JP Factory 9mm SMG

A Filipino company named JP Factory, located in the Southern city of Bacolod, has developed a prototype submachine gun chambered in 9mm. It uses Glock magazines, has quad rails and a folding stock. Interestingly, it uses an AR-15 trigger mechanism.

Visiting to the Philippines and touring the many gun manufacturers over there is something I am very keen to do in the future. Quite a few of innovative guns are made for local shooters.

[ Many thanks to Manny for emailing me the photos and info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Shouldn’t they be making these in 5.7… 9mm is pretty dated for cqb.

    • Zander

      The russian PP2000 is a 9mm NATO chambered weapon. But they made much hotter AP ammo for it so it could compete with the 5.7 & 4.6 rounds. If it’s designed to handle the Russian 7N6 9x19mm ammo then It’d be a VERY intresting weapon indeed.

  • BLG

    I had no idea that there was a large enough shooting community in the PI because of their strict gun laws. That 9mm looks sweet!

    • Chucky

      The laws are strict like having caliber and number of firearms owned being restricted. Licensure is required per firearm and permit to carry is applied for. But the way the laws are written are so murky that there are plenty of loop holes to go around things mostly involving mere fees. For example, anyone can purchase a full-auto Norinco AK47 at about $1100 and an extra $300 to make it “legal”.

      • Sebastian

        Really? I remember a member on THR who claimed the laws had been extremely liberalized in the last 10-15 years or so, so that virtually everything is allowed without too much red tape…

      • John Doe

        After buying a Bushmaster without doing my research, $1400 sounds like nothing. fml

      • Chucky

        That is true. If I’m not mistaken, until back in the 70’s civilians can only own .22LR and 12gauge for rifles and shotguns; handguns no stronger than .38spl. By “stronger” they meant bore diameter as for some silly reason the feds thought wider diameter bullet = high powered so even .45acp was only reserved for servicemen. Nowadays you can get pretty much any caliber gun available, but like I said, you have to go through some technicalities and fees. For example to get a .223/5.56 or 7.62 rifle you need some kind of document from an attorney saying you need one to protect yourself because of a known threat to your life. Whether the threat is real or not, you pay the lawyer and you get your rifle. Most times though it’s more of cost that restricts variety. Odd calibers for example like 5.7x28mm ammo costs $3ea, .44mag at $4, and .500S$W a whopping $6 a pop. And those are just factory loads, not any of the special cartons.

      • Sebastian

        @Chucky Odd, seem to recall the local rules for practical shooting there had provisions for grenade launchers and full auto. Just figured the laws to be mostly symbolic…

  • crabby

    Is it me, or does the smg almost look like a cross between a Walther MPL and a Sig 552?

  • Jesse

    Make it in semi auto I would buy one.

  • eric

    would be awesome as a semi auto on the us civilian market

  • Sid

    I poopoo’ed the B & T APC9 because they had built a gun that would compete in 1985. However, the Phillipines has a distinct advantage in manufacturing cost (much lower payroll cost for the workforce compared to EU or USA). If they can price this weapon at a low enough cost point, it could creep in from the bottom on those LE or military buyers who want a 9mm SMG.

    My caveat is that I think 9mm SMGs are out-of-date. PDWs and SMGs must defeat body armor. Regardless of how hot the 9x19mm round is made, 5.7 and 4.6 ammo is going to out-perform the 9x19mm ammo because of inherent design.

  • JamesD

    IMHO, if it’s fully auto it should defeat light body armor.
    As a semi auto, all you get over a regular 9mm pistol is a barrel positioned higher than a regular pistol so it will want to kick more.

    I think the days of the 9mm SMG are numbered.

    • Tinkerer

      I see the pics, and I see a barrel perfectly aligned with the shoulder stock -oh, and it HAS a shoulder stock-, I see a foreguard to hold a firm two-handed grip on the gun, and I guess a bigger weight on the gun. I really can’t see how it would “kick” more than a handgun.

      What I fail to see is why use a pistol magazine and not take advantage of a magazine-in-grip design a la MP9 or UZI. To take advantage of the AR-15-style trigger mechanism? Flimsy argument to me. They could’ve given it a striker-fired mechanism -like a Glock 18-.

      • JamesD

        If you buy a semi-auto, do you even need the shoulder stock?
        If it’s fully auto… it’s still only a 9mm.

  • Lance

    A MP-5 and M-4 marriage cute too bad it doesn’t take Beretta 93 mags.

  • jdun

    I have a few friends that go to the Philippines one a year or so. Retire sailors. They joined the US Navy in the Philippines and became American citizen. Say in the Navy until they were forced to retire due to old age.

    Anyway, what they told me is their are lots of guns in the Philippines. The Philippines government don’t enforce the law in the book especially in rural areas. They shoot their full auto AR on their backyard.

    I know a Filipino lady that work at the local 7-11. She told me back home her uncle made gun powder, grenade, bombs, etc in the kitchen as a hobby. One day he mess up and blew his hand apart. Fun time. Good times. Simple times.

    Filipino weapon of choice are AR and 1911. So it not surprising they used the same ergo as the AR or 1911.

  • Lance

    Same here Jdun1911 my pastor at my church is Filipino and he wants a gun asap. Out of all the Asian countries Philippines is the most firearm friendly not only in laws but in culture. Most in Japan still like the 5th century swords they had. they share a like for same popular guns here in the states. Only they still use .45 instead of 9mm which is a plus or minus depending on ones views on guns.

    Hay Jdun1911 check out the ARX article see is you agree on what ups and downs ARX has vs M-4.

  • Brian in Seattle

    Son of Interdynamics KG-9?

  • yes, well, I want one anyway.

  • Miguel from Cebu

    Steve, I would love to show you around if you ever decide to come here to the Philippines. On paper, our gun laws are very strict (one long arm and one sidearm per person, caliber restrictions, etc.), but the government is not strict to enforce the details as long as the firearms are properly licensed.

    Our laws do not have barrel length restrictions, allow the ownership of fully automatic weapons (full auto AR’s are extremely common among the shooting community here), and sound suppressors are unregulated.

    I co-own and run a small ammo remanufacturing business here in Cebu, about one hour south of Manila by plane. We don’t have many long distance ranges, but the IPSC rifle community is very active over here. Please take a look at our Facebook account at C Ertified Ammo if you want an idea of what we do here (the name is weirdly spelled I know, but Facebook will not let us use the word “Certified” in our account).

    If ever you plan on coming down, please message me through Facebook or shoot me an email. It’d be great to be have someone to show around and talk shop with.


  • produce it for airsoft

  • Miggy from Manila

    Actually, the Gun Laws here in the Philippines are being amended. When the new law is in place, you now have several categories of Licenses. the License Category goes from A to G, and it is the category that will determine the ACTUAL NUMBER of Firearms you could own. There will be no more one long arm and one short arm per person. Category A simply states 2 FIREARMS, B= 3 firearms, all the way to G= 30 firearms. Only caveats/restrictions are, Semi-Auto only, 7.62 NATO and below in caliber, and no crew-served weapons.

    You will still have to register each firearm and have it documented.

    If you want to carry it outside your House/or farm, you would need to get a Permit to Carry Outside of Residence, and that is another ball of wax. That has to be renewed yearly, and you have to show a valid threat (exceptions for Military and Police personnel, Doctors and Lawyers).

    As my fellow Filipino-and namesake- Miguel from Cebu pointed out, the Practical Shooting community is very much active here and there are Shoots across the country year-round, including some national and international competitions, including 3-gun. And since the President of the Country is himself an avid shooter, and the Pro-Gun lobby being very vocal. that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

  • Mike


  • Mike

    Ortigas Condo, no down Php8k/mo!

  • shaw08

    so when are we going to be seeing a semi auto version here in the states?