Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG

The Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG is the latest scope from Trijicon. This scope is unique because it does not use the light gathering fiber optics and tritium lamp combination that Trijicon is famous for, instead replacing them with conventional battery-powered illumination.

Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG

The scope is powered by a single AA battery that powers the scope for 12,000 hours (500 days). For comparison, the latest Aimpoint red dots sights last for about 6-7x as long.

You are probably wondering why Trijicon would choose to develop a battery powered scope when they are famous for their battery-less scopes. It is probably because tritium, an essential component in nuclear bombs1 , is a controlled substance in some parts of the world and Trijicon wants to enter those markets. Another reason may be that some customers do not want to have their scopes serviced every ten years in order to get the tritium lamps replaced. Tritium is an unstable substance with a half-life of just 12 years.

[ Photos © Staril. Many thanks to Staril for emailing me the photos. ]

  1. Tritium was a plot device in the Tom Clancy novel The Sum of All Fears 

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  • Doug

    Hey, if it reduces the cost I’m game!

  • Shooter

    Looks like Trijicon is butthurt about the Browe battery-powered ACOG clone, and decided to try to copy the copycat…gotta love it.

  • Alex Vostox

    Though the battery powered ACOG will be cheap and probably got sales more than tritium powered one, will they removed the Bible code on the scope? It was still a bigger drawback if they want to sell it in Islamic country.

    • SpudGun

      Alex, I think you’ve opened a religious can of worms on TFB, so prepare yourself for some pretty aggressive comments.

      I’m not religious in anyway, but my personal view is as follows – If you turn down a useful piece of technology because somebody wrote a Bible verse on the side of it, then maybe you shouldn’t have that technology in the first place.

      • catalin

        i am not religious either, but rather than ask if someone is willing to renounce at that piece of technology because of his/her religious views the corect question should be if, becauses of his/her religious beliefs that someone will buy a similar product from another company.

      • Alex-mac

        Yeah exactly, for people that aren’t Christians and believe in magic Trijicon ‘cursed’ those scopes.

    • 18D

      FYI, the Bible verses have been removed from newer models. I have an older one with the verse still on it and its pretty inconspicuous. It’s just the book chapter and verse, not actually written out. I don’t care either way. It doesn’t bother me or excite me. It’s just a rifle scope.

      • JamesD

        At one point I remember reading that the Bible chapter:verse reference (which is really what it is) is available as an option. I don’t know if that still applies though.

    • SpudGun

      I agree with you, these same religious types will buy a similar product that won’t ‘offend’ them. If you’re purchasing decisions are based upon a deeply rooted supersticious belief from over two thousand years ago, then maybe having the latest military technology should be kept from you.

      And yes, I realize the duality of that opinion when Trijicon is obviously owned by someone with those same deeply rooted beliefs. However, the technology was created by someone who lives in a society that fosters free thinking, innovation and a tolerance of all religions.

      Again personally, not a big deal to me. If I’m hurt and an ambulance shows up, I don’t care if it has a Crescent, a Red Cross or the Star of David on the side, as long as I get medical care I need, then I’m happy.

      • Alex Vostox

        That’s deep and I respectfully fully agree with your opinion. I’m sorry.

        I just speaking about experiences. When the ACOG bible controversies broke out, I’ve got the chances talk with former Pakistani Army SSG sergeant (which also Military Attache) and former Saudi Arabia National Guard Lieutenant during some military exhibition.

        Just like idiotic moves by the British when ordered their Indian soldier to use pig/cow grease for the rifles, He also agreed that bible code idea also bad if Trijicon wanted to sell their product into where religion is a serious matter (Especially where the populations openly express their hatred with the West and easily trusted any rumors about ‘crusade’, ‘Al-Quran desecration’ etc.)

  • William C.

    Isn’t that optional now Alex? If I ever had they money to get a real ACOG, I’d get it with that just to annoy some of my more PC friends.

  • Zach

    This idea is long overdue. For civilian users who aren’t too hard on their stuff, an ACOG will outlast its tritium several times, but the cost of tritium replacement runs half or more the cost of a new ACOG. This could be what gets me to buy another ACOG. Any idea of the price on these?

  • JamesD

    It looses some of the cool factor without the tritium, but if it looses some of the price I sure won’t complain.

    I like the fact that they went with a AA battery. If the SHTF the small ones in many scopes will be much harder to find than AAs.
    I just wish they had a better battery life.

  • Adam W

    AA batteries are pretty small and insignificant in cost. I’ll pick this model over one that needs required service. Heck, even if the battery life only lasted 100 days it is not quite a deal breaker since I will only use the gun 2-6 times a month as it is.

  • Sal

    12,000hrs is pretty damn good. For comparison the comp M2 lasted about 10,000hrs.

  • JamesD

    I looked up the Browe model and I think it uses one of those camera batteries which are larger than AAs. That would explain longer life on it and those would also be more difficult to find in a SHTF situation.
    If that’s the difference in battery life I’d take the model based on AAs any day.

  • Other Steve

    Steve, do some investigating and get us a cost!

  • Fen

    my guess is that battery life is using a regular old alkaline battery.
    If my experience using Lithium AAs has taught me anything this would last about seven times longer, and thus comparable to the Aimpoints.

    *cost data please*

    Anyone have the info on replacing the tritium in ACOGs? I figured by then I would want a different site… but would still like to know JIC.

  • Jason

    “Just” 12 years.

    • 6677

      Many radioactive compounds have half lives many times greater than that, on the other hand many synthetic elements have half lives alot shorter, take element 115 and its 200 milli second half life.

  • Jason

    I wonderif Trijicon was spooked by the Browe guys with their 4×32 battery powered ACOG style apparatus.

  • Lance

    I hope it be a more economical ACOG for Police and civilian shooters here at home a ACOG will clean your bank account no time flat.

  • Amuse Bouche

    I would *really* like Trijicon to do a BAC/fibre only version of the compact ACOG, with decent (2.5-3.5″) eye relief. Would make a perfect optic for ranch rifles, lightweight deer rifles (in a 3 or 4 power version), as well as dangerous game, and probably small game too. At the right price point ($3-400 dollars) it would sell like hotcakes. The world definitely needs a compact, nearly indestructible low power scope.

    • El Duderino

      I would love to see that, even the AccuPoints are in the $800 range. They need to find something in the $500 range. My Meprolight M21 (made in Israel) cost less than that (yes it’s a 1x sight not a scope) and I’m very happy, but if, say, the Trijicon had been around the same price I would have gone that direction.

  • jamieb

    i dont need 5-7 year battery life. I have generator and i even have 4 solar powered panels to trickle charge electronics. Even in a post apocoliptic world i do not need t go 7 years on one battery. I have rechargable nickle metal hydride batteries out my ying yang.

    honestly i love the sight picture of the large 65moa ring on eotechs but eotech is not ready for prime time yet. aimpoints are great put i dont like the long tube with a tiny 1 moa or 3 or 4 moa dot. The ring with a dot center is superior. also aimpoint guys LOVE to brag on battery life as if we live in some mad max world where batteries are like gold and made of unobtainium. GET OVER IT.

    Please trijicon price this right. I cant wait to buy it.

    • W

      considering the cost of batteries on the battlefield, battery life and access to batteries is important for troops on the ground. For civilians, given a catastrophic scenario, batteries are worth as much as gold. Given that we have the technology, there is no reason why optics in the future shouldn’t be more efficient in terms of energy consumption. I would prefer to change a battery out every five years versus every five months.

  • Yoda

    This thing is cool but looks ungainly in my opinion. Wish they had one with smaller batteries. I will go with the SpectreDR or OS4X with a red dot.

  • If the Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight) is anything to go on, this won’t be any cheaper, and might cost more than a tritium ACOG.

    • noob

      Is there enough real-estate on the top of the scope to put in some solar panels like in the Sealed Reflex Sight?

      That would make battery life moot for a ranch gun. You can leave the battery out of the SRS according to the youtube video and it will show a visible red dot from just overcast sunlight power. (on the other hand, it’s got a pretty big wrap around solar panel… I wonder what the milliW per cm^2 is, and what power draw is needed).

  • Dan

    It does not need ACOG-like battery life, 500 hours is enough for most if not all of us. If the price is right this will be a great optic

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