Knight’s Armament BulletFlight For Android

The smartphone ballistic calculator that started it all, KAC’s Bullet Flight, is now available for Android.

BulletFlight is the only smartphone ballistics app that claims to be used by military snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because KAC has access to military equipment they are able to include weapon profiles for the latest US military weapons, such as the new XM2010 Sniper Rifle.

The top-end M (Military) version also features wireless bluetooth integration with the Kestrel Pocket Weather Trackers. No more tedious inputting of atmospheric data or relying on inaccurate (non-local) weather data from the internet 🙂

Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker with Wireless Bluetooth Technology

The app comes in three different versions. The Level 1 version ($3.99) is a lightweight simple ballistic calculator / heads up display. The Level 2 version ($11.99) has the features normally associated with ballistic calculators, such as ballistic tables. The M (Military) version ($29.99) is packed full of extra data and has, as I mentioned before, Kestrel integration.

Steve Johnson

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  • Steve

    Meh… Android sucks for anything that’s not free. This won’t sell.

    • Steve, I have bought quite a few things in the Android Market (and my phone is a slow low end model)

  • Markus

    Sounds pretty much like Shooter:

    Other than the built-in profiles for military issue weapons and ammunition, is there anything that justifies it being 200% more expensive? ($29.99 vs. $9.99)

  • Lance

    That explains all the problems with the M-110 Using Mac software now is they use good IBM software they be just fine. LOL

    Have any for the M-14 EBR?

  • Erik

    Steve, I have bought quite a few programs with my Android. I refuse to touch an iPhone.

    In response to the OP, I believe the L1 should be free though, with the L2 and M versions being the same cost.

  • Matt

    This will come in handy when your iPhone is obsolete in 2 yrs. Jobs retires+= epic Apple FAIL!


    Be VERY careful buying Android software via Amazon and when buying “Shooter”!

    I purchased “Shooter” from the Amazon “Appstore”. A few days later deleted Amazon’s AppStore app (required to purchase software from Amazon) because it kept running in the background…

    My Amazon purchased software would not run WITHOUT the Amazon Appstore app program installed on my Droid phone;-(

    Total BS! I could not find any disclosure about this. When I emailed the author of “Shooter” Sean Kennedy I received no response.


  • WoodenPlank

    Very glad that this is finally available on Android, but $30 is a bit steep. Strelok does a LOT for a ballistic calculator, and is free.

  • zman

    What type of Android device is that?

  • @Matt,

    Since 2007 introduction, Apple updated software of each of the iPhone models for up to 3 years.

    In contrast, you’ll be lucky to get an Android security update after 1 year. Most Android phone are abandoned by their manufacturers after one update.

    Actually, more than half of Android users are running 2.2 or below, first introduced in May of 2010. That means most Android phones are woefully behind.

    By the way, Apple is now the largest tech company in the world by valuation and profit to revenue ratio. iOS department is still headed by the same man that made it a success.

    Please, take your mindless hate elsewhere.

    P.S. In this case, Android is 2+ years behind iPhone in app availability.

  • texasplinker

    +1 for shooter. Best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent on software.

  • TCD

    Ah… ObamaPacman,

    “Please, take your mindless hate elsewhere.
    P.S. In this case, Android is 2+ years behind iPhone in app availability.”

    Just for the record I am running a three year old Motorola Droid with the latest Android software (2.3xxx) which is updated weekly and currently has many “Honeycomb” features. And I will be running “Ice Cream Sandwich” within weeks of the developers release on my antiquated Motorola hardware Android phone.

    How many OS updates could you do to the original iPhone hardware? Oh I forgot… You can’t do updates to anything other than Apple blessed software and “Jailbroke” iPhones… Even with “Jailbroke” iPhones you do not have the hardware power in many of the “past generations” of hardware to run anything like the current OS software! Whaaaa Whaaaa Whaaaa…

    And of course the Apple Nanny State will clearly decide what software you really need and when you need it.

    Hmmm…. Are you sure your handle isn’t really obamacare, seems like the same plan!


  • Shooter

    Shooter is pretty much the only app I’ve ever bought, and it was probably the single most cost-effective accessory for long range shooting that I’ve ever purchased. Some of us still run 2.1 Android phones just fine, and it’s extremely difficult to believe that KAC’s product can do anything better than Shooter, particularly for three times the price.

    Perhaps there’s something I’m missing, but providing “ballistic data profiles” for random issue weapons strikes me as EXACTLY the sort of “looks cool to people who know nothing about using a rifle, so they’ll buy it to show off to their friends” behavior that I’d expect from them. Even if I have a KAC M-110 or an M107 in my hands, there’s no way for a ballistic app to *know* what the muzzle velocity will be for a given rifle. Newsflash: they’re going to vary from rifle to rifle, dependent on the quality of the barrel, round count, quality of cleaning, etc. And the ammo can be counted upon to perform differently as well.

    Anyone who ever actually uses a ballistic app to shoot a target beyond 500 yards is going to have to chrono their weapon and ammo combinations in order to gain any meaningful results (Or lacking a chronograph, record their actual results at distance and extrapolate backwards to the muzzle velocity). There’s no shortcut for this, no “Click here to download the cheat sheet for your rifle – Only $29.99!” Sorry, TANSTAAFL.

  • TCD

    And I am not alone in my lack of enthusiasm for Apple…,1518,783345,00.html
    Nuff said!