1911-inspired knife

Mark Knapp has designed a 1911-knife. It has an 8″ long blade attached to a 1911 grip. The grip holds a 1911 magazine and inside the magazine there is a Leaderman Micro, Magnesium fire starter, needle, synthetic sinew and one .45 round. How cool is that? 🙂

Now who is going to make me a Glock knife?

Steve Johnson

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  • hojo

    not only does it look awesome, but it’s awesomely useful. Don’t tell me how much, I know I can’t afford it.

  • Zander

    Glock started out making knives.

    • Rawr

      Glock started out making shower curtain rods

      • “Glock started out making shower curtain rods”

        Del Griffith was one of their best salesmen.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    A 1911 knife? So does that mean that right out of the box you need to take it to a knifesmith to get it to cut reliably or do you just have to buy a $1200 version to get one that cuts right out of the box?

    • Komrad

      Apparently you haven’t heard of Rick Island 1911’s. I’ve heard nothing but good about them as far as reliability and they’re only a few hundred bucks.

      • 45Super

        Me thinks you’re referring to, “Rock Island Armory.” And…you get what you pay for.

  • Andrew Racek

    That’s neat, especially if you like 1911s.

  • Lance

    Cool way to hide and hold a extra mag.

  • Sid

    I want one.

    Actually, if it holds real magazines, I want three and a chest rig holder for them.

  • JC

    Awesome, That’s actually not a bad place to store a spare mag. If you carry the knife on your belt with the handle facing up, the mag will be in just about the same place as a normal mag pouch.

  • West

    If it holds a real mag then sign me up. Im not interested in the one bullet ‘trapped in the air duct with Aliens closing in from all sides’ solution. He should make one that shoots a smaller knife from the handle when you press the mag release!

  • Steve

    Silly yet cool.

    As for a Glock knife, a plastic knife would be pretty useless 😉 /rimshot

  • LJK

    A cool novelty, but a hollow handle on a knife = meh.

  • DaGryphon

    Without a full tang running through the grip, this is not a knife I would consider for any sustained wilderness carry. Much will be determined by how he attaches the blade to the grip.

    On first glance this seems like a very cool version of the $10 cheapie survival knives with a small kit in the handle. Great for people who know very little about knives or survival.

    And just what, exactly, is one supposed to do with a single .45 bullet??? Use the powder to start a fire???

  • GeoffH

    The Leatherman Micra is probably the best thing about this knife.

  • High end hollow handled knives are machined out of a single piece of steel, making them as strong as or stronger than full-tang knives. Chris Reeve knives are the classic example. I can’t tell whether this one is made that way, but if it is I’d have no reservations about trusting it.

  • Komrad

    Very cool idea and it appears to be a single piece of steel as elmo iscariot suggested, in which case it would be better than full tang, if heavy and expensive. They could probably bring costs down without sacrificing quality by using castings for the whole thing (creating a blank) and then only machining the blade, but the costs to tool up for casting may outweigh the benefits and they may not even make them in a way adaptable to casting. I probably wouldn’t buy one like this, but if they made a CZ-82 based one…

  • Matthew Carberry

    This more than doubles the firepower of the contents of the flagpole truck and gives you multiple attempts at lighting the flag as well.

    Plus, a knife!

    That’s a cool concept.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Bravo !!!! Nice and New Idea !

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    What if make such a pistol grip with possibility to hold a spare mag for SMGs…say for HK MP5 ? I think it’ll be nice. So you have a spare “emergency” mag (for example: 15 or 20 round – not to get much out of grip dimensions) right in the pistol grip of your HK MP5 !
    What do you think guys???

  • Jack Luz

    Rambo could use a knife like this. American resourcefullness still alive and well.

  • I always thought that storage within the knife handle was more a gimmick than anything else. A more common-sense approach is to incorporate storage into the sheath. Ka-Bar does this with several of its large sheath knives, such as the Becker Magnum, the Baconmaker/Potbelly knives, and the Zombie Killer knives. There is nothing that can be stored within the knife handle that can’t just as easily be stored in a pouch attached to the sheath.

    Those are handsome knives, though. I’ll say that.

  • Zermoid

    From the linked forum about the knife…..

    The magazine from the knife is functional in a .45 (gives you one more round if you need it) and the knife accepts a fully loaded mag for your .45 if you want to do that.

    Inside the magazine in the handle is;
    The door of the compartment is a diamond hone
    a Leatherman Micro
    a magnesium and flint fire starter
    a needle for sewing
    a length of synthetic sinew for snares, fishing, sewing, a bow string etc.
    fish hooks
    it has capacity for a .45 round
    and a flashlight is on the lanyard.

    I see nothing about price, might fall under the “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” category…..

  • A2

    Wilson Combat has been making a 1911 knife for years.
    I like theirs better than this one.

  • John Doe

    I’d appreciate a Glock knife with a 17-round magazine in the handle. I find Glock grips a bit more ergonomic than 1911 ones anyways. Now I’d probably go out and buy one of these anyways.

  • Dion

    As a diehard 1911 fan, I know more than a few people who would love to add one of these to their collection. Awesome idea!

    Dion Studinski
    Precision Skills Firearms Training
    Concealed Carry Permit Classes

  • JT

    hmmmm. So I guess the blade and handle are part of the same stock? I think a lot of manufacturers make these hollowed out “survival” knives cheaply, but in this case, it looks like this might be able to take a beating and have a nifty storage area too.

  • justdavid

    elmo, also from the bladeforums.com link:

    “I had some partners on this project. Caspian arms made the grip frames available to me at a reasonable price, Ken Jantz at Jantz Knife Supply made the blades for me to my specifications …”

    I interpret this as blade and grip being made separately then joined, not being produced as a one-piece like (e.g.) Chris Reeve’s. For me this puts it in the “not even as a wall-hanger” category. Too bad.


  • tomaso

    WOW…this makes me want a 1911….i see know reason this knife isn’t going to be strong by the way its milled….sure you could break it doing something stupid…like all knives.

    Using an area like the handle to store mags is a great idea…..well executed…probably only 15 to 20% thicker then other knife handles…the pros far outweigh the negs…

    Great idea
    Great execution

  • Nicks87

    Wow, can you say: “mall ninja?”

    I cant wait until some d&^%$# brings one to the range.

    “Look guys, it matches my 1911! Cool, huh?”

    No, it’s not cool.

    Not… at… all.

  • Mechamaster

    I would love if this one is ‘One piece knife type hollow handle’. So the durability of the knife is not compromised like a ‘cheap survival knife’ design.

  • Justdavid,

    Whoof– that’s a bad sign. A two piece hollow-handled knife can be made plenty strong enough to do the traditional work of a knife, but a blade this big and thick is marketed to modern folks who want a knife to stand in for a hatchet. I wouldn’t bank on a two piece knife standing up to that, no matter how well it was made.

  • subase

    1911 fans have just become creepy.

  • justdavid

    elmo, I definitely agree. After lots of trial and error I’ve determined that among semiautos a single-stack 1911 fits my hand like no other. But its smallish semiauto grip still makes it REALLY REALLY big for a knife hilt. Size the blade to balance the hilt and you get exactly what you mention: Something people will want to use as a hatchet standin. At least that’s why I’d buy a blade that large and heavy. (Though I’d rather get a kukri for that role.) Two-piece construction + hatchet-chopping = bad, IMO.


  • 1 Cor 1:18

    Hey Steve,

    You spelled leatherman wrong. Just thought I would say.
    Sorry if someone already asked(or answered), but can you store a normal 7 or 8 round?
    I would not buy a knife with little to no tang at all. Cool otherwise.

  • tincan

    Beautiful knives, but I’ve seen the 1911 knife idea before: http://www.ultimate-equipment.com/

    Don’t think it will replace my Ka-Bar, though.

    the storage compartment idea is clever. the single bullet is a tad sinister, though. is it for when you’ve exhausted your survival options? 🙂

    • justdavid

      Now THIS sort of “1911 knife” I could see myself buying, though more as collector’s pieces than for actual use.

  • Nicks87

    Mid-life crisis victims and collectors need only apply.

  • Mike Loder

    Glock will