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  • gunfighter2012

    Today the Deptartment of Gnomeland Security issued a photo of a soldier with what appears to be an AK-47. Gnomeland Security sources state they are “extremely satisfied” with the AK platform. “Our soldiers like it’s effectiveness in combat and the ease of maintenance during off hours,” stated an unnamed official.
    Gee, even gnomes get it. A real gun in a real caliber. Whoda thunk it.

  • huey148

    lol…in the book series Monster Hunter Vendetta they have “gansta” gnomes that must look like this…

  • Lcon

    ” A Gnomes got’s too know his limitations…”

  • Lance

    Oh no looks like Super Granny is in trouble the Gnomes of Evil will march on taking over the world! They got evil AK-47s

  • Dano

    Must have!

  • Joseph

    I would equip my gnomes with something better than an AK!!!! I am thinking M2HB, IAR’s, M240, and some SMAW’s!!!! And, that would just be the infantry the armored and aerial divisions are obligatory !!!!

  • Iraq Ninja

    Well, I guess you never heard the connection between SEAL team 3, the garden Gnome, and the Travelocity advert.

  • Alex Vostox

    So the war between red gnome and the blue gnome is begin..

  • Do they come in different poses?
    I’d like one standing with 2 AKs, Rambo style!

  • Netforce

    I’d love to see this Gnome in The Amazing Race.

  • Zermoid

    @ gunfighter2012

    BEAUTIFUL! Wish I had wrote it!

  • Good to see you looking so well in this picture! We all miss you here at the Hidden Urban Gnome Reserve & Sanctuary ( ) , looks like you’re still up to your old tricks. Hope you’re doing well and come back any time!

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  • cmbtmedic

    I’ve been thinking for a few years) about taking a lot of gnomes to me while on deployment, and just leaving them around on remote mountain paths. Sort of psy. ops type of deal lol. Now that i see the gnomes are armed, I think I’m def. goiing to do it now,lol.