Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf: Golf Without the Dress Code

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is rifle course designed for hunters. Shooters are taken through a course, on ATVs rather than golf carts, and each “hole” is scored like golf, with shots recorded rather than swings. The targets range from 175 to 1200 yards. It looks like a lot of fun.

Spirit Ridge is located 12 miles northwest of Trementon, UT.

[ Many thanks to Rex for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Mark L.

    So, instead of “Fore!” I suppose you yell “Fire!”?

  • Airrider

    That does seem genuinely fun. I’d certainly try it.

    Watch, I’d be cursed with a gun that always shoots way, way away to the right, just like how I’m cursed with a horrible slice…

  • i like rifle blackjack more xD

    draw a random card
    shoot at a standard target with numbering 5-10
    and dont bust xD

  • Sort of like an air rifle field target course, but for high-power rifles. Was bound to happen eventually, I guess. Just a matter of having enough land to pull it off.

  • Thanks for the shout out The FireArm Blog. You should all come shoot our course when you are in Utah! To sign up for a tee time call 435-764-6980 or visit spiritridgeriflegolf.com. To see another video featuring SRRG visit http://spiritridgeriflegolf.com/about/

    Hope to see you there!