Ruger LCP Zombie

Ruger and an unknown distributor have developed the Ruger LCP Zombie Slayer. It is a standard Ruger LCP with the text “Zombie Slayer” And “LCP Z” In Neon Green with a red slash underneath. The serial numbers are prefixed with “ZOM”. It has an MSRP of $460.

[Hat Tip: GunMart]

[ Many thanks to Woodroez for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • i think the zombie stuff has had it’s 15 minutes.

    • …And with almost a $100 premium? huh?

      • Bandito762

        its only got a $100 premium until the gun stores realize they can’t sell the damn things

  • JamesD

    That can’t possibly work on zombies!
    There isn’t near enough green on it and the red might actually attract them!

  • Tom

    I am tired of this Zombie crap also..

  • Mark

    +1. Between Hornady and this, zombies have gained as much scorn in my boom as the word tactical.

  • MB

    I like zombie books and films and comics. I am currently reading Zone One. But this trend with Firearms and Ammo is a dangerous one. It makes it all look like a silly game and toys.

  • Steve

    Zombies are so yesterday. Werewolves are in.

    Whose going to be the first to come out with Silver Bullets?

    • JamesD

      We talked about that under the zombie ammo post.
      Hornady already said vamps and werewolves aren’t real so they wouldn’t be doing those. How little they know. 🙁

      FWIW, the Myth Busters tested silver bullets in one episode.

    • SteveW

      Apparently casting silver bullets are a non-trivial exercise.

      • JamesD

        @SteveW, Thanks for the link! That was entertaining reading.

  • JamesD

    Don’t forget the Ka-Bar Zombie Knives, Guns & Ammo just posted a zombie page on their website, the CDC, etc…
    The movies are fun, the ammo was funny… and now it’s just a me too thing.

    At least Ka-Bar included black grips to replace the green ones with their zombie knives, and who cares if your ammo has green tips. But bright green and red on the side of a concealed carry pistol?

  • MB

    Really? Two thumbs down? You want your firearms and ammo to look Iike toys? I don’t.

    • JamesD

      Normally I’d say you are a bit stuffy but in this case I’m going to agree.

      Putting bright toy colors on a firearm could cause a police officer to mistake it for a toy. Even if it’s momentarily, that could be a moment too long.
      I don’t think there is enough color in this case to cause that to happen, but you never know.

      • MB

        Not stuffy at all. I like zombies fiction. I like guns. But I like to think i am firmly based in reality here. This cheapens firearms and IMO could make the purchaser look like a loon. What happens if there is a justified or unjustified shooting with this stuff. The press or lawyers or both would have a field day.

  • Burst

    The ZSG speaks in less then complimentary terms about most pistols.
    These are even worse- conceivability is worthless, and short barrels/magazines compound the problem.

    This promotion makes me think there are a whole lot of unsold LCPs out there.

    • Burst

      conCEALability, even.

  • Lych muhcak

    Wow. I was sick of this zombie crap last week with the ammo news. But I got hated for it. Now your all sick of it too. I mean there’s people in my town who dress up like zombies and walk around in packs going to bars. It’s just really stupid and over played.

  • TZH

    I’m not looking forward to the zombie apocalypse (but I’m preparing for it), and neither am I cool about this “zombie fad”.

    +1 to the guy who said that this cheapens guns. Guns are serious.

    same banana why I don’t dig Hornady’s zed busting ammo. sheesh

    • mosinman

      well if you think a little green and red cheapens a gun, then what about those guns with the Lime green coating , or those all pink guns?

      • TZH

        ok ok, I dig.

        but I get the pink, maybe coz it helps give variety for female shooters? anything that helps them helps us right?

        lime green, was always on the fence on that. high-viz

        other fancy colors exist in them IPSC Open division handguns, but nobody carries them in a practical way.

        as for extra cost, well I’d rather spend em on ammo if you get what I mean. 🙂

    • mosinman

      oh yeah dude i getcha lol and i agree, more ammo is always good… i guess it all just boils down to preference and what works for different people

  • SpudGun

    So many comments from people sick of the zombie fad, wow, tastes change so quickly on TFB. The next thing you’ll tell me is that you’ve outgrown Justin Bieber and that Glee isn’t as good as it used to be. 😉

    The choice of a low capacity pistol, in a caliber that is semi-popular at best, would be a poor choice for the zombie apocalypse. Unless of course you’re writing for ‘The Walking Dead’, then it would be perfect for narrative purposes.

    Sure, you could wipe out hundreds of zombies in an afternoon with your AR or AK (or my personal choice a can of gasoline), but where’s the tension? Where are the fraught reloads? Where’s the drama?

    Of course, the premise completely unravels if you heroically turn to your companions and say ‘Don’t worry, I’ve brought my Zombie Slayer!’ and then pull out a Ruger LCP with neon writing on the slide. Fail.

    • JamesD

      *BARF* You just said Justin Bieber and Glee in the same sentence.

      • mosinman


    • Sturm44

      Can of gasoline? Where are you going to get that after the apocalypse? Burning is actually covered in the ‘Zombie Survival Guide’ pictured above & is not recommended. It takes a long time to neutralize them & they can do a lot of damage shambling around while on fire.


      • SpudGun

        @Sturm44 –

        Not that I’d wish to go against the advice of the ‘official’ zombie guidebook, but in answer to your questions –

        Step 1: Find gas. Gasoline can be found and syphoned from any abandoned vehicle – first stop would be to hit an autoparts shop and get a proper syphon because gasoline in the mouth is both ikky and painful.

        Step 2: Spray zombies. Devise some way of spraying the gasoline onto the assembled zombie herds from a distance – I’m thinking Dawn of the Dead, tens of thousands of zombies in the mall parking lot situation. Probably get one of the survivors with mechanical apptitude to jury rig a compressor / hose contraption.

        Step 3: Flare gun. Shoot flare into the gasoline soaked crowd, watch them burn, try not to inhale smell of roasting flesh. Clean up bodies with A Team style armored bulldozer. Et voila!

        For other situations, create flaming death from above with molotov cocktails, with enough gas you could create 30 meters of intense heat between you and your undead pursuers, neutralizing even those pesky runner zombies.

        By thinking ahead and keeping your distance from zombies, you should have your entire neighbourhood cleaned up in a couple of days.


      • Rob

        LOL…he’s right. I too own the book! Burning zombies setting everything alight….not good….

  • I think it needs a suppressor 🙂

    • JamesD

      Yeah, you wouldn’t want to make a lot of noise and attract more zombies if that is all you had.

      • John Doe

        I’d use my 22/45 and a suppressor.

  • JC

    While I would not be willing to spend extra money on some green writing on the side of a gun, I can understand that some people might think it is cool or funny. But, why choose the LCP/ LP9? I honestly cannot think of a gun that is less of a “zombie gun” than an LCP.

  • Jim S

    New plan. I don’t give a darn about the LCP (I like my Keltec) but that aside, put that label on something that would actually be used for slaying Zs….like a Glock E-tool or an SOG Tomahawk. I’d buy a prank/gag gift that was less that 50 bucks but also still useful.

    LCP=not zombie slaying gun
    FAL/M1A/1911/Glock/Shotty=Zombie slaying guns

    • Rob

      I agree, if on the very off chance zombie were to walk the earth, I’d be packing a S&W 500 and a Benelli 12GA!

  • Scott

    Well the zombie ammo I understand. It’s 20 bucks and it’s something to talk about.

    The problem with this gun is it’s really a CCW type design. Imagine if you actually use this as a CCW? Watch your d-team try to explain that away.

    I don’t think doing this to the actual gun is a good idea, nor would I have ‘zombie ammo’ in my gun for anything but shooting pumpkins at the range.

    If you are going to do this to a gun, do it to a race gun or something like that where crazy anodized slides aren’t that out of place AND isn’t likely to ever be used in defense.

    • Rob

      I’d use the gun as a CCW, with the Zombie ammo too, if I got taken to court I’d make sure everyone knows it’s just rebadged Critical Defense ammo. I have no history of being the “crazy zombie guy”. I collect zombie stuff, so the gun simply fits my style.

  • mosinman

    whats with the hate towards these zombie themed items? sure its goofy, but really, if ya dont like it dont buy it ect.

  • Shawn

    LOL. Ok, when all you first saw this, some of you said to yourself, “What a shameless marketing ploy” and some of you said, “That doesn’t have the stopping power to drop a zombie!”

    Come on, fess up. Who actually thought about dropping a zombie?

    • james alexander

      its an ankle gun u know when ur stuck in a small spot and u run out of ammo for ur main gun gotta have something small and light but still pack more power than a 22

  • Samopal

    Out of ALL the firearms Ruger makes, the LCP seems like the last one you’d brand “Zombie Slayer”.

    Seriously, why?

  • ap

    Unlike a 1911 theme knife, this is legend.

  • Lych muhcak

    I hope there is a SHTF event that has nothing to do with zombies, so all these clowns with their “guides” and zombie ammo and zombie slayer guns just look like complete douchbags shootn at chinese or “terrorists” (lol) with their zombie garbage. First vampires, now zombies. What’s next in the undead craze? Mummies?

    • Scott

      You do realize that those are works of fiction, right? The authors don’t actually expect a zombie attack. You won’t prove them to be stupid if the Chinese invade.

      • SpudGun

        Why would the Chinese invade? They’ve got billions of dollars tied up in US businesses, banks and even the treasury. Seems like they’d just be smashing up their own property.

      • Lych muhcak

        I don’t know why the Chinese would invade, but that will happen before there’s ever any zombie BS. If you like
        Zombies and are into zombie guns you are a child.

      • SpudGun

        I do like Zombies and I do consider myself to be a child at heart in many ways.

        Sorry Lych, guess you’re gonna have to get your big book of Internet Insults of the shelf and call me some rude names.

      • Lych muhcak

        Nah, you’d probably tell your mom on me.

  • elk hunter

    I’d want something with knock-down power, like a lever action rifle in 44 Magnum, something that will punch big holes in zombies.
    If some company would make a lever action in 50 Action. i’d buy one. Or even in 500 S&W, yeah i know some custom builder makes one, but who can afford $2000-2500 for one?
    Does anyone know if Marlin or Winchester ever made lever action rifles in 475 Linebaugh? They were listed in catalogs about 10 years ago, but nobody has ever seen one. If there is one out there, what is the price on it? Does anybody know?
    A lever action in 454 Casull would be great too.

    • Scott

      Nah, since the only thing that stops a zombie is a shot to the cerebellum/brain stem- you don’t need anything that big. .22’s will work just fine.

  • garynyer

    I think a lot of the anti zombie comments forget that they are just as big of nerds as the Dork playing magic. It just happens to be that your fanboydom is with guns and not star trek. plus if a person gets into shooting because of this then its a success. I for one will be buying some zombie hornady 223, zombie targets, and have a zombie shooting competition with good friends

    • Lych muhcak

      Wow, I’ll stick to buying guns and ammo that are designed to kill real things. Why don’t you and your friends stock up on unicorn ammo and leprechaun guns while your playing pretend time with lethally dangerous firearms.

    • mosinman

      i agree with you gary

    • Lych muhcak

      I think comparing gun enthusiasts to star trek fans is the 3rd worst decision in your life, after being born, and choosing to let guys pound your butthole. Shoot your zombie ammo at your zombie targets. In the end you will have an IPDA match you payed triple for. The only difference being that your targets have a little bit of blood gfx on them.

      • garynyer

        oh no your right, i see the error of my ways, guns shouldnt be fun, all they are good for are defending our lives and putting food on the table. your completely right. i apologize….. why dont you grow up, your acting like a butthurt 13 year old using homophobic insults because you cant come up with something half way intelligent. grow up, get over your self and have a little fun.

      • Lych muhcak

        Zombies are retarded and are the newest fad. Twitter about some zombies while gettn a feather put in your hair , banging to some LMFAO. Now you are the perfect follower.

      • Lych muhcak

        I’m pretty sure people who are into zombies are butthurt 13 year olds. Any responsible adult would realize how stupid of a “craze” this is.

      • garynyer

        your simply being whiny, grow up dude, did you forget what it was like to have an imagination. I’ll be honest, this would be way cooler on a wooden 870. and i had to google LAMFO shits catchy even though im not a fan of dance music. again you can go ahead and not like zombies, i dont honestly care about that, but acting like your superior to everyone who does like them makes you kind of a whiny prissy baby. so pull your pampers up and buck up champ. also since your so anti fun with firearms, stop shooting skeet, 3 gun, and any other competition, your just playing pretend and living out some “dumb” fantasy. I bet you hate cowboy action shooting too

    • Rob

      Ok, here’s how I see it…..I will admit that I’m a Zombie fanatic. I have played every Resident Evil game and watched all the movies. I have seen the 2 seasons of “The Walking Dead” on AMC so far. Does that make me some sissy-boy that lives in a fantasy world? Hell no! Its entertainment that I enjoy. Maybe I’ll join Gary in his “zombie shoot”. I enjoy target-shooting as well, great fun. I have been looking into a LCP to have a small, convenient carry gun. The added zombie theme is just a bonus to me, I’ll go get the Hornady .380 “Z-shot” for it too, it’s just re-badged Critical Defense ammo. It’s perfect for me and my intended use….a CC weapon and home defense.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    What’s going on? First Hornady started making zombie ammo, then Ruger, then Wilson Combat makes zombie stuff. What kind of epidemy is this???
    I just CAN NOT understand how such respected companies can drop so far down to manufacture such kind of awful and useless products ???
    Just like recently everybody were mad about pink guns!
    If you can’t offer something new and better , just keep making your old good stuff… ??? Are there still some real firearm designers or nowadays video game fun teenagers are making guns ????

    • Royi

      It’s kinda like having the same old 1911 for hundred years straight in a new jacket every time.

      I guess the zombie-hype is just a branch off the previous survivalism/tacticool-hypes.

  • swilliams

    I understand zombie ammo marketing for Halloween as a goofy gift but now weapons? At lease do something unique with the firearm not just neon green lettering.

  • Scott

    It’s Halloween and I find this thread entertaining-sorry, my last post on this one, I swear.

    I was actually thinking about this and decided if there was a perfect gun for Zombie Marketing, it would be a Mossberg .22 tactical with a special edition 100 round drum, vertical grip, and a laser plus a ten pack of birchwood casey zombie targets. Street price <$300.

    Ya, it's completely dumb, but dumb in a fun way. Everyone would realize instantly that you bought it for entertainment at the range, not to be killing Zeds. Everyone gets a good laugh. (Yes I know, no rifle is really a 'toy')

    I think what's confusing about this LCPz product is it's a 'real' product with a serious intent and then some ill considered lettering on it.

  • garynyer

    give me a revolver or something “american”, with lots of wood and steel, then slap zombie slayer on the side. that would be cool

    • novarza

      somethin american huh? u cant get more american then good ol ruger in prescott az

  • mage2

    So I have a question To all those that are irritated by it do you own any “fun” guns? Meaning something you have just to enjoy it?

    Or what about all the special edition cowboy shooters or any special edition type firearms. How are they any different? There are john wayne, boy scouts, NRA, etc special edition firearms out. How are they any different? If you dont like it dont buy it. But i dont see why one would see this as any different than any other special edition firearms.

    Of course its a trend, its for marketing, its there to sell the product. Zombies are popular with the 20-30 male age group, if this helps get one more person off his xbox and onto a range then its more than worth it for me. Im in that marketing group and I like zombie movies, they are fun. Do i expect that if armed with my zombie lcp and a truckload of hornady zmax ammo for it (do they make 380?) i could hold off the horde of zombies? well i dont think ill run into that problem anytime soon.

    2012 is coming.

  • Spiralout

    anyone who says zombies is a fad is an idiot. zombie movies have been around since 1936. im 26 and have been a huge fan since i was a kid. sure, people who are trendy and hipsters have made them temporarily mainstream, but in the same sense then you’d have to say mustaches/beards, PBR, and flannel shirts are all fads.

  • Baccusboy

    I’m just waiting for the next news story where somebody kills someone with one of these, and the shooter gets portrayed as a gun-obsessed loser who was so crazy about Zombies, he just HAD to shoot SOMEBODY. That’s what a lawyer will do to someone who buys (and uses) one of these. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • james alexander

    i baught the gun cuz i like it my favorite color is green and i am a zombie fan and regardless off who or what it is u might have to shoot at mugger zombie chinese arabs it still shoots the same bullets so why argure on the internet over something soo stupid its not a toy and if someone thinks it is they souldnt have a gun in there hands and as far as the zombie survival guid if u actually read it it is a very good book on just surviving in general and for those of u who think ppl u are zombie fans and are going to knock them down call ing them a child u sir are the child and should not have the right to own a gun

  • Ryan T

    This gun is freaking awesome. Just one more tool in my arsenal to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Have any of you seen these bleeding zombie targets before it looks like a lot of fun to shoot. Also this company is giving away an LCP the end of Jan

  • Does anyone know how many zombie slayer rugers were made? I have number 27 so I was just curious. We bought the arizona commemorative ruger and the zombie slayer the same day.

  • banthony

    Simply a awesome that I actually own gun shoots better than the competition and it’s limited edition and lime green with a matching zombie laser looks down right vicious!

  • banthony

    Simply a awesome concealed carry that I own gun shoots better than the competition, feels right in hand, my smartphone is bigger, and it’s limited edition, lime green, and with a matching zombie laser looks down right vicious!

  • Tommy Truth

    You guys call the zombie nerds idiots, then someone in Miami starts snorting bath salts. You look like fools now.