Gadaffi’s Browning Hi-Power Pistol

This Browning Hi-Power pistol was purportedly owned by the late dictator of Libya.

It proves, once again, that dictators and gangsters have no taste. Just look at that ugly grip. AAA grade walnut and a screw that matches the gold plating of the rest of the gun would have made it slightly more tasteful.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the picture. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Andrew Racek

    Come on Gaddafi, you can’t half-ass these things. If you’re plating the Hi-Power in gold, the grip better as LEAST be Ivory.

    • John Doe

      What self-respecting dictator doesn’t have a grip made from his enemies’ bones?

      • The same kind of dictator who rules for 40 years and never manages to rise above the rank of Colonel!

    • Not Col. Gadaffi

      What’s that? You don’t agree with His Excellency, Dear Leader for Life, Honorary Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s official policies?
      You’re trying to undermine Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and her precious democracy, aren’t you? TRAITORS TO THE GREAT ARAB REVOLUTION!


  • And to show that the guys taking over in Lybia aren’t much smarter…one finger on the trigger, another finger covers the muzzle. Yikes!

    • bima86

      wouldn’t it be funny if that guy with the bad gun safety discipline, pulled the trigger and it turns out it’s loaded with a live round 😀 hahaha..

    • No kidding.

  • Alex-mac

    I also read whoever took his gun as a trophy executed Gaddifi with his own gun when other rebels came to take him as a prisoner.

  • Billy Bones

    To me, it’s just a gold plated hi-power Re naissance.
    Looks like high-end French walnut.

    Add stag grips and it’s a he’ll of a BBQ gun 🙂

  • jeff

    Well, at least he chose an alright sidearm….

    • Domestic Squirrel

      Not as prepared as Sadddam and his Glock 18 though.

  • MarkM

    But, they said on the national news it was SOLID GOLD!! What the heck, it’s only cheesy plate? Dipped? You must be friggin kidding me, he couldn’t afford SOLID GOLD?!?

    Wait, maybe that’s just his party gun for carry, and the REAL solid gold gun is in a safe deposit box in Tripoli.

    Wow, what a third rate dictator, gold plate. Everybody knows Saddam had a vault full of actual solid gold Berettas. Whole point we invaded Iraq and just did flyovers in Libya, not worth our time.

    A customer’s son serving forward support for a unnamed spec-ops units says he heard the chopper pilot overheard a conversation about gold Berettas carried by operators now. Said it was part of the set, tiger eye ring, Rolex watch, and solid gold gun. Thinks he actually saw one in a three day bag when the unit rotated R&R to a friendly coastal resort country.

    Any truth to the rumor that the REAL gun used an emerald cut pink diamond for the front sight?

    • 6677

      SOlid gold is an incredibly soft metal. 24 carat can be cut with a kitchen knife (obviously not in a slicing motion, more like sawing it). Not strong enough for firearms use.

      I wouldn’t believe that customer either.

      • MarkM

        Umm, c’mon guys, yes, I do know gold is too soft to use. It seems that my attempt at humor was too subtle – or there are too many I-commandoes on the net to take it that way.

        Here’s the hints: newscaster being technically accurate, mock outrage, and the legendary “I heard it from a completely incredible source.” Those who’ve been around a while would know the Vietnam based Green Beret reference to the ring and Rolex. As a group, a lot of those guys actually did wear said items as quiet indicators of who they were.

        Just like the real SEALS who can be spotted wearing Buckmasters to this day. 🙂

    • Nater

      That sounds like gun store commandos talking. Why would anyone carry a golden M9? Most of those units don’t use the Beretta anyway.

      This story probably evolved out of the practice of carrying gold coins or other valuables to bribe locals in case something went terribly wrong. I know the SAS used to do this, I’m sure a lot of other units do it as well.

  • Jake

    Well, he did own a golden Dragunov, so you can’t say he had no style at all. :p

    • Lance

      That was Saddam Hussian as well as his Golden AKMs.

    • Nater

      Gaddafi had a golden SVD or similar rifle.

  • calool

    i always knew gadaffi had no taste, but this is just bad, if i were the leader of a rich african nation i wouldnt carry around a puny gold plated 9mm, i would have a 1911 with embedded diamonds, chrome finish, double stack grip, platinum grips and i would have someone invent an underbarrel iphone, because i have worse taste in blinged guns than gadaffi

  • Lance

    Prof again Browning’s hand gun friend or foe fight on into the 21st century.

    • 18D

      You mean Saive’s pistol. Come on Lance, we went over this.

    • 18D

      You mean Saive’s handgun? I thought we went over this?

      • Gage

        Well, it could be both I guess. Browning started it and Saive finished it.

  • Jake Barnes

    I think you’ll find that this is actually a browning production gun. Browning made a large number of collectable gold plated Hi-Power Pistols with various sorts of engraving on them. I’m sure that they come with much nicer grips with that. I’ll have a look in a few days and take some pictures.

    • 18D

      You mean FN.

      • Jake Barnes

        Yes sir, sorry. I stand corrected. You know what I mean though. 😉

      • 18D

        I do know what you mean sir. Thanks for the info.

  • Seamus

    Gangsters have no taste? Are you simple? Or maybe just a redneck. A redneck would prefer all camo overralls and a tacticool weapon than a Nice suit and a classic firearm. If anyone wants to back up that gangsters have no taste im prepared to debate this. But just for example check out Lucky Luciano and Arnold Rothstein.

    • Brandon

      You want to debate whether or not gangsters have taste? Dude, you’re on the wrong forum. This is thefirearmsblog, not thethugwannabefantasyblog

      • NikonMikon

        There’s more than 1 type of gangster… Al Capone comes to mind…..

    • Rev. Clint

      somebody has been watching too much Boardwalk Empire

  • Sid

    But did he hold it sideways when he threatened people?

    • John Doe

      Everyone knows if you hold a gun sideways, it will make your target(s) do backflips when shot.

      • Y-Man

        And when you pump and fire a shotgun (That you had already pumped 3 “bad ass” times before, the bad guys get blown out the conveniently placed window and across the parking lot!

  • Lance

    Once property of the butcher of Libya now property of Al Qaeda terrorist in control of Libya.

  • Lance

    The SAS have SiG 226s and the regular British Army has Hi powers. Libya dose not use M-9s some may be illegal imports or NATO give aways to the rebels.

  • Patjohnw

    Yet true to your roots

  • I don’t think it’s that ugly, but a poor choice of grips. Ivory or mother of pearl would have gone along nicely. BBQ!!

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Give it about ten years to make the circles of ‘collectors’ in very high places and then it will turn up in a high-end auction somewhere.

    • Alex Vostox

      Who knows, Maybe in 60-70 years ahead, we will heard auction of (fake e.g Hitler’s diary) Gaddafi personal weapons like Gaddafi’s own Tiger Stripe Gold Desert Eagle or Gold FN FiveSeven or Gold S&W 500 or Gaddafi’s Gold H&K45…

  • At least it was finialy put to good use.

  • counsel dew

    …reminds me of the 5th grade-the discussion, not the firearm… ;P

  • Daniel

    I like it.

  • Flashman

    A classic example of proto- first generation consumerism.

    Like chunky, clunky diamond encrusted Rolexes on the Shanghai movers’ wrists.

  • christian

    Not near as ugly as the Pink 1911 on American Guns.

  • ThomasD

    Finding yourself the owner of just such a garish weapon is an unmistakable warning sign that your life will not end well.

  • Grayson

    Putting the ‘UG’ back into ugly. Not to mention why ‘DICK’ is part of being a dictator. May Kaddaffi rot in pieces (as opposed to resting in peace…)
    More bling than brain cells.

  • Gage

    I honestly think it looks nice. But that’s just me though.

  • Sebastian

    How manny f-king amerikans would i love to kill with’em like they murder its owner…and milions of inocent children all over the world…

    • Tim

      You are too be NOW teh guy with their stuff?!? Come go legging for truffle wax with your mother! Blazing parlez knarking… Its 2 much 4 this!!!

  • Brian P.

    That was sarcasm, right? I can’t tell whether or not the screw matches in the picture, but even if it doesn’t, it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t see anything wrong with the grips either. It’s the rest of the gun that doesn’t look right. All the gold plating looks kinda…gaudy.

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  • I assumed him to own an m9 and shit