DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster

Holsters are like underwear – everybody has their own preferences about what fits their gun best.  Fortunately, there are a great many manufacturers who provide a range of options, materials and colors.

The DeSantis Super Fly is one example of the options available to the shooting public.

DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster

Made of synthetic materials, the Super Fly has an exterior shell made of a very tacky, rubber-like surface.  The exterior helps ensure the holster says in the pocket while the shooter draws the handgun.

An additional benefit of the rubber-like exterior is that it seems to prevent moisture (like sweat) from penetrating the surface and getting to the gun.

The interior of the holster is a slick nylon material that allows the gun to easily slide free from the holster.

The all edges of the holster are double-stiched, suggesting long-lasting durability.  The form of the gun is single stitched.

DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster

The Super Fly is soft and flexible, but is thicker than any of the other synthetic pocket holsters I have tried.  It also comes with a removable flap that covers the entire gun profile as an extra layer to prevent “printing” when carrying.  The flap attaches to the holster via a strip of hook and loop style fasteners.

During testing, I found that the Super Fly without the flap suitably concealed my revolver.  With the concealing flap attached, I thought the bulk of the gun and holster became too much, drawing attention to it rather than concealing it.  So, for the majority of testing, I carried without the flap.

DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster

I found the Super Fly did exactly what it is supposed to do: provide a safe method of carrying a small handgun in my pocket.  It did a credible job at concealing the firearm, while preventing it from moving around.

Drawing from the pocket was swift, and the holster never came out with the gun.

DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster

After several weeks of regular carry, the holster showed no signs of wear.  I don’t know how much “wear” a pocket holster would normally get, but the Super Fly still looks brand new.

The Super Fly is a quality pocket holster that I do not hesitate to recommend.

Compared to the same company’s Nemesis pocket holster, I prefer the Nemesis over the Super Fly.  I found the Nemesis never came out of the pocket during the draw, and is slightly thinner than the Super Fly.

But like I said, with underwear and holsters everybody has their own preferences.  While I may like the Nemesis better, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with the Super Fly.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Brian

    Pocket holsters that rely on friction to remain in the pocket only work well with pockets that are fairly tight. The tighter the pocket, the more reliable it is that the holster will remain in the pocket. The problem is that the tighter the pocket the harder it is to get your hand in and your hand/gun out. Any system that is not 100% reliable is not worthy. The holster coming out of the pocket with the gun even once in a 100 draws is not acceptable to me.

    I prefer large pockets to make getting my hand in and out easily and a holster designed to catch on the pocket edge during draw such as the Rosen Pocket Cozy.

  • Jordan M

    What gun is that in the photos?

  • tomaso

    “super Fly”? who are they marketing too?…now i know that “flys” stick to things and that might be their connection…..but as a consumer the “gangsta” connotation seems at odds. looks very well made though..just not my type of underwear..i like boxers

  • Beaumont

    For years, I have carried a pocket auto in a Nemesis holster and have never experienced the dreaded “holster extraction” when drawing the pistol. Pocket size has not proven to be a factor. The Super Fly is a bit more sticky than the Nemesis, and would thus seem to adhere to the pocket lining even better. I plan to order one for my Kahr, and have confidence in the design.

  • Hogan

    I have been using the Desantis nemesis for pocket .380’s and .38 specials for a few years and have always been pleased.

  • Cymond

    I have a Super Fly and it seems to be a good holster. The rubberized nubs provide enough friction that the holster has never even seemed close to coming out of the front pocket on my cargo pants.

    Personally, the flap makes it more bulky in the pocket, but also gives it a 100% generic square print. However, I have to be careful when I draw to ensure that my hand goes behind the flap onto the grip. My hand can go in front of the flap and miss the gun entirely if I’m not careful.

  • ML

    the revolver in the photo is a S&W model 642

  • Woodroez

    Jordan, that is most likely the S&W 642, which was blogged about a few weeks ago on this site if you search or go back a few pages from the homepage.

  • The nemis is a great holster. I’ve carried a .38 snub or .32 in a pocket for years. Other Holsters have worn through, but the desantis has seen about 4 years of service and still going strong. A little more padding might be nice to sit on. I like to carry in my back pocket.

  • Glen Schott

    I bought a DeSantis mini-scabbard for my new Kimber 9mm Solo. What a piece of crap! doesn’t retain gun in holster very well and no adjustment for tension. Reurned this piece of crap holster and then was charged 20% restocking fee. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH DESANTIS!!!!

    • JP

      That has nothing to do with this review. You are an idiot.