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  • jpcmt

    Meh. They make the muzzle sweeping issue a huge warning but make no mention of why or how to use a light in a home defense situation. They say “no fumbling, gizmos or switches…” which denotes that you’re forced to use it when responding to a bump in the night but everyone knows that’s how you give your advantage and position away. I’ll take my manually operated TLR1s any day (and no stupid laser toy) over this garbage.

    • subase

      Criminals aren’t stupid, they are cautious and last thing they want is to get into a gunfight. Also being able to SEE what your shooting at is quite important, especially in your own house.

      For a would be thief, a torch is sign that.
      – The house is occupied.
      – The owner is armed, either with a knife but probably something heavier. Anyone conscientious enough to have a torch with them quickly available to search a house, would also be conscientious enough to have something with them stronger than harsh language to act as a deterrence.
      – If by some chance a trespasser sees a laser point. Then that means someone is looking for them with a gun.

      If your house is being invaded by multiple armed and determined men. Then you are pretty much screwed unless you got a point you can barricade yourself behind and/or you are more heavily armed. (semi auto rifle/shotgun). In either case a turned on or off, torch or laser on ones gun ain’t changing much at all.

  • Seamus

    I get the ‘stun the guy’ thing and benefit of not having to sight your weapon but honestly I am a damn good shot and a fast mark at that. I’ll continue to bet my life on my ability to use the tool without the bells and whistles that in my humble and not nessecarily correct opinion are mostly counterproductive. but they do look neat. certainly furthers the aesthetic badassery.

  • 18D

    First of all the Light Guard doesn’t combine the light and laser.

    Second of all the Light Guard is a step back in design. Sure it’s small and compact, but it still won’t fit in a holster. It would be much cooler if they made a Light Grip. The Light Grip, with a light in place of the laser module, would allow you to use a standard holster and have a light at the ready which is easily activated by hand pressure.

    The Light Guard also runs directly under the trigger guard and comes over the “undercut” area of the front strap. This is a terrible design feature and actually promotes a bad grip. The shooter is forced to run with a much lower grip to bore position and therefore will have less control over the gun. As a shooter, I want the least amount of material under there as possible. That’s why gunsmiths make money doing just that to factory pistols.

    Overall a worthless design. It’s supposed to be compact, but just ends up getting in the way. I agree that lasers have advantages in training,awkward position shooting,and low light situations, but for most advanced shooters, having a laser will just slow us down.

    • fw226

      It looks like it doesn’t take up too much space there, but I’m with you that I want my fingers higher, not lower.

      I like the section about charging. It’s easy! Remove the bolts, remove the entire device, and charge it! Then do it again in two hours. That’s really not my definition of easy. I realize there are going to be limitations on a pistol light, but still.

      Shoot, I just pick up the charger for my shotgun light and snap it on – that’s easy.

  • Tinkerer

    The way I see it, this product is intended for one market only: home defense for the poorly trained, against average burglars. It’s not intended for concealed or open carry, it’s not intended for properly trained weapons users, and it’s not intended for tactical situations. It’s just a help for the average Joe that just want to protect his home from intruders. People with other needs and higher levels of training will not have use for this product.

    • Alex-mac

      Average user sounds about right. Considering danger mostly happens at night too, the automatic light might also have a stunning effect, enabling one to get away.

      For the average user I can’t see how a light and laser combo coming on automatically when a pistol is drawn will do any harm. Chances are it might be of help. A good idea overall.

      Only issue is that someone might mistake your pistol for a flashlight.

      It’s pretty obvious this is not aimed at LEO, entry teams or anyone else that relies on the element of surprise.

  • Lance

    Looks nice to me CT is a good company makes good grip lasers. I like there new military model which has regular laser with a new IR one.