Zombie Targets

Birchwood Casey are selling a range of nifty zombie targets.

Two different types of Darkotic targets are available. The first are reactive splattering targets that measure 12”x18” and come in packs of 8. They sell for a suggested retail price of $13.98. The second group of full color targets is printed on plain paper and measure 23”x35”. They come in packs of 100 at a price of $1.98 per each target, making them great for ranges or groups. The 23”x35” size also works great for archery shooters.

[ Many thanks to Accurate Shooter for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt G.

    Wait, the reactive targets are LESS expensive than the regular paper ones? How does that make sense.

    Also 2$ for a sheet of paper is BS.

  • Lance

    We must have a Firearm blog Resident Evil match soon. LOL

  • David

    Unlike Dirty Bird or Shoot n See targets, these only turn white where hit. Somewhat disappointing to my son and I considering the price. Also, the images are stupid, even for zombies.

  • The reactives are much smaller than the paper targets (thus, I assume the price), both in full color. They’re both pretty cool and there are some great wild boar and deer ones as well. I like the splatter ones when you’re doing shoot and move stuff because you can’t stop to see if there is a little hole in your zombie. These aren’t “realistic” by any means. Just goofy fun. It was a lot of fun with an MP5.

  • Alex Vostox


  • Bob Barker

    *clicks the link in an attempt to view their product line, immediately closes the website with no intention to ever visit again due to the “startle scare” flash animation and excessively loud sound-effects*

    I mean, wouldn’t you all love it if you had to load up a completely uninformative, loud and obnoxious flash intro before being allowed to view TFB?

    Any Web Designer with the slightest clue since the 90s knows that this shit is kryptonite for legitimate users. I can only hope that website owner in his ignorance berated his designer into doing it.

    PS. Any website owners wondering why your users refuse to view your unintrusive and mostly-relevant ads with tools like AdBlock, you have websites like this to blame.