Champion Zombie Targets

We welcome ATK to the Zombie Invasion.

Champion Traps & Targets, an ATK company, is now making zombie targets for your plinking and practice pleasure.  Unlike the Ansel Adams-style black and white zombie targets before them, Champion has gone for a more modern, vivid look for the undead, really capturing their essence.

Champion Zombie Targets

Champion claims to have shot for “ultimate realism” when designing these targets.

Using VisiColor technology (rumored to have been a George Lucas technology spin-off from his early years of movie design), the targets shift color when struck by your hot lead.  A shot in the head shows the critical green of radiation leaking from the (former) brains.  Non-kill upper torso shots are a pleasant fluorescent yellow.

This stunning collection of targets really captures the mood of the zombies as they shamble through the world.  Eight different poses typical to zombie life including breaking down your door and the random street attack (what are you doing out on the street at this time of night, anyway?)

The targets are 12″ x 18″ and are available in six packs ($10.95) and full-zombie-horde 50-count bulk packs ($66.95).

For the best in zombie apocalypse stories, make sure you check out the Black Man With A Gun podcast, which features a weekly serial called “Zombie Strike.”  It is quite entertaining.

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  • SpudGun

    Here’s where you can find the other images –

  • greasyjohn

    Is that zombie throwing gang signs?

  • Steven

    We saw these at Outbreak Omega 4 a couple of weeks ago. They are really nice targets.

  • Squidpuppy

    Fun. But I have a problem with these kinds of novelty targets; most folks at the range I see using them have a tendency toward _not_ being rational or safe in their gun handling, or shooting. A lot of them go all Hollywood…

    Zombie targets in particular beg for head shots, but most unpracticed shooters can’t make head shots. My local range actually has a rule: if you can’t make head shots, you’re not allowed to. In this case, it’s because wild shooters are likely to hit the armature and cause ricochet, or worse.

    Still, don’t wanna be a killjoy; these are fun when used responsibly.

  • Matt G.

    These look like fun. I just wish someone would come out with w cheap zombie target. Something that could be used at a uspsa kind of thing.

  • Zach

    Cool, but worth the money when I can buy targets for a few cents a piece at Wally World or print them off the internet for the price of paper and ink? 10 bucks is pushing it even to consider them even for a one time novelty purchase.

  • Airrider

    I want targets that look like the L4D Special Infected.

    The Boomer and Spitter should come with empty plastic bottles and mix for deep red or green colored water to put behind them so they burst when shot, respectively.

  • tommy2rs

    First thing I thought when I saw the image was that it would make a good warning sign. “The zombie can make it to the fence in (insert what ever time frame you want). Can you?”