Chris Costa leaves Magpul Dynamics

Chris Costa, Founder / President & Director of Training, is leaving Magpul Dynamics. Gear scout published a statement from Magpul …

“The future of Magpul Dynamics is not in question,” said Magpul Industries VP of sales and marketing, Robert Vidrine “but we are evaluating how we will go forward with the carbine training model. Replacing Chris is not plug and play.”

Chris will be moving on in early 2012 to pursue new projects within the industry, including his own training company. Magpul will continue to explore future opportunities to work with Chris, and looks forward to these projects. It has been a privilege to work with Chris for the last five years, and Magpul wishes him the best of luck in the future. The fundamentals of Reality, Consistency, and Efficiency that Chris helped instill are central to the entire Magpul Dynamics instructor cadre, and will continue to drive their training philosophy and mindset.

In the same year that the Magpul owners cash-out the Magpul Dynamics CEO (Haley) and President (Costa) both leave. I wonder what is going on that we don’t know about.

Steve Johnson

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  • Michael B

    “I wonder what is going on that we don’t know about.”
    Also, I will be interested to see what new ventures “The Beard” will be delving into in the future.

    • 18D

      Chris is starting his own company called Costa Ludus. I’m happy for him. I say, its about time he did his own thing.

  • Jay

    The rise and fall of Magpul…

  • Matt

    I hope magpul doesn’t tank, they make some awesome stuff.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Magpul design and production will be unaffected.

      Magpul Dynamics is a very small part of Magpul Industries business and Chris’ active role running carbine courses is a small part of Dynamics.

  • Aurelien

    Well, maybe they did not want to be backed by wall-street bigshots money. Maybe they just decided to go do their own thing.

    Good luck to hiw either way.

  • Pathfinder

    Guys, this is happening within Magpul Dynamics, not Magpul Industries. MD is a subsidiary division of MI that is focused on training. MI makes all the cool stuff. This is not good for MD and their training videos, unless they can get folks who are equally experienced and personable as Travis and Chris were, but it should have no effect on magazines, sights, stocks, forward grips, etc. etc.

    • 18D

      That’s not actually the case. Chris holds a high position at Magpul Industries as well. This move will effect both, just as Travis’s departure did. Travis was the VP at Magpul Industries. After he left in January, the product innovation dropped off quickly, and the time to market increased dramatically. With Chris gone, I suspect that new products will be few and far between. I think MD and MI are going to suffer quite a bit.

      On a lighter note, we can still see Chris in MD videos. The Art of the Precision Rifle is due soon (which features Travis too), and there are 3 other titles that Chris rapped up before he left. So we have four new videos coming! I think we’ll see Chris making his own stuff too, once his company is up and running. I think its great!

      • Michael

        Since Magpul has a policy of not releasing information on upcoming products or development, how do you know all of this?

      • 18D

        Michael, it was in the Magpul Industries press release. The Art of the Precision Rifle will be ready in the next month or so, and then Magpul will prepare 3 more titles after that. One will be a Tactical Driving DVD, and the other 2 are undisclosed at this time. That will complete the “art of” series. I spoke with Richard Fitzjpatrick today, and he said that Magpul Dynamics is moving forward with its courses, with a focus on the newly overhauled Precision Rifle Courses and Advanced Freefall Courses.

      • Actually the original poster has it correct. Magpul Dynamics and Magpul Industries are run as separate companies. While Chris will be missed the leadership, design and production at Magpul Industries remains unchanged.

        Chris has successfully built his own brand with our support since 2008 and this move was inevitable for his continued growth.

        While Chris will have an impact on our carbine courses, Steve Fisher was a respected trainer in his own right before joining Dynamics and I suspect he will hold his own quite well.

        Also Magpul Dynamics primary focus over the last 12 months has been on military courses such as parachute canopy control and precision rifle which have their own senior instructors.

  • ap

    Chris is getting old, guys. His instruction time at Magpul has tapered off consistently over the last few seasons, since the Dynamic Carbine came out. The guy’s been through a lot, physically, over his career. It makes sense that he’d want to direct his own gig, now. Magpul has now officially jumped the shark, however.

    • 18D

      Chris’ instruction hasn’t tapered off at all. He’s been at it full bore for the last year. Matter of fact, he’s been teaching classes almost nonstop! Chris and Fish were all over the place this summer, including courses I was at.

      The guy is not slowing down, he’s not even 40 yet. The time is right for him. He stated that recent family events have allowed him the opportunity to build his own company. I think MD dictates his moves too much and he wants to expand while doing whats best for his family.

  • Joseph

    Well, it seems to make sense, too. The industry is changing and these guys have the capability to bring a lot more to the table. Just think, Magpul wouldn’t even make their awesome lowers because they didn’t want to get in trouble.

  • Gir

    what a shame :/ i’m going to miss innovation sold for a reasonable price

    • Value is one of our fundamentals that you can read here on Magpul Foundations page at

      It is not going anywhere.

      • Gerald

        If you have to run around telling people that, it probably isn’t true now is it?

      • @Gerald. Skepticism is healthy.

        That said, Magpul has been designing and building stuff for the AR marketplace for over a decade now. Our history on producing “value for money” products is long and solid.

        About three years ago I was asked to write down the ideals behind the Magpul to let our growing workforce know the fundamentals that made the company. Value is key to these ideals. In fact still today before any product is released it has to pass the “would I buy it” test.

        These fundamentals have been public for some years now and still govern the products we produce and will do so long as I am with the company.

  • Bikert


    Magpul, Chris and Travis are icons here in the Netherlands.
    They embodied the whole dynamic concept for us AR15 shooters.

    Best of luck in their new ventures.


    • Nater

      You can have ARs in the Netherlands?

      • AJ

        You can have them in Canada to, and we don’t have SBR laws like the US. In fact, California has stricter laws than we do up here.

        Sorry my rants over, now back to topic.

  • Lance

    His company revolutionized new M-4 features and gear and offered great training may he be successful in retirement.

    • Some clarification…

      1. Chris is not retiring, he is forming his own training company.

      2. Chris was part of Magpul Dynamics LLC which is a wholly owned training division of Magpul Industries Corp.

      3. Magpul Industries Corp is the company that designs and builds items for the M4 and this has not changed.

  • Nater

    I just wish Magpul would make Emags and 20LRs in FDE, is that so much to ask? Oh, and a SCAR-H/17S mag would be nice as well. FN can’t seem to make enough of them.

  • “In the same year that the Magpul owners cash-out the Magpul Dynamics CEO (Haley) and President (Costa) both leave. I wonder what is going on that we don’t know about.”

    That’s the way to make major money — create a company, make it successful, make it public, sell off your interest. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    • Baraq Hussein

      Haley and Costa didn’t create that company, someone else did it for them.

  • Jason

    So… does Costa take the beard with him, or is that property of Magpul?

    • Matt G.

      I think it’s the other way around, magpul is property of the beard.

  • Puss E. Phila

    Oh no. A company that makes AR-15 crap is in trouble!!!! We will have to rely on the 9 million other AR-15 companies to make gadgets, gizmos and doo-dads for our outdated, obsolete, glorified .22’s.

    • mosinman


  • garynyer

    f**k it i hope he make awesome products and butt loads of money

  • Khraq Smokah

    Hopefully he invents a new weapon, the m16/m4 family of weapons is so played out and boring. And old. It’s amazing we still use it. Of course with being incredibly screwed economically we’d never adopt it anyway. Can’t wait for the war with china when they have laser guns and heat seeking mortars and were still dusting off m-14’s and crying about missing the 101 year old .45.

  • Melissa DeLarno

    I am glad Costa is leaving, in those training videos he wore his pants way too high…like my gramps.