Volquartsen introduces Lightweight Target Frame for Ruger MKIII

The VC Target Frame is CNC machined from aluminum alloy. It is available either as a bare frame (includes trigger pin and spring loaded magazine ejector only) or as a complete frame with the following features: Accurizing Kit (includes Extended Bolt Release, CNC machined Target Trigger, wire EDM cut Target Hammer and Target Sear), Titanium Disconnector, Built-in Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector and Extended Safety. The VC Frame is shipped with a clean, crisp 2.25 lb trigger pull. The magazine disconnect has also been eliminated from this frame.

The bare frame weighs only 4 oz!!! It is available with or without grips and available in Silver, Black, Red, Blue and OD Green.

The frame is available for preorder at $425.

Steve Johnson

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  • Cymond

    YES! This is actually a great deal for someone building a MKIII-esque pistol on an after market receiver, such as a Volquartsen or Tactical Solutions.

    I bought a TacSol Pac-Lite a while back. My plan was to buy a basic MkIII just for the grip & bolt ($300) and then add Volquartsen internal upgrades ($100+). This is a nicer lower for about the same price. Now if I can just find a bolt without buying a whole gun…

    • Cymond

      Update: For those of you who are intersted in purchasing one, Midway has this for about $65 cheaper, and Numrich sometimes has bolt assemblies for about $70.

      • Woodroez

        Thanks for the heads-up Cymond. Looks like I forgot to submit the post, but my sentiments right after this was posted were identical to yours. Just so we’re clear, with that bolt assembly, the Pac-Lite, and the full Volquartsen lower, you have yourself a complete MKIII?