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  • howlingcoyote

    Who makes these magazines? Does Ruger or are they outsourced to another company like Promag, Ramline of Butler Creek?
    It would be great if some company made a 100 round drum or magazine for the 10/22. Hint-hint, Ruger!
    The 90 rounder and 100 round drums are available for the AR-15 and Mini-14, so why not something for the 10/22.

    • howlingcoyote, I may be wrong, but I think they make it themselves. They make the standard magazines themselves. Regardless, parts like the feed lips will be made by ruger, even if the plastic is made elsewhere.

  • JC

    The proof test for any new mag is to have a bigfoot shoot it.

  • gunslinger


    now does the BX-25 have a “speed loader” available?

    • gunslinger, not to my knowledge. The constant force spring should help make it easier to load.

  • gunslinger


    thanks. i was more looking for a faster way to reload. i mean, 25 .22 rounds…

    i’ve heard mixed reviews about the buttler speed loaders so i was just curiuos.

  • Huey

    me want….

  • I just ordered one from Midway USA. They’re on sale there for $21.99

  • Tim

    I picked one up at the NRA show this spring. I finally tested mine a couple weeks ago and did a quicky video for Woods Monkey (online outdoor mag). We put 300 rounds through at the time of the video and think we ended up with 350 or 375 through it by the end of the day. We used two Remington loads and one Federal load (bulk pack). I had two malfunctions during the test and both fed fine but were bad primers. Not the mag’s fault. Not sure if its kosher to post a link to our vid but that’s the gist of what we found out.

    I like the mag. Seems solid and I was happy with the initial performance. MUCH better like than with my other batch of steel lip mags. I plan on buying a couple more.

  • Sid

    Great. We have one for training our children, but I love it for plinking. It is amazing how quick 10 rounds are spent.

  • Griffin

    @Gunslinger – I’m assuming my Butler Creek speedloader would work with it.

    It works with every other brand of 10/22 magazine I own.

  • JimS

    Very cool. Not sure how I missed this. Seems Ruger is really coming around.

  • Pete

    Why in the video is he shooting only 15 or 20 rounds? Im having problems no matter what ammo I use when loading 25 rounds. I would say 50% of the time no matter how carefully i load the mag the last 5 or so lay flat and will not feed properly.

  • Mike

    I bought one of these magazines by Ruger and had nothing but problems. It consistently resulted in a misfire on every other round. I have yet to have a single issue with the standard 10 round magazine. To Ruger’s credit though, I sent an email to customer service. They agreed to exchange the single 25 round magazine for two of the 10 round magazines at my request.

  • ETF

    OK. I just got through firing about 300 rounds through both the stock rotary magazine as well as the two new BX-25 mags a purchased. Did not have a single misfire or jam through the rotary magazine no matter what brand of ammo I used. However, the only rounds I could get to fire through the BX-25 mag without constant jamming were the CCI Mini-mags. I tried Federal and Winchester rounds and the BX-25 mag constantly jammed to the point of complete aggravation. I guess it is going to be more expensive to use these mags if all I can shoot through them is CCI mini-mags. Really disappointed in the product!

  • Travis

    I love this magazine. My 10/22 is a 15th birthday present from the mid-90s. I have gradually dropped in many after market parts. All of my problems from this gun have been a result of incompatible parts. My first instinct is to blame the magazine or the ammo, especially on a .22LR. I found that the stock extractor didn’t mesh well with the match barrel. I still had problems after that upgrade, which turned out to be a bad Butler Creek 25-rounder. It simply buckled under the strain of being loaded. The plastic cracked apart. Then my ancient 10-round magazines were jamming up in the magazine too, which is understandable since they’d never been cleaned or maintained. Now I run these official Ruger 25 round mags and have never had a problem. They are even easy to fully load by hand. I’d rather spend the money on another magazine than a speed loader. I have been running bulk ammo through it like a champ.

    • Derrick

      @ Travis.
      I also have had my 10/22 since early teens and was having a problem with it jamming. Even when using plated rounds to protect from the lead. The problem with the 10/22 is that it needs a higher grain round to fully kick the bolt back. I switched to 40 grain copperplated. I still have use for my old ammo though for an old bolt action so no waste there. Hope this helped a bit for anyone having that issue.