given right recognized by our founders who wrote our glorious Constitution. The 2nd Amendment reads “The right of the People, to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed.” That means theres no registry, no permits needed, no having to ask govt for any stupid permission for any bullshit reason. Its written pretty fuckin clear, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!
        If you want my guns, You had better bring yours! COME AND TAKE MOLON AABE !!! REBEL III%

    • W

      the “why does someone need that?” argument is the same fallacy constantly shouted in america, a free market, capitalist country and federal representative republic. I suppose I don’t “need” my porsche 911, though thankfully i live in a country where i can own one freely without being questioned. 🙂

      I personally think it is a affront to castrate a machine gun, especially forcing to comply with a Kalifornia standard. I see this as equivalent to taking a racing horse and giving it wooden legs.

      • West

        Im not saying that people should have to justify their every purchase or that people should be limited in what they can purchase.
        Im saying that I find this weapon (in S/A config.) is fairly useless. Thats a personal opinion not a political one. I personally would have no use for this weapon. It looks cool, for sure, but that is not a major criteria for me when it comes to weapons.

        Go crazy, buy them by the case if you please. Wont bother me one bit.

        Im basically agreeing with you. This gun was meant to fire F/A and anything else is just a joke.

      • Zermoid

        I agree with W‘s statement completely!

      • W

        it wasn’t directed at you west, i was speaking from my soapbox. i wouldn’t own a semi-automatic SAW simply because it would be a tease. 🙂

  • Hardgoodbye

    As a Canadian I wouldn’t mind a simi-auto saw as long as it still had the original pistol grip and stock, maybe with option of the folding paratrooper stock.

  • Matt in AZ

    What kind of sick joke is this!?

  • charles222

    I like how a grip designed for frickin turret use (what, on somebody’s Escalade?) is apparently less evil than the regular one.

  • brnunn

    Contrary to what you posted in the article, Flash Hiders are not illegal in CA. They are allowed on rifles that have a locked magazine (i.e. – bullet button AR / AK, etc.) but they are illegal to have on a featureless rifle. Because you can’t “lock the belt” into a SAW then it has to be made to be featureless and thus cannot have a Flash Hider. Other examples of featureless rifles include Ruger Mini-14, Springfield Armory MIA SOCOM II (with muzzle break, not FH), and Kel-Tec SU-16A/B/CA (not SU-16C/D).

  • Lance

    Forget about Kalifornia where can we get a regular semi auto SAW?

  • abc123

    The irony is that it has more of the sci-fi look that generally scares anti-gun people.

  • zincorium

    Is sarcasm dead? I think anyone regularly browsing this blog is supportive of the right to own, if not use against anyone else, the predominant arms of the current era.

    If infighting against the pro-‘armed citizenry’ camps of various stripes doesn’t end, we’re not going to make any progress against the forces opposed to citizen’s weaponry. And really, isn’t that the main concern?

  • Rev. Clint

    I dont see the point in having this but i also dont see the point in soccer moms driving hummers. that said id buy the one with the rifle stock.

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