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  • Lance

    Got to like the old Maxim and the wall of brass it left behind.Or the MP-5SD5 both were so cool.

  • Erik

    Cool vid, me likey- but I didn’t think Suppressors were ‘allowed’ in Iowa, or are those just barrel shrouds (on the Kriss & MP5)?

  • ComradeCole

    I think that was the best use of “Ballroom Blitz” ever

  • jpcmt

    Why oh why do people need to put music to videos like this where if not muted would be music enough to our ears??? Grrrr… This video gets a big fail.

  • AJ

    That’s not slow motion.

  • Doug

    Suppressors AND machine guns are not “allowed” in Iowa. There was a bill introduced to make it legal but it didn’t even make it out of commitee.

    I suppose they were going for the historical angle, which I think is allowed most likely for special events. I’m hoping they introduce the bill again and make it go somewhere.

  • JamesF

    @jpcmt For the 120FPS and greater video, my camera doesn’t record any audio. The few 30FPS segments aren’t muted.

  • JamesF

    Also, with regard to machine guns and suppressors not being allowed in Iowa – they aren’t with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions would be dealers with FFL’s that allow them to own and transfer NFA items. They can own pretty much anything in Iowa. This is true in many states that disallow common citizens to possess most or all NFA items.