Springfield XD-M 5.25″ .45 ACP Competition

Springfield Armory is now selling the .45 ACP version of their XD-M 5.25″ Competition pistol. The gun has a capacity of 13+1.

Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 13+1
Finish Black or Bi-Tone
Barrel 5.25″ Match Grade Select Fit Steel
Overall Length 8.3″
Height 5.75″
Weight 32 oz
Front Sight Fiber Optic Front
Rear Sight Adjustable Target Rear
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.

[Hat Tip: Defense Review]

Steve Johnson

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  • Sid

    I wonder if the US military is aware of this gun?

    I have thought for along time that the military needs to allow service members to purchase thier personal sidearms. Give them a range of calibers that ammo will be supplied and let them choose a sidearm. And then require them to shoot the hell out of it.

    I am a lover of 1911s. But I own a Glock G21 and the Springfield XDs are very good guns.

  • Lance

    Looks nice but the barrel is too long to me.

  • Will

    For what competition? Certainly not USPSA, as .45 is overkill in production, and .45 is an awkward caliber for limited and especially open. Does IDPA allow competition size guns? I would have thought they would have released it in .40 like Glock smartly did.

    • Andrew

      They effectively made an IDPA CDP division gun. And that’s about it. Or for those people who just *need* a .45.

  • howlingcoyote

    What? No 20/25 round magazine?

  • Proph

    I love the XD45, I’m waiting for the XDM45 with thumb safety

  • Jason

    Very interesting firearm!

  • ron

    I’m interested in the pricing on this fine piece. Everywhere I look online only says in the 600 range. I don’t live close to any firearms stores and its hard to find time to travel to the closest one I know of… 90 miles away.

  • Mr.B

    The Springfield Armory XDM in .45acp 5.25″ bbl., intrigues me. You Tube has numerous people covering this firearm and the Custom Shop at Springfield Armory seems to be doing an excellent job. I do wonder if barrel porting is an option? Many of the options appear okay, to a degree. What I am wondering is, would the XDM in 5.25″ version be approved as an Authorized on-duty carry weapon, as it is .45acp and DAO? Also, Safariland’s spec sheet is a bit hazy. This can be worked out with a phone call. The on-duty issue of the 5.25 with Tungsten rail, Match barrel (ported), radio isotope sights, also polished ramp, etc. Anyone carry this on-duty? Is it Authorized for on-duty carry, anywhere?

    I’m so old-school, my favorites are the Government Model O-frame in Series-80; S&W Model-58 .41 Mag 4″ bbl.; S&W Model-10 .38 Spl 4″ bbl. The Glock, I never liked. The XDM, is like a beautiful woman, a real head turner.

    • Mr.B

      Forgot to mention: I knew a kid that was on the Job only 22 months, after work, very slight amount of horseplay in the lockerroom. He was holstering the Glock, and the thumb-break snap of the holster got caught in the trigger guard. He shot himself. Subsequent to Internal Affairs investigation, horseplay was determined and he was fired by the Department. I opted to stick with the Model-10, thank you. The XDM backstrap grip safety would have prevented the incident.

  • harshberger

    The reason there are those of us that want a 45cal in a 5.25″ barrel is that A. We like 6 inch targets at 50 yards. B. 9mm bore us, 40 cal muzzle rise drives us crazy, but that 45 just goes “boom”, pushes straight back, and rises. In other words, it’s a real “pleasure to shoot” round. If you want a C, we like the effect it will have on the target in a self defense scenario. We want the projectile to stop within them as much as possible and transfer all that energy throughout the flesh alone.