L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine Range Report

In my recent review of the Lancer L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine, I mentioned that I did not get a chance to shoot with these mags yet, but had high hopes for them. Last weekend my hopes were affirmed after I shot a 3-gun match at a local club, and they performed admirably. Inserting the magazine was effortless, even with a full mag on a closed bolt, while wearing gloves, because of the aggressive texture on the magazine body. I had no magazine-related malfunctions at all, and the mags were dropped into clay dirt and rocks quite a bit.

One time I dropped a mag prematurely onto a particularly dusty patch of ground, due to a case with a blown primer sticking in the chamber. The manufacturer apparently missed drilling a flash hole in that particluar case. (Whoops!) After clearing the errant case, I grabbed the nearly full magazine off the ground and put it right back into my rifle, and it continued to work flawlessly. I would not hesitate to recommend these to any competition shooter, and did so many times over the course of the day.

Nathan B

Nathan B is a software engineer living in Maryland. He graduated from Penn State University in 2012 with a BS in Information Sciences and Technology. He has been shooting for most of his life, is a sucker for a good .22 rifle, and shoots competitively in IDPA and local 3-gun matches.


  • Jeremiah

    Would you say these are better than magpul pmags? Or about the same?

    • Nathan B

      Jeremiah, at this time, I would say so, yes. Magpul PMAGs are excellent magazines, but the AWMs address some issues that the PMAG have, and do it well.

  • Zach

    I’ve been using some of the AWM Lancers for over a month now. So far so good in function, but they do not drop free in all lowers, including several lowers where Pmags drop free easily. I also have concerns about how the larger steel feedlips may wear on the inside of the magwell.

    I’ve used almost every mag on the market, and my preferred list is Pmags, TangoDown ARC, and the original Lancer L5, in that order. Troy CBIR mags are so far, so good in limited testing for me (no issues seen). I really can’t see much reason to buy anything other than Pmags or ARC mags if you have a standard AR15.

  • jdun1911


    Lancer will work on almost all non-ar15 that accept ar15 mags. Pmag will work on some non-ar15 that accept ar15 mags. Becareful tho, while Pmag might work fine with some non-ar15, it might damage the gun, for example the FN SCAR.


  • Dave H

    I hope you reamed that ammo manufacturer a new flash hole.

  • I’ve been using the L5s for quite some time now. They are pretty incredible little mags. They are great hunting mags. I liked the 30 rounders so much, I got a 20 rounder for hunting (easier use from blinds and prone bipod shooting). The totally clear body really makes ammo check an entirely easy ball-game. What works best for me is to look from the back of the mag. After putting them through some pretty good paces, I’ve found they work all of the time. I’ve not had a problems with them dropping free.

  • jdun1911


    That’s surprising. I do not own any AWM Lancers. I own a large number of the original 1st and 2nd gen Lancer magazine. All of them drop free without a problem. I had problem with Pmag dropping from certain lowers tho.

    I should get some to see what really changed in the original and AWM Lancers design. This got me interested.